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Awesomealex 2311 : I felt so bad for the guy who had the water he was so happy to give it to him

Phycedelic Pug : You did it again Gary.

Frozen J : I know this is fake but doesn't any body else feel bad for him if it were real

JmillyYouresilly : This one is one of my favorites, I laughed way too hard and I'm at work.. lol

Proffesor Chromosome : you're not a big goof Gary

Lurina yufg : Gary stop being a goof.

Ohana Films : Why have I watched this approximately 100 times?

iTesla : This is so not funny that I can't stop laughing at it. I'm not hatin', just saying it's hard to watch people with social anxiety, but it actually funny in this.

ColRizz99 : do more vines that are in public that are not acting like this one

Liam McNeaney : This is like something straight out a sitcom. I love it!

roxodee : I can't stop watching this, it makes me laugh every time :')

James Pickering : Ahahah yoo

Ameer Srour : Dude everyone is copying you this sucks and they get more view then you i would like if you put your channel name in video on left or before it starts or something and Thanks

Isabella Danusiar : The best vine character ever

Sara Lapointe : Best video ever.

Poop : This should have more views its hilarious!

Ted Dernekxis : Gary and Jerome. The Black and White Gods of Vine. Fight to conquer Instagram!

iRobot : Best vine ever! lol

Steven Goldstein : I've probably watched this 30 times today LOL. I love your channel man, hilarious.

Nate : This gets funnier everytime I watch it

Simona Medved : hello jordan i am a big fan of you videos and i was vondering if you culd please send me the devil mask from one of your vines

TheMarshmellowfellow : I didn't do one of these and I lived; they are fake dude... I should have been murdered a couple years ago from one of these.

kendall gallery : I keep watching this again and again still laughing

Nathy G : omg im laughing so hard!!!!!!!! i must do this

randy galati : LOOOOL soo good!

PBandkellie : Yay Jordan! You're getting more views! I hope you continue getting more, these videos are hilarious!

Carl Westin : Oh whats up Tom Delonge


sarah Gibson : Gary, you big goof! Lmao

sarah Gibson : Yes, this one is honing

sarah Gibson : Gonna go viral

sarah Gibson : Gary does!

sarah Gibson : I ate Arby's tonight and thought of you, Gary!

sarah Gibson : Gary, calm down. It's just water! :))

shanky shanky : Only 100? Lolwut?

bdm861 : Who goes to arbys and asks for water

Jonathan Meek : Why can't I stop watching this ? lol

BRAN8222 : i dont think you understand...this started on jordan's vine, he is merely uploading them here to get more publicity out of his vines, so therefore, people are just sharing his original video and not copying him at all

Bree Casale : You're going to blow up on youtube. (IN A GOOD WAY! :D) I'm glad I'm gonna be here to watch it happen.

DommerBoo : I can't stop watching your stuff, its just so beautiful in ways that I don't even understand.

Alesia Claudina : Lol do more Gary and Dennis

All about dat rice : I relate to this on a spiritual level.

Danielle S : I LOVE THIS!!!!!! LMAO IT'S TOO FUNNY!!!

Ariana Hills : I really think you should upload more! These are the best!

Reegan Whelchel : This always makes me smile!!!

brad jasien : you look like patrick from fall out boy

aLittle2400 : You big goof Gary, you did it again! Nnnnnnnnnnn!

Sydney Blackmer : I love this

Alice InWonderland : How in the fuck are you not viral? This shit is so good man

Hande : Ahhahaha