Traditional Greek pebblestone mosaic artist Stelios Grekos at work

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Cat lover : What do you top it off with to prevent the pebbles from coming out?

Teenager In Danger : I am from Greece and this is fabulous!!

ksisoooofly : I am blown away this is stunning! His craftsmanship is...I'm just...WOW!!!

Clare Zolyomi : Just incredible....People are making war and violence and these guys are making Beauty! Thank You for posting.

Elly Kjellqvist : Want to see the finished floor? Go to

T Rex : Are the stones placed in mortar? What is the bed of the walk way made of (sand, concrete ...) and how thick is it? Thanks. It is a very nice walkway.

Vicky Gi : Amazing¡¡¡¡ congratulations¡

Julie Haines : Oh my god! Just his patience would be a gift. Wow!

10 11 : Fantástico...

Kelly oxo : You can glue to a mat and export, by the the square feet. You can also make stepping stones. Master craftsmen, if I was a billionaire that would be my bathroom. I would build a mission style home and that would be my courtyard/garden area. They should do this in their yards in California and cut down on the grass.

pentest : This man is amazing! Thank you for sharing.

Smill3r17 T3113Z : and i thought i was very good on the flooring section, but this is just amazing

Μάρθα Τσιώτη : Μοναδικο!!!Φοβερή δουλειά! !! Χρειάζεται πολύ υπομονή και αγάπη γι αυτή την καλλιτεχνία! Μπράβο στον δημιουργό!!!

Erica Cochran : loved the finish..nice cozy looking hotel as well.

Jason Gomez : may I ask you what is the English name on that bag of pebbles I have been looking everywhere for some and cannot find them anywhere. thank you for your time. amazing work

dimitris karamouzas : Τέλειο, μπράβο

Dahlia Bloom : marry me, I love u

Eric Mowinski : thank u 4 sharing.

Karen Brooks Cvitkovic : So incredibly beautiful

taleandclaw rock : Such patience and persistance. Stunning work, beautiful.

Kako Pedras : Ti omorfo!

Bitter Truth : were you walking on pebbles while capturing video?

Kimsan Mao : This is amazing work, takes so much patients.

Rose Mosaics : great work thanks

Duvda Duvda : 👑👑👑❤❤❤👍👍👍معلم محترف

10 11 : Está colado com o que?

Shane Martins : Beautiful.

Goal Arq : maravilloso!

KiloSierraAlpha : Are the gaps between the stones filled with anything? Must be hard/impossible to sweep the walkway.

irondasgr : Πραγματικα εντυπωσιακο αν και δεν εμφανιζεται καποια τεχνικη ακινητοποιησης... Εαν φυγει ενα, φευγουν ολα; (προφανως καπως θα εχει προβλεφθει)

mrmonte51jm : Wow...amazing details and workmanship !! Not to mention how time and labor intensive too !!

gavil 270 : Wow this is dedication and it's gorgeous

Haushdbs HDKSNDKSK : A real artist

Rebecca Richardson : Would love to this all completed It’s beautiful

You Had the Power All Along My Dear.’ Yahrah : My goodness....i truly love mosaics but what a patients one must have to create a great piece....I just can admire such dedication. Wonderful.

Sophie Nelson : this is amazing and i hope lasts many many years! such beauty!

Anjuman Islam : O my God !!!!!!! This is so beautiful, such a hard job,

Jake Knecht : Amazing!

Lunar X : How much time taken and so much care put into it....with such a beautiful result.Much respect.

7phoenician7 : Beautiful!

okyanus incisi : this is very interesting and exciting

Kale Gallarde : Beautiful

mybluebelly : Very impressive.

Myron Smith : how many years did this take to complete

Michael Ryan : Incredible !!!

4epkec 4epkecoB : DIVINE!!!!!!

Thierry .GUERIN : vraiment fabuleux !

Leaves Ongrass : Beautiful amazing work.

Ben verdict : Its heart touching art, I wish I could had this in India...

Ebru Pekel : OMG!!! Bu inanılmaz muhteşem!!!!