Dancing in the Street // Silent Music Video

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Tuskegee Ace : This gave me a stroke. I am all out of laughs and feeling along my entire right side.

SparcMacLlVE : LOL

CaotsIII : When Jagger put down that the can!!!! XD

Brandon Gchachu : the cop sirens, crickets and various animal sounds in the background really had me rolling! bwahaha

bryn jones : You win the internet today. maybe this year.

Wurdswurth : 01:43 The hallway where Bowie is panting and grunting while doing his dance moves off camera!! haha!!

Derek Reese : You guys are BRILLIANT, you both paid attention to every detail.Ive been crying watching this.

Mattmusic1025 : This could be the funniest video on the internet ever

CocosNewCostume : The voice they gave Mick Jagger has me in tears!!!! Especially the very beginning! Oh I can't stand it, it's too good.. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


Davinator1212 : It's only a matter of time before we get a silent version of "Never gonna give you up"

maddie !!! : 1:05 i could NOT CONTAIN MYSELF

Frank Dellario : Genius. Great job with the sound mix and I swear I hear a fart at 2:22.

writersherlock : as a person who is obsessed with David Bowie, and who takes too many things personally, who is offended relatively easily, this is quite funny stuff... +1, subby..

akter11 : This is precisely what it's like to be drunk.

swampwitch5 : 2:13 Bowie's spirit hands with the slow monster growl is just incredible. Hu-freakin-larious. I've watched it 5 times now and I laugh every time!

Luke Wood : it's like two drunk men making their way home from the pub...

SerialGothQueens : That scream by Bowie though.... This is absolutely fucking priceless.

Helen P : 1:05 when the person walking in front of you stops and you don't notice until you've bashed into them

Paul Mabin : Omg - owls, crickets, police care sirens, gun shots and a girl screaming - brilliant.

Sparkling Berries : 2:18 - "oohhh!"

Lori Ann : “And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.”

noisyturtle : First it was hilarious, but then it started to make me uncomfortable, but then it was hilarious again.

Matthew Hutzell : No amount of drugs is an acceptable excuse for the things they did in this music video.

og pwr srge : the Musicless Musicvideo version wasn't full length, but better

Sean : they both married women lolz

Lizzie G : Do welcome to the jungle

Arthur Stabolidis : After all these years, I only just understood this video. So Bowie was sleeping, Jagger called him up to go dancing, and Bowie in his haste only had time to throw a trench-coat over the top of his PJ's.

pyrotechc3h8 : Can we take a minute to talk about the long titty pockets on that shirt? Seriously, who ok'd that?

loopylisa821 : 😂 😂 😂 I am a huge fan of David Bowie and came across this by accident, and omfg it is quite possibly the funniest thing I've ever watched.

Marigen Beltran : Mick Jagger's voice kills me :-D

Billie Mussolini : the original is how I feel with my best friend drunk, and this is probably how we actually look

Joe G. : This song really should've been entitled 'Dancing in a condemned warehouse at a dis-abandoned industrial estate in the middle of nowhere.' ;-P

Graham-John Salvaterra : This is an accurate representation of what it's like to shoot a music video ;p.

Tobias : Somebody should ask Jagger how acurate this is

H. A. Sauvent : 1:05

totoroben : before auto tune

Turd Ferguson : Better than the original.

WookieeMonster : Holy crap, you should see the discussion via DISQUS on this site. Some think it's "raw audio" prior to the actual song being dubbed in. Freakin' hilarious. http://loiter.co/v/someone-took-the-music-out-of-dancing-in-the-stree/

jychilly : Who made this video? Whoever did this should win the award for "best anything ever".

Marsellus Wallace : It's like two drunk dads on their way home after spending too long in the pub, before they have to face their angry wives.

Millie Shnerrrdz : I'm crying! What a video.


almandot : ffuuuuuuu this was posted 2 days after he died? Here I was hoping that Bowie had gotten to see it.

Scary doc and you : so cringy yet so funny

Quarter to Three : Why aren't there more of these???!?!???!???

Lucinda Shirreffs : David Bowie jumping off a ledge like a demented monkey wearing a banana coloured batman coat giving a guttural scream has got to be the weirdest thing I've seen in yonks

Julius D. Balthazard : Feels kind of... really... really sad. And weird.

Aniram Cartnas : this moment : 1:04 ahahahahahahah

Hugh Mongus : This is definitely not Britain's finest moment.