Dancing in the Street // Silent Music Video

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PaymoneyWubby : Thanks, Danny...

Marsellus Wallace : It's like two drunk dads on their way home after spending too long in the pub, before they have to face their angry wives.

stormRed1236 : I NEVER want to hear the actual song, this shall remain my only knowledge of it

GameFreak982928 : Who else is here because of Game Grumps?

Tuskegee Ace : This gave me a stroke. I am all out of laughs and feeling along my entire right side.

Kathy Isaacs : My younger child just came out to my study and said, "Excuse me, Mum, but some people who *aren't* laughing like maniacs are trying to get to sleep".

A.L.E. pcktacular : Omg I’m dead😂😂😂 this is amazing👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

Nicanor Mercado : Bless you, Danny Sexbang. 😂

Charlie Cairone : Thanks for the recommendation, Dan.

Davinator1212 : It's only a matter of time before we get a silent version of "Never gonna give you up"

roboticroses : With the music or not, this music video is sooooo wrong....hahahaha

WideBand : Game Grumps is gonna give you some more views.

Aj Darragh : "BACK IN THE USSRRRR". HAHAHHAAH. 1:56. That's the best part.

RaHuHe : Game Grumps sent me.

Kyle Hart : Virtually the only detail I would add would be the sounds of David Bowie crawling around the floor at 1:57.

Garfieldfan22 : "That happened and we all let it happen." ~Peter Griffin

Killing Moon : Cocaine looks amazing

Mary Shuk : this is freaking gem! thanks Danny

Luke Wood : it's like two drunk men making their way home from the pub...

Alejandro Londoño Marin : Game grumps

Weirdbot : COMEDY!!

Cupcake Paradise : Game grumps anybody?? Majoras Mask??? No? Ok.

Robert : incoming rush of game grumps fans shouting Dan sent me

lishkoburger12 : Alright, Dan. Let's see if this makes me laugh.

0pwaffles : Thank you Danny from game grumps, this was a true adventure

Michael Sharp : How many are here cause of Danny?

meme boi : Any other lovelies here?

noisyturtle : First it was hilarious, but then it started to make me uncomfortable, but then it was hilarious again.

Samantha McGraw : Who's here because of Dan?? I am crying laughing

RozzaSarcasmo : That's phenominal ahahaha thanks Dan!

passwordNerd : thanks danny

Eddie Heenan : Gamegrumps

Lori Ann : “And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.”

Toimeton : Thanks Dan.

Demon Lord Ghirahim : Game grumps

Nathan Watson : Dan, bless you.

Domz Vids : Gg huh?

akter11 : This is precisely what it's like to be drunk.

T.R.S. : Game Grumps

quequito1221 : Danny Sexbang thank you for the great recommendation again!!

Bastille : True story - Mick Jagger will finish any half finished can of sody pop he finds on the street.

David the daddy of second accounts : Danny Sexbang brought me here.

ye can't stop me now boi : Oh my god, Dan! 😂😂😂

AMG -AMightyGrizzly : Game Grumps that is all....

Alexandar Rodriguez : Who else is here from Game Grumps?

PandaKnives : Dan from GG brought me here. God damn it

Lucinda Shirreffs : David Bowie jumping off a ledge like a demented monkey wearing a banana coloured batman coat giving a guttural scream has got to be the weirdest thing I've seen in yonks

Dylan Everett : Thanks game grumps

Midna G,amer : Game Grumps brought me here. I must say... this is pretty amazing.

Aidan Day : Congratulations this video's been grump bumped