Dancing in the Street // Silent Music Video

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PaymoneyWubby : Thanks, Danny...

Nicanor Mercado : Bless you, Danny Sexbang. 😂

Charlie Cairone : Thanks for the recommendation, Dan.

WideBand : Game Grumps is gonna give you some more views.

Davinator1212 : It's only a matter of time before we get a silent version of "Never gonna give you up"

RaHuHe : Game Grumps sent me.

Luke Wood : it's like two drunk men making their way home from the pub...


Weirdbot : COMEDY!!

Tuskegee Ace : This gave me a stroke. I am all out of laughs and feeling along my entire right side.

GameFreak982928 : Who else is here because of Game Grumps?

Mary Shuk : this is freaking gem! thanks Danny

AlexPecktacular : Omg I’m dead😂😂😂 this is amazing👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

Sparkling Berries : 2:18 - "oohhh!"

SparcMacLlVE : LOL

STARGIRL1982 : 😂 😂 😂 I am a huge fan of David Bowie and came across this by accident, and omfg it is quite possibly the funniest thing I've ever watched.

Marsellus Wallace : It's like two drunk dads on their way home after spending too long in the pub, before they have to face their angry wives.

pyrotechc3h8 : Can we take a minute to talk about the long titty pockets on that shirt? Seriously, who ok'd that?

Robert : incoming rush of game grumps fans shouting Dan sent me

Agnostic Monk : I wish the record was silent. I _hated_ this song, done by them.

Edvin : Have a Thickers!

IncoherentRampage : Dan sent me

Samantha McGraw : Who's here because of Dan?? I am crying laughing

lishkoburger12 : Alright, Dan. Let's see if this makes me laugh.

Nathan Watson : Dan, bless you.

Supreme Lord Commander : Freaking Brilliant!

Dylan Everett : Thanks game grumps

Michael Sharp : How many are here cause of Danny?

cas m : Mick sounds like he's just hit puberty

kiroro pupper : Thank you Danny

Justinismad57 : Dan from game grumps brought me here. Thanks dan. This was a treat

B Dogg : the cop sirens, crickets and various animal sounds in the background really had me rolling! bwahaha

RozzaSarcasmo : That's phenominal ahahaha thanks Dan!

Adrian Strickland : Thanks Game Grumps

Quafrt : Thank you Dan

Tavo Raptor : Thanks again Dan Avidan!

Lucinda Shirreffs : David Bowie jumping off a ledge like a demented monkey wearing a banana coloured batman coat giving a guttural scream has got to be the weirdest thing I've seen in yonks

Killing Moon : Cocaine looks amazing

kEk : I'm here because of danny

Joseph Allen : Thank you Danny

Pope : Grump Bump

Quarter to Three : Why aren't there more of these???!?!???!???

Ashen Deku : You were right Danny... it is magical.

Maya Tamika : Grump Bump!

sean scott : Thank you dan!

Levi Aaron : Dan sent me here

Michael Hollister : The worst video EVER made, made a bit better, because now I can laugh on purpose! I am still surprised their careers weren't ruined by this pile of crap when it first came out.

General Jimmies : Game Grumps sent me here ;)

Robin Burn : Gamegrumps sent me here.

Jake Entinger : Grumps did not disappoint