Honest Trailers - Halloween (1978)

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Screen Junkies : Who is the scariest slasher monster of them all? One: Speak up and join the conversation- we encourage respectful debate. Two: Respect your community- racism, misogyny, homophobia and hate speech aren’t tolerated. Three: “Be nice.” – Dalton from Roadhouse

Bryce McKenzie : Yeah, Baby! Groovy! Wait... Wrong Mike Myers.

Goahead : Handicapped Parking Signs! I too hate those lazy people in reality!

TheBraunMachine2011 : LOL, this was great, I've been waiting for this and it didn't disappoint. To be honest, I know it gets hate but Halloween 3: Season of the Witch is underrated af, Carpenter concluded Myers story in Halloween 2 because he didn't want the series to get repetitive where Michael kills, gets killed, comes back to kill, rinse & repeat. So he was gonna do a different horror story for every Halloween, making it like a horror anthology but when it came out, fans were pissed it wasn't about Myers and didn't give it a chance. Jamie Lee Curtis made a cameo as the voice announcing the curfew and it probably has one of the most underrated movie endings ever. Classic John Carpenter to leave you with a cliffhanger hehe.

Michael Myers : My sister can be a real handful.

Ladykyra101 : "Forget IG, he's stalking girls the old-fashioned way..." 😂...rly guys?

24 Frames Of Nick : That a ghost story reference caught me off guard HAHA

Help M'lady : Say: Liam neeson, Liam neeson's knees son. Liam neeson's knees on his neice on E's on a Nissan

Sarah W. Fox : Please do Hocus Pocus! That would be so awesome!

Igorowan : "Messed up Michael's face at some point" Nope, that was Laurie with the coathanger.

Terrence Morrison : I didn't know Janet Leigh was Jamie's mother. Honest Trailers actually taught me something

Jacob Fly Heppnee : Do the friday the 13th franchise


Easter Fools : Keeping with the spirit of Halloween, please make a *Ernest Scared Stupid* Honest Trailer.

MG Wray : I liked Halloween 2. I don't care what anybody says.

Zorro del Demonio : ¡This is Halloween, this is Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, Halloween!

Mike : We don't even need to watch most movies, Screen Junkies tells us the plot in a few minutes😆.

Kurt Rohlfing : Do Dark City. (1998) The before matrix movie.

Patrick : John Carpenter, wanted her for his film Halloween (1978) after seeing Carrie (1976). He wrote the part of Lynda especially for her because of the way she said the word "totally."

Easter Fools : *Sleepy Hollow* Honest Trailer! Well, if you are looking for something spooky still then you could probably pick anything featuring Johnny Depp, but Sleepy Hallow is a classic terrifying story!

spideydew20 : Please say "My burlap underwear itches."

saint nic cage : Do scream 1-3.....no one cares about 4

Netson Eng : Still waiting for westworld honest trailer...

batmanfanforever08 : Please say: "I'm a deep movie-trailer-voice-guy, not an engineer."

Rman Nayr : DO HALLOWEEN H20!

Ben Williams : Wow never new that Jamie Lee Curtis's mum was the women who got stabbed in the shower in pyscho. huh.

Raul Mejia : 1:12 Uhm... Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) was made 4 years before this

The Wraith : 2:45 - I never noticed that Michael Meyers was driving that stolen car right behind Dr. Loomis.

Stiltzkin Vanserine : Please say, "I can't believe you haven't made an Honest Trailer for Starship Troopers yet!"

Martha Stone : Please do a Nightmare Om Elm Street honest trailer because it needs it now more then ever

irina1296 : What a cult classic! I adore horror movies of the 70's. They were the most risky, brave and unique

sorted : I dare u to say "I'm Batman"

Noir Track : Please do an Honest Trailer for My Little Pony: The Movie (2017)!

Will Bond : Trailer for Rick and a Morty!

Dragon Hunter : Do the exorcist (1973) ♨

km_1911 : Did...Busta Rhymes roundhouse kick Michael Myers?

MovieFiendz : Please say: Consecutive normal punches

Steven M. : Laurie messed up Michael’s face with the hanger to the eye, Loomis didn’t do that.

Tommy O'Brien : Halloween (2018) was good. Change my mind

Broken Gamer : Cool, that was creepy, I was just thinking of that last word, then it came up. I liked that you just noped on it. I sure cannot pronounce it without hearing it a few times lol.

Jordan Heffner : I didn't know that Jamie Lee was the daughter of the actress who played Marion Crane (Janet Leigh). You learn something new each day.

Sinister Cinema Reviews : Laurie Messes Up Michaels eye with the coat hanger. This was fun 😀

gregularity : Michael never once makes a spooky phone call... the call in the first movie is from Lynda.

James Morris : Did you really miss jokes about PJ Soles spending her entire late 20s in pigtails playing teenagers that look like women in their late 20s in pigtails?

MultiJebusChrist : I hit Like because of the Casey Affleck "A Ghost Story" reference at 3:55.

Ben W : "Doc said Micheal Myers" "This is Mike Myers!" "It should be the Halloween mask!" "This is a Halloween mask!" "No, the killer dude from Halloween" "Oh, you mean Jason!" "NO!"

Kay Private : Sleepaway Camp is screaming for an honest trailer. Just saying. BTW, I appreciate the "horror" honest trailers, esp the classics.Thanks.

Michael Coffey : One of my favorites get's roasted lol, well let me grab the popcorn.

Whit Dabney : His eye is like that bc she just stabbed him in the eye with a hanger

Nadya Goblin : Do Venom (2018)!