Beat Saber - Sith Legend - Expert - Kylo Ren two handed sword style!

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Jadon Williams : What's the cheapest vr set that can run this? I've never been interested in vr until this

Teenage Gamer : Kylo ain't got shiz on you man. You're a jedi master.

Lawlophile : huh... you're actually using his fighting style. A+

Discorded : To anyone who's pointing out that he's missing... he's moving in the style properly, or at least as properly as possible while still hitting MOST notes.

lEnaril : But... like... that's actually the correct lightsaber form.... O.o

HoboNinja : It would be interesting to try this with a full size replica wooden sword attached, the extra momentum would defiantly make the motions different/harder.

Zachary Ye : Kylo ren: i've trained under snoke, you? ragesaq: i have played beat saber in expert mode.

AmberAmbitions : Just a heads up, Kylo's fighting style is less about the flowing elegance of previous fights, and more about viseral, raw emotion. He will often just swing wildly and hard, leaving himself temporarily open. The style you used was very similar but a lot more elegant. So you might just want to try to take out any anger or frustration you might have on those blocks. That should help you get out of the mindset of the older lightsaber fights and more into the mindset of the modern, emotional ones.

FearTHEReaper01 : This looks so fun that these videoes are really making me wanna buy VR now

DarkAssassinTF : Imagine if the games visuals made it look like you were reflecting blaster bolts

Yuraichu : Now I really want a VR headset

Ashen Paladin : This guy, is the last Jedi.

Lord Fijor : this game looks like what jedi and sith use to train their apprentices. Just me but this is more efficent, safer, and more challenging then using space spider senses to defect lethal laser rounds that come out of a drone that is more accurate then storm troopers.

Lego : The forbidden moves

Nalu Blackwater : Funny how I see Kylo choosing this song as his personal theme. Awesome performance dude!

Joseph Pootis : The future is now

Team Rage Quit : Kylo ren wants to know your location.

Clarky does Gaming : The fact I used this to listen to while taking out gangs of thugs on batman Arkham knight. It works when you get moves in at the right time

Tdot 401 : Ugh....what I would do to experience video games/technology 30+ years from a young adult. You guys have no idea what mellinals had....sega...Nintendo....All classics. But still things are evolving and great...

Absol Legacy : Try using Aayla Secura style by holding the sabers backwards.

some comic relief : I can literally feel the anger and hatred from those swings. "YES! YES! STRIKE THEM DOWN WITH ALL YOUR HATRED! AND YOUR JOURNEY TOWARDS THE DARK SIDE WILL BE COMPLETE!"

The Soul of Cinders : The dark side of the force is strong with this one

GABRIEL CALAYAG : I feel like a child again

TeaGamingPanda : This is amazing! I can’t wait for Beat Saber to go on PSVR. My kind of game. Music and lightsaber?! It’s like fighting with lightsabers with Star-Lord cassette playing. If only there is custom songs you can put.

DaybreakFilm : I love that you stay true to the characters fighting style for both Kylo and Maul. Amazing stuff man. Holy sh*t!

656傑森 : just like the real kylo ren

bluewonderz : Heck I wouldnt trust you with a stick, these people going and giving you lightsabers. We're done for

Betelgeuse Romanee-conti : Kylo Ren who???

Mr. Snarky : I'm burning calories just by watching this.

SarulL M : That looks so cool wtf

Prussia Tamer : I'd love to see Adam himself do this like I wanna see how good he can do, I know kylo is his character but I jus wanna see it

Oliver-Nation : How to get the kylo ren saber

Ammar Ananda : Nice sword fight style

Scyllaya : I just watched a few of your vids. You are awesome with these!

Mr BeardedGamer : Fascinating how he inherited the actual fighting style of kylo... Same with the darth maul ones.

Sergeantmajormario SMM : When you songify Kylo Ren's fit of anger in The Force Awakens


シリアスシアン化物 : Beatsaber trains u to be a swordsman.

Mio DeLaValliere : Yeeees ,your best yedi

Mr_Jake_Smith : You'd be a serious Contester to the title of Shien-Cho/Djem-So Master :o Very well done! Personally I prefer Soressu But Eh, Djem-So is more Common anyhow :p

Whisperofdeath4 : hallo there

kaijuca154 : Good jedi

Henry Brown Sr. : Good Job bro.

Kameňák 007 : Are you sure,you aren't real Kylo Ren?

kylo ren just had sex im about to eat nachos!!! : Who gave you my lightsaber

Jon Nelson : I appreciate the movement style and it's accuracy. But it's weird why that song is labeled as "expert." It's more like medium at most... Not being a hater but it's true. I would love to see you play on much harder difficulties.

Sir Midnight : This man will singlehandedly boost the sales of vr by 1000%. _If he hasn't already._

Megatron rage : Kylo ren in his day off with rey

VirdsEyeBiew : Howd you get the 2 lasers to come off the sides like that?? Is there a mod to change the hilt?

Matt wx : Nice 👌👍