Coleman Sweeney. World’s Biggest Asshole for Donate Life

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Donate Life America, an organ donation advocacy charity in the USA, is encouraging millennial men to become organ donors through “The World’s Biggest Asshole”, a humorous commercial starring obnoxious character Coleman F Sweeney. This low-life guy makes a point of looking out for himself and abusing others, acting in ways that ruin the lives around him. He gives small kids cigarettes, steals laundry and is mean to animals, children and people with disabilities. The short film’s twist comes with Sweeney’s death in his diner. The waitress discovers on his license that for some reason he’s signed up as an organ donor. We go on to see the positive impact this decision has on the lives on deserving people. “Even an asshole can save a life”.


Greg Duncan : The greatest organ donor commercial!

ryan868 : Is that Thomas Jane?

No Name : OK, fine, I'll register to be an organ donor. I mean, I would have done so anyway, but didn't know how and was too lazy to find out. This video gave me the motivation to find that out.

brominer com : I just went from organ donor to not being one.. well done