I spent a week in a VR headset, here's what happened

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On February 20th, 2019 we put a guy in a headset for 168 hours. Hosted by: https://twitter.com/jakwilmot ►Join The VR Chatroom https://discord.gg/gxXrYZx ►Follow on Twitter! https://twitter.com/DisruptTweet ►Like on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/DisruptFuture


luisrodriguez 198 : "I thought the earth was flat" "Please keep yourself muted" I DIED LMAO

Aliana Leonte : Some say he is still in VR and he just doesn’t know it

The Taylors : “I thought the earth of flat” “...Please.. keep yourself muted or we will have to remove you.” 😂😂😂 I can’t.

deray onfroy : 2019: Spending 1 week in VR. 2077: Spending 1 week in Real Life.

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Joshua WantChips : Nobody: Parents: 1 Hour!? You'll go blind!

HydraTurbo : Ain't no body going to talk about that *LEGENDARY EDITING* ??

Viktor Bardos : Hey everyone, I myself am a neuroscientist and I also felt the "discussion" part to be lacking but the topic at hand very interesting thus giving you my take on the matter. .....and be careful of the WALL OF TEXT. Enjoy the ride. 0) The Foreword I highly suggest watching Isolation - Mind Field (Ep 1) by Vsauce (here on YouTube) and draw your own conclusions. In that video we have a guy that tries to stay sane for 3 days in solitary confinement. Sure, the experimental conditions/setup are different but there are many parallels and the most intersting part: How do both individuals deal with their "peril" and how is their well being affected throughout/after their adventure. 1) The Sun A crucial aspect of our body to functioning properly is the link between our intrinsic clock and the extrinsic clock of the sun. In case of living in the VR you could clearly see that the test person quickly seeked out a place in VR where he could experience the sun (yoga) and later strived for a day/night cycle in Skyrim. A lack of an exterior clock completly throws of your cyrcadian rythm (you being synchronized with solar time). This has a significant impact on all kinds of biological activities within your body. Essentially, your body doesnt know when to up and downregulate the activity of single cells, neuronal networks, and your body as a whole. You loose the grip on reality because you can not experience time without a reference point. Being in a room with no sun and to a lesser effect with no clock slowly shifts your assessment of how much time actually has passed. You do not know when you "should" sleep and when to be awake and active. After 1 day you will start to have trouble falling asleep leading to additional psychological stress. In general, your entire body is just going crazy. Like consuming energy drinks while simultaneously taking a sleep pill (do not do this at home!). There is nothing that governs the activity of your body resulting in physical and psycholigcal stress. Summary: Distress +10 level, sleep disorder +1 level 2) An Entertainers Nightmare: The Brain Your mind needs entertainment! People are different, however each one of us will experience boredom after a given amount of time has elapsed. Maybe like reading this piece of text. Some continue to read some dont. During extended solitude you can try to trick your brain for some time by performing mental exercises but ultimately the result will be the same: Boredom. Thus, everyone is doing something that keeps their brain in the loop. Even simple things like binge watching Netflix or YouTube serves this point. Your brain is constantly working in the background, processing thoughts even when you think you are doing nothing. The endless options you have in VR to cater to your brain's entertainment significantly helps you to stay "sane". In this video you see the subject seek out sport activities, mental tasks and outher activities such as video games, gardening, watching movies and interacting with other human beings. Not having this option leads to a quick cognitiv decline, up to the point where you will start having trouble doing basic maths in your head. You start to lose your creativity and your drive as a human being. In that sense, the brain is like a muscle. If you dont use it it will be less effective. Congratulations! Initial stage of depression aquiered. Summary: Distress +15 level, sleep disorder +1 level, depression +1 level Fun fact: Astronauts do workout in space so their muscles show no sign of regression. Otherwise they would need a wheelchair when they are back on earth and are exposed to earth's gravity. 3) Your Best Friend: The Humans Humans need other humans to feel well. Some of us need more "exposure" to other humans than others. But it is a highly significant difference if you have no interaction with others at all. Again, the majority of human beings have an inner sense to be valued in a community (in a broader sense, a gaming community is also applicable here) and that their actions are being valued by other people. Sure there are also people living in solitary but thats a topic for another time. Other human beings "serve" as the best entertainers for our brain because we are similar (in a broader biological sense, excluding DNA differences) and are able to listen, evaluate as well as give a response to someone else brain output (thoughts, comments, jokes etc.) via speech. Depriving humans of other human interactions comes close to torture. For more information on this topic read into psychological analysis of humans keep in solitary confinement. Analysing the behaviour of our test subject in this video shows that the individual quickly tried to establish a connection to other humans. Watching a space shuttle/rocket rise into the air is more fun if you have other people arround you. Talking to humans about the implications of VR is feeding your brain with new stimulations for your own thoughts. The biggest aspect of all of this is the word new, since the brain on its own is not good at breaking out of loops. If you feel bad (break up, trauma etc.) talking to someone else is sometimes already enough to get you back on track. The person you are talking to does not even have to response to you in a significant way. If you have no one arround you and by that I mean literally no one. Like Hikikomori in Japan. Adults who completely withdraw from social life. This adds up ontop of your psychological distress maybe you come up with an immaginary friend. By the way, Mr. Wilson was the MVP in Cast Away starring Tom Hanks. Summary: Distress +10 level, sleep disorder +1 level, depression +1 level, schizophrenia +1 level, apathy +1 level, anxiety +1 level, neurosis +1 level..... Well, you are a bag of meat sitting in a room and you more or less lost the energy to go on living as a human being. 4) Final note After the subject took of the VR headset his first reaction was to smile and to go outside. Breath fresh air (for him city air is as fresh as it gets) acknowledge the beauty nature as well as observe other human beings with his newly aquired perception. He has a whole new apprection for the world arround him, even the small things. He changed and by that I do not mean in a negative way. Just simply changed. In case of VSauce and his voluntary solitary confinment the thing he missed the most was to talk/interact with other humans (based on his own post experiment interview). By comparing these two experiments I conclude that human interactions play a crucial role for our well being and that VR can combat the decline of your brain by providing an artificial day/night cycle, human interactions as well as a variaty of activities to keep your brain entertained. This inevitably results in a less prominent decline of his physical/mental state and overall well . The topic at hand is very complex and there are many additional aspect which could be analysed, but it is clear that the individual in this video is trying to live as close to reality as possible. And whenever he feels like he is "loosing" it he tries something new to keep his brain fresh and juicy. P.s.: I had a lot of fun writing this although in a rather spontaneous manner, therefore overall structure and spelling might be wonky at times. I hope you enjoyed entertaining your brain by reading this. Cheers

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