Investigation ~ Opening 2004 - Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney − Trials and Tribulations

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Emm Bee Sea : Calves up on the windowsill? That's really stretching the truth there.

I'mBored777 : Didn't somebody else make a "Steamed hams but its ace attorney" video? I haven't watched it yet so i'm not sure how it'll compare to this masterpiece.

iKiwed : Well Siiva you’re an odd fellow, but I must say... You uploaded a good videogame rip. (Congrats, it’s actually cool.)

WalŦz : I feel like this game was localized entirely within Capcom's kitchen.

Lunchbox : The rip opened, I guessed where it was going, and I was not fucking disappointed. Top quality rip.

Tom Holmes : Steamed Hams but it's Ace Attorney but it's *actually* Ace Attorney

maki ligon : wow the edgeworth

Fake Name : Eat your hamburgers, Apollo.

MarkProductions : Wait a minute, where is this goin- *AH GOSH DANG IT*

GoldLink364 : It's steamed hams for cryin out loud In all seriousness, this was well made.

Lv100Spongebob : Well Siiva, you are an odd fellow, but I must say you steam a good rip.

MHSchonberg : Eat your steamed hams, Apollo.

Toast of Catbread : I mean, there was already an AA Steamed Hams edit, but this just goes far and beyond. Well done! Also, for those of you who didn't realize, there's a meta-joke in here: When AA was localized, "Ramen" was changed into "Hamburgers."

Pablo Smith: The Sequel : I can't believe Albany got its own different localization for this game compared to the rest of North America.

P. Sqqp : Turning ramen into hamburgers for an Ace Attorney steamed hams parody is a next level joke.

Blaze : *_C U T S A L A R Y , G U M S H I T_*

O.H. X-90 : Gumshoe with his crazy explanations, Miles Edgeworth’s gonna need his medication! When he hears Gumshoe’s lame exaggerations, There’ll be trouble in town tonight! Edgeworth: GUMSHOOOOOOE!!

Christopher Doney : Holy shit some *LORE* Edit: it's steamed Hams. My expectations are fulfilled.

Oleg Galkin : Hamen strudels hamen hamon jamon nice spanish lunch meat joke

JacoBuzzz : The case of the burned hams Oh how i've been waiting for this dlc

TheIncredibleMasterE : How did Gumshoe get the money not only to afford a roast, but fast food? 🤔

Inspector Gadget : Is this lore??

Shayon Roy : I hope your ready for an unforgettable rip

Bad Boya : Arora Boralassis

EthanCGamer : This is made ten times better for me because I'm playing through all the Phoenix Wright games right now. High quality rip right here.

AestheticSynthetic : "Isosceles exercise"

Daniel W. : If I hadn’t subscribed today I would never have seen this with my own eyes

Gr3nad3_Man1c : THERE WAS NO 3-FRAME FIRETRUCK AT THE END! I want my money back.

Rick Harrison : i love me a good steamed rip

TheMaleLilligant : No lie. The instant Edgeworth mentioned being invited to lunch, I knew I was in for a treat.

Reisen U. Inaba : wow, AAI3 looks amazing. They really upped the production value.

JUST MONIKA : Eat your Steamed Hams, Apollo.

KaiserMazoku : Terry? Terry Fawles?

Fist of the World King : I didn't expect this. Well done.

ThundariusZ : Right off the bat I'm going to guess this might be steamed hams.

seanmyster6 : Eat your steamed hams, Apollo!

TheKiss : This was unspeakably beautiful. Also 2:46 Gumshoe has a live-in boyfriend confirmed???

The Batter : Steamed steak.

Polterion : T-Terry...?

Eternal2401 : There is no joke they just ripped footage of a playthrough in which the player failed to arrest gumshoe for obvious arson and attempted murder

rjd1922 : Love how you masterfully combined the "Steamed Hams" meme with "Eat your hamburgers, Apollo" (though indirectly).

Matt : I've seen a lot of shipping during my Ace Attorney fandom, but Gumshoe and Terry Fawles lol?

Lee Bakker : Who tf is Terry? Terry Fawles back from the dead?

Far Ka : Does this have to do with the Detective Pikachu announcment?

rjd1922 : "*Localized* entirely whthin your kitchen?"

Some Commenter Guy : Terry will forever hold a place within all of our hearts.


Retro Ryone : I lost it when I found out the mom was Terry Fawles!

Jason Godwin : It's going to be Steamed Hams, right?

JNerdGaming : Isosceles exercise? I didn't know we were having steamed triangles.