Sexyy Red - Ah Thousand Jugs (OFFICIAL VIDEO) Shot By: @bgphoe

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skullfuck. : *BU BU BU BU BU BOOM*

TROYCETV : Bruh this song is fire 😭😭 I can’t stop listening to this

ZombieXCorn : “Fuck your liiiiiifffffeeee “die bitch die” IM SCREAMING

It’s ya girlll Z : Why she look like young thug in the thumbnail💀💀💀

Hennessy_banks : *”Making my way through the hood wit yo boo all his homeboys think I’m cute” sounds about right😂‼️*

aesteriah : i want her to win every grammy for every category. she deserves it after dropping this masterpiece

Edo : I listen to this shit everyday 😂💀

ICraveKay : Where you found that white boy I’m weak 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Charles Hawthorne : She said kids stay in school. We stan and inspirational queen.

Nae : I’m funna sing this song all day now 😂

STANK BREATH : I'm done, she using the gun as a guitar. 💀

KookieKrunch : Girl got a flip phone on her waist. A true queen.

Lemmon god : If this doesn’t become a meme I’ve lost faith in humanity

Lillyuana Henderson : This lit idc.

Corey Watts : Lmao she outta pocket 😭😂

Sweet Dreams : *the dislikes are the people who got BOOMED*

yung twinkie : this is the ONLY national anthem i will recognize and stand for

All the best people are crazy : She looks like an anime character

Frosty Freezy freeze : "Kids stay in school" I love the message she's portraying 😁😁!!


Rik Roi Etulas : White chicks is heated rn

Khyia Williams : she walking around with the flip like they in style

PaperBoy : **Hits golden buzzer**

Beneath Remains : The perfect girl doesn't exis...

ShookethToACore : Put it on Apple Music.

Diavian Nashae : I need this ringtone so it can go off in my lecture hall 😂

YOUNG HEDGE FUND : And now you onnnnn da news 🔥

Maurice Johnson : Man this song so horrible but catchy I had to comeback multiple times just for the “ du du du du du “

Edawn’s암캐 : Time to learn the lyrics

Likedbymany : I want this as my ringtone

Lemme C. : I hope she make songs that sound like this. I cant stop playing this. She would definitely stand out rapping over beats like this. This ur sound boo!

manny romero : I actually like this crazy song. lol

Ilhan Ali : I don't care what anyone say but this is a hit.😂😂😂😂

I DO’nt HATE I SAY facts : THIS is the black version ok and that’s factz 😪💯😂

QAriK Gaming : I like her and her energy but... originally the sonnnnnnggggg😭😭😭 *thumbs up because of shawdy*

dat boi : I relate to this on a spiritual level

Crystal O : the original song was playing in my job and all i could hear was ah thousand jugs lmaooooooo

Hannah Baby_ : Lmao I couldn't stop laughing but I really fw this😂🔥🔥I dead ass couldn't stop watching this I replayed like 8 times😩💯

HoodVlogs : This is gonna be big.


MIΔMI βITCH : My ass just noticed she had a minute phone on her skirt 💀💀💀

Ree Lala : Shes so fine

Shaunda V : Whoever shot this video it make the song better 😂💯

Fairly Odd Farris : You lost a tennis shoe 😭 at least she said kids stay in school lol

KAYANNMARIE : best thing on the internet rn 😂

CookiwetV Yt : Can’t stop listening to this bruh 😂

unreleased : the official theme song for white chicks 2

Lale Arpaci : I'm assuming this is satirical and in that case, genius

Seairum • : When she said "DU DU DU DU DU DU DU" I felt that

Kristof Koteles : i need the lyrics