Creeper Meets Santa

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Reis World : the Tupperware I remember my nana would use all empty butter country crock and other items for Tupperware lol

Joseph Ortiz : We need "Creeper the Movie"

amaru makaveli : "That panzita is all muscle homie"😂🤣💀

Jack A : “How does a double decker jumbo jet get in the air...”magic homie”

Jar Dubs : That’s my tias Tupperware so I’ll need that back

Kyle Peterson : I like how he's still wearing the headset lmao

gardengrovemike : The way he says "santa" haha

Michael Ayala : "Ramming a bunch of hynas or whatever.... nah, just playin" 😂😂😂😂😂

Lobo4life76 : This is the epitome of cholo stereotype, I grew up around people who spoke just like this, I appreciate this man’s crafted, gift of humor. Good job Frankie, like maybe I can be one of your long lost cousins or something A, that would be all sick nuh? Anyways, your a firme vato ese. Keep making the random hinas and vatos laugh!

Sean Rosas : I thought santa was going to be a robber lmfao

Billy Davidson : This is a daily occurance if you live in southern CA LOL

Jay Smith : Creeper is an inspiration. Im cutting off all my sweats, pulling up my socks,New wife beaters and gonna start ramming hynas heinas highnas ?????

ToddWentworth : This dude got too much talent. Frickin hilarious. -Todd

BeardedRob : That’s all muscle homie

NINJATurtleMan53 : “Your one of the vatos that inspired me foo to be nicee “😂😂💀

pelonsito firestone District : hahahahahah energy tamales no mames

Syn1702 : Creeper, burn me some copies of those oldies & funk cd’s!

AlSiK_MuSik : Yo frankie you sound like half my family here in new mexico homie this videos 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

ARealMack1982 : Abra Cadabra or whatever 😂😂😂😂

Sheilah F : That exit back to the room tho😂

A Armendariz : This fool must be from burque

M S. : Yup, everything he fuckin says is dead on! I grew up with a few vatos like this. Hearts of gold tho

LebanonDon : This is An Incredibly Unique Funny ass content... make more

Amy Lee : That's so cute. He is still wearing his Cholofit microphone

Daniel Silva : I always have my kids leave out a beer, tamales and chips and salsa out for santa. They used to ask how come we dont leave him milk and cookies, I would just say cuz santa gets the same thing from everyone else... Gotta leave him something different...

Bronx MMA And Wrestling : “So check it out aye abra Cadabra or whatever” LOL

SixthSense : Laughter is the best medicine and it brings different people together✌🏽

footgear max : Some gorditos

Joe Arpaio : U still alive Creeper?

Bigsekcee : “Trip out A” 😆

Patrick Nissim : january 12, 2018, still watching this shit

BeardedRob : You need to keep making new videos. This is funny!!

Charlie Pecoraro : This is brilliant shit, Frank

jaybola91 : Yooooo haha this should be trending foo..

The Ultimate Reductionist : I am suddenly in love with this stereotype.

Isaac Solis : Hey man can my friends and I join your videos or anything we're a big fan of yours. I recognized that you live down the street from my friend so we're not far from each other.

Beastmode 213 : That pancita is a muscle. I'm DEAD

clock655321 : Energy Tamales🤣🤣

Rob Mcmuffin : man I love this channel!

Harry C : I'm loving this... Made a bratha wanta cry...

Thomas Totten : Energy tamales!

Jose Aparicio : Pinchi creeper brings laughs and smiles to us all so 4 that im grateful for creeper....hes a blessings 2 us all......please keep it pushing creeper your going places

sabina martinez : Mix tape cd with like oldies and funk 🎧

CHIVO ZEPER : This foo is crazy he should have more views

ERNWALACE : Hahahahaha

M.M F.M : Santa's Gordo 🤣

luis castro : Creeper: Santa Santa: Crepper what are you doing up Creeper: Trip out eyyyy

dangelique909 : Lmao this shit was hilarious! The way he comes out the hallway is comedy!

it's true : Stay nice creeper because Santa Claus said so.

63 SS 209 : He calls santa , " Foo " .. LoL