We speak motocross
Do you speak two stroke

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A language created by one of the most fearsome sports around.


carrie honey : I swear there was a vid with much better audio

The Adventure Biker : THis was hilarious!

Gravel Pit : This should in a Motorcycle Museum or something. Great job

Jawa Deepak : *Love and respect from Tamilnadu* 💥😂💥❤❤❤🙏

DNB : The way that the thing counted down made it seem like an elevator floor indicator.

Ed3n 4PF : 0:53 500KX😂😂

bigphil088 : lol the guy at :22 JAJAJAJAJA

thwolf762 : atc rider 250r has the same video

NaCl BicBoi : BestVideoWorld