Robert F. Kennedy's Martin Luther King Jr. Assassination Speech

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Steven_T_K : please explain to me why people who preach love and acceptance and equality get shot. I have very little hope for the world.

Tremoney : Where's our Robert Kennedy or Martin Luther King? All we have are hate mongers. Corrupt, inept, divisive, hate mongers. On both sides. We need someone like this to unify us. Not looking good.

Tom bread : This is what a real leader sounds like

Martha Cecil-Few : We need a leader like Bobby Kennedy in light of what is happening now in Ferguson, MO.

Hunter H : These words are truer than ever.

Hozonkai : I'm a Republican, but I would have been glad to vote for RFK. Probably the greatest president we *never* had.

lemigod : What a great speech.A lot of Blacks who were in audience gave him a huge ovation for his great speech.What's even amazing is that it was not scripted,he just spoke from the heart and every word he spoke touched everyone .There was no Riot in Indiana.

Julian B : Would've become president.

Kait Davis : thank you for not putting music over this. <3

Darius Green : What sad is that he was killed two months later.

Girdine Caldwell : My heart very heavy remembering this night, and more. .. Sadness,.mostly because the changes now are radical changes moving backwards. I will pray and refuse to give up. I will speak words of encouragement and love in Faith.

Hozonkai : RFK would be disgusted with the race-baiters in his party today.

virgilosborn : "To tame the savageness of man and make gentle our world."

6bagmix : "Do they know about Martin Luther King?". Great example for leadership at that exact moment. Would be refreshing to feel today.

aansteker : A king without a crown.

Jay Sketchin : I'm glad we spent a unit on Civil Rights this year in American Studies, because we got to learn more about Robert. Today we spent the day learning about the day MLK was assassinated, and we ended the lesson by watching this speech. The classroom was dead silent, and you could tell that everyone in the room was listening to every word he said. My teachers both thought that this speech was one of the most unique ones ever given, not just because he did it on the spot (No notecards or anything) but he quoted one of his favorite pieces of poetry. How many politicians do you know use *poetry* in their speeches? Robert Kennedy was a great man, and if anyone were to be given a second chance at life, I think he and JFK would deserve it the most. I wish we had more like him today <3

movieman175 : I firmly believe that he would have been elected president had he not been shot that night in California.

fucut00b : RIP Bobby they got you just like your brother didnt they. Its messed up because he was just talking about how he lost someone by being shot and then he ends up the same way. This was a good guy and was determined to change the nation for the better. Thats why they murdered him. You cant be a good guy and survive anymore in government. Bobby and John belong in the history books as great men. They should be learned about in school like the founding fathers. Thats how good and loyal they were to the people of the USA.

Blayne Riley : Important words at this moment.

Pat Morrow : Indianapolis was one of the only major cities in America that did not riot that day thanks to the kindness and wisdom of Robert Kennedy. Beautiful speech

rod1148 : This speech 48 years old and yet I still get a lump in my throat when I hear it. Especially sad, when I know that two months later Bobby Kennedy himself would be shot and killed. And I have to ask as did the comment before mine, where's our Robert Kennedy or Martin Luther King today?

Harold O'Brien : Trump should be FORCED to watch this video. THIS is what leadership looks like.

Crimson Tiger : Let us remember these words of wisdom as we pray for the Gray family and the city of Baltimore. My fellow Americans, this is simply a difficult time of violence. There will be many more in the future but if we can grow and prosper as a nation, even after the death of a great civil rights leader, then this period of pain and sadness will only strengthen our resolve to grow as a nation and a people. We can over-come this obstacle, and we will over-come it. Our nation was born with this kind of strength and we will prevail. God Bless America and her people.

Nicholas Raffi : Like if you are in History Class

Mae : When Bobby Kennedy had been shot two months after this speech, his last words were 'is everyone okay?' :(

Mohamed Hassan : After last night I'm thinking of this... "And let's dedicate ourselves to what the Greeks wrote so many years ago: to tame the savageness of man and make gentle the life of this world. Let us dedicate ourselves to that, and say a prayer for our country and for our people..."

chris h : A brilliant speech, a true progressive and as decent a man whoever walked the political landscape of our nation. Obama and Clinton never came close.

juskym : What a man!  This wasn't a prepared speech, it just flowed from what was in his heart.  And I consider it to be one of the best speeches ever delivered.

gdfgdfgdf fdgfd : What makes me mad is that in most history books today in highschool that all they list about him is the freedom riders and a few sentences about him being killed. There needs to be a lot more on him.

Gerald O'Brien : A presidential candidate quoting Aeschylus! Can you imagine Trump, or any other major politician today, quoting an Ancient Greek poet? Over the last forty something years, we have really lowered the bar on who we embrace as our national leaders.

MrSlatra : Two months later, he was killed also.

xantares13 : Grief is love without a home

chris doone : lovely man. Just a pity the good guys get killed

Javier V : We need someone like Robert Kennedy today not someone who is tweeting on Twitter 24/7.

Mia Pallas : Tears... tears... just tears.... why must the *GOOD* die, while the *EVIL* of this world live on???? WHY???

Fujaskanerv : What could have been if a man like him was elected... makes you think

Rob Jones : Fifty years ago today, the best US president never to be elected was assassinated. To think Robert Kennedy improvised this magnificent speech on the spot, is truly astonishing. What a tragic loss for the USA. Can't imagine the current POTUS, Captain Comb Over being so eloquent, under such terrible circumstances.......

Michael Scholl : This is truly "The greatest Speech Ever" and he spoke from the HEART, not some speech writers "Speech"

Mark Graczyk : Magnificent words. As needed today as they were 50 years ago.

Bert sanchez : This was before my time, but man this guy could have united all of us. Godspeed

kaye V : I have to listen to Bobbie's speech when times like what happened in Ferguson or I need to hear inspiration or a man speaking from his heart so sad he was killed I think 63 days later.  Where Bobbie was speaking was the only one that didn't riot   

kevin Laisa : You were a true hero

Thomas Wainwright : Not a fan of any Kennedy.....but it's so great to see someone speak from the heart without a teleprompter

Raul Raul : real g's go down Hard

Darius Green : What sad is that he was killed two months later.

CanadaCraig : MEDIA is to blame for why we rarely hear from those who still have compassion. And for that I say... shame on them.

Kimbirlli Nelson : we could sure use Bobby Kennedy now, he would pull us together....not push us apart...

Debra Zz : You could actually say a 'black person' or a 'white person' without it being racist.  That's long gone.  We need a leader in the white house that unifies our country.  Obama has done nothing if anything there is more division now there ever

chuck farley : This speech gives me chills every time I listen to it. RFK was a huge loss to the world and now we have clowns like Obama dancing on Ellen, Shillary and Trump. This is a guy who was facing down mafia bosses before he was 30 and was championing civil rights and integration when you could still get your head smashed in by the Klan/Cops in Alambama. Truly a great loss.

tigerljily : Indianapolis was one of the few metropolitan areas not experiencing unrest after this speech. Good man.