Michael Vick's UNREAL Career Highlights | NFL Legends Highlights

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JustBombsProductions : Crazy how some people don't realize how amazing it was to watch Mike Vick play.

GREAT GREAT GRINDFATHER : If Michael Vick played tag, he was never it. -John Madden

J F : His madden game cover you could run backwards to your own end zone then turn around and burn the whole team for a TD lol

TheDieseased : Vick is fast, but doesn’t have Tom Brady’s 4.10 speed

ThatArmy VeteranGuy : I think Mikael Vick's career is Hall of Fame worthy!!

Jay Lee : Mike Vick has changed the NFL for running QBs period.

C- Power : Vick was so fast he's teammates couldn't catch up to him, so he had to defend himself at that point.

theshipissinking no : They gave this dude 2yrs... 2yrs... for fighting dogs. Meanwhile you have child molesters, rapists, sexual extortionists in the white house and Congress and the Senate who never see real prosecution and IF they lose their job, pop right back up in another portion on the other side of town. They screwed Vick over. To give that man 2 yrs for that, there was some hatred involved in that.

cameron rose : say whatcha want vick changed football for QB's

Chris Norman : I'm a HUGE Cowboys fan but, during the time that Vick was playing I found myself watching all of Atlanta Falcons Games. That's what type of impact he had on the game at that time. The guy was electrifying to watch.


chipychawa33 : He could fight my dogs to death and I'd still wear his Jersey

Sean The Baptist : Such a tragedy. Vick will always be in my top 5 favorite QB's of all time. Virginia represent.

SitDownSon56 : Cam Newton is a solid runner at QB with excellent elusiveness for a 6'6 250 lb QB and all the power you'd expect from a man that size, along with above-average arm strength , but has average top end speed Russell Wilson has similar top end speed as Cam in a much smaller frame, and is more elusive and ultimately a smarter QB than Cam. Dak is less elusive, has less speed, and less arm strength as Cam and Wilson, but has demonstrated solid instincts and pocket-awareness. Michael Vick in Philly, and ESPECIALLY in Atlanta, had a bigger arm, better elusiveness, and much higher top end speed than any other dual-threat QB in the game today, and likely all-time. Mike Vick in Atlanta was the fastest player in the NFL during his years there, hands down, and he had an absolute cannon for an arm. He was such a unique challenge for DCs in the NFL. A couple of QBs before Vick gave the added element of improv from the pocket and were dual threats (Cunningham, tarkenton, couple others) but none of them could single handedly take over a game from the QB position in the way Vick did

T.K Teneng : the fact that he's a lefty too.. its kinda like james harden, for some reason it just makes them so much more icyyy

Da Kid Gowie : GOAT! I feel sorry for kids who weren't able to watch him play live. Easily, the most electrifyin man in sports!

Nick Wilson : If Michael Vick was on the Patriots and Tom Brady was on the Falcons, Tom Brady would have just been another good quarterback and Michael Vick and Peyton Manning would be the first names people would mention in a GOAT discussion.

Hafeez Santos-Qureshi : The most exciting QB I've ever witnessed. Amazing

LouisVuitton TheDon : Grown man playing with kids....

Malik Garland : First Jersey I ever had as a kid was vicks 😭

FuZion_AK-_- : His athleticism is INSANE

Adrian Philip : His O Line sucked

Geralt The witcher : Barry sanders at quarterback

The Shimgawd : I hate the way it all ended 🤦🏾‍♂️

IsSA GloCk : I miss Michael Vick

josj15 : lol most of yall even back then never saw Vick play unless it was a national game OR like me, you were downloading the games off torrent, his 06 season when he ran for 1000 yards was like watching barry sanders play QB, you really missed out if you didnt get to see him play that year

arjl880 : It wasn't just his speed, there's plenty of 4.2 guys out there. To me it's his agility and his total awareness of what to do to take the other man out his shoes. There truly can be only one Michael Vick

ExtraOrdinary MUSIC : Athletic freak of nature..

whoody G Ponder : This Man was cut down in his prime!! Smh

terron jones : People underestimate how much of a cannon he had

Striker : Player 2 joins lobby in madden 04 Player 1: selects Falcons Player 2 : has left the lobby

Lawrence Bailey : Great Q. B. You still a falcon in my eyes. 210

Nero Li : It's a shame that the Falcons haven't won a superbowl with players like Vick, Julio or Matty Ice

Greg Thomas : Yes Vick was super athletic but let's not forget that he was also pretty accurate and had an absolute CANNON for an arm...a CANNON

Kevin M : Michael Vick is one of my all-time favorite NFL players. I'm not saying he is or was the greatest QB to ever play the game but he is by far one of the most interesting to watch. Truly was a running back who could also throw the football.

Rob Johnson : I love vic he brought life to Atlanta

Highlight Reel : my dude had a cannon

COFER T : Besides Brett Favre & Dan Marino, Michael Vick is one of my favorite quarterbacks of all times..

Steve Gutta : That boy was a beast!

Alex T : Mike Vick is the Allen Iverson of football

Anthony Sciaccotta : it was unfair to use Vick in madden

Ronald Rayford : Mike change the game and had many fans hold their breath of the way he played the game once in a lifetime player no lie

Syed Rasool : Damn his passes are lethal. Too bad I wasn't around to watch him play live.

WoodGrain Studios : I am about to Cry.....

Clifton General : The cheat code on Madden 04

I fucked your mom So you can call me Dad : If Vick didn't get locked up he would've been so much better.

MAXEFEX : No QB ever moved like that. Had he not been locked up for a deuce he would have broken every existing record concerning every facet of quarterbacking. THEY knew that so they had to employ the ALI interruption move.

Walking Bomb : I’ll take 06 Michael vick over any qb in nfl history any!

Damian Smith : If the falcons had him the year they was up against the patriots they'd of won

Zyptic : Bucs defense chewed and spit Vick out every time they played. Funny how the Falcons and Bucs are in the same division and yet there is ZERO highlights of Vick against the Bucs? Bucs defense was God tier for years till they all separated after they won the super bowl in 2002