2 Months Update - NO filter, NO CO2, NO Ferts 5 Gallon Nano Tank (Surprise Hitchhiker) Time Lapse

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L.R.Bretz's Aquatics : Very nicely done!

Lumina : Your videos are so relaxing

Este Glez : I love it!

丸ごとさん : Lol love that dragonfly hitchhiker EDIT: hehe thnx for the likes XD

Big Stank : My fav fishkeeper ❤️❤️

Just Breathe : I love your videos so much! Thank you for taking the time to save up footage and edit it. :)

fazaro : I watched this video like I was hypnotized by it

RAD Aquatics : Dude, 60 days in one video, way to dedicate!!!! So proud of your effort and your work. Having made the same attempt, I envy your patience level

Rajeev Kamalasanan : Beautiful.

Irfancooking : Cat is the new SI unit for measurement

吳佳叡 : This heals my soul

Shelly Lyons Cline : If you plant the plants in the gravel then what is the purpose of the soil? Genuinely curious.

Adrielle Pasia : I literally waited every day for an update video. Sweet!

Alca Bringer : What's your lighting set up bro? Nice vid anyway.

MENI RockEd : I've bin checking your channel every day since the set up. Came home from work, saw the vid and smiled. Thanks for bringing this man

Carolynn Hanna Ross : This made me so emotional and appreciative of life like I’m crying over a tank full of plants and shrimp

Kiwi Nevrean : I like the floating plant separator idea!

pile_of_salt : Respect.

Jungshook Idol : Why am I watching this... suprisingly I love it.. make me wanna keep a shrimp...

Al Hindi : Excellent work

Mafanwe : Yes, it can be done! I've been running a 105gal tank with no filter or c02 for 4 or 5 years now. It's hard to convince people about it because they really don't believe that you can run it without a filter.

Nina X : Elegant and informative

Actually it's a storm drain : this is incredible. Also love the music choice. The shrimps are cute :D

PacoZoniasLP : This is so damn Peacefull ^.^

Moksih : how much liters are 5 Gallon?

Matt Jones : Would it be doable to scale this up to a 50 gallon tank and sustain fish?

Weirdo Warrior : Inexplicable... I can feel It in the air... _(inhales)_ *CAN YOU FEEL ME?!?!*

sugar glider : There's cable left corner.what is it? 06:53

Silly Soul Grimwoods : Song name? It's really relaxing and calms my anxiety 😌

Abdulla Alshatti : Great work .. i have quastion , can i add fluval soil top on the organic dirt ? And can i use low flow filter for 10 gal tank no co2

Andrew Morphas : This is awesome. How often do you change the water? Btw the dragonfly larvae is amazing, it will soon need a branch sticking out of the water to climb on and molt into a drangonfly. The dragonfly larvae eats living creatures, what do you feed it?

Kalvin One : What is the leave that you use to feed your shrimps ? Did you cook it and how ? Thanks.

Intrepid Nick : Life, life finds a way..

David Mendoza : just by watching it some how calmed me down.

4 Cool Kidz : Awesome experiment bro

Rich : nice, loved the plant seperator

Amanda Stephan : I've been inspired by your channel and am now trying to do the same thing with my 5 G. Just plants, red rams horn snails and one cherry shrimp so far.

Sajc Emmanuel : You are so smart! Loved it!

Gaby Zzeetoon : comfy

BIG B : Was best on day one.What a stupid hobby.

YoSneeze : this is amaze balls! well done ;)

Damion Markham : Amazing , thank you

Richard Yin : nice !! Whered u get the acrylic tube and the magnetic thermonitor??

Peter Onger : awsome

BlueShaman'sFriend : I have channeled Mr Rogers. He approves. I cannot think of a higher accolade.

Adriana Nguyen : Are you sure it’s a dragonfly? I had some extremely similar to it, and it was a damselfly.

Jake indalake : What was that thing you used to poor water in when you were doing the water change?

Demigod : I’ve been told you need a filter for a planted tank, why is that

david minduim : how to make plants so beautiful without CO2?

Artani : do you put any fishes inside it later? can they even survive in eat since it kind of looks dirty