2 Months Update - NO filter, NO CO2, NO Ferts 5 Gallon Nano Tank (Surprise Hitchhiker) Time Lapse

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L.R.Bretz's Aquatics : Very nicely done!

吳佳叡 : This heals my soul

Lumina : Your videos are so relaxing

Carolynn Hanna Ross : This made me so emotional and appreciative of life like I’m crying over a tank full of plants and shrimp

Kiwi Nevrean : I like the floating plant separator idea!

Jungshook Idol : Why am I watching this... suprisingly I love it.. make me wanna keep a shrimp...

Mafanwe : Yes, it can be done! I've been running a 105gal tank with no filter or c02 for 4 or 5 years now. It's hard to convince people about it because they really don't believe that you can run it without a filter.

Intrepid Nick : Life, life finds a way..

Kim Dawes : Between the beautiful music and the lovely waterscape, I could watch for hours...

Sheepington The Polite Sheep : So much nicer than that one youtuber guy who keeps killing his aquarium animals from trial and error haha. Good job!

krokodil196 : How the hell I come from ''ski fails'' to this?

PacoZoniasLP : This is so damn Peacefull ^.^

Sandy Wijaya : Somehow.. I just got hypnotized and watch this video till the end.. It's beautiful.. Make me realize that water and earth.. Is living.. It grows.. It makes live.. Beautiful.. Oh, and nice music too😊

Este Glez : I love it!

tito zanella : I am so damn ignorant in these “things”, but this vid make me think about all the love that a human being could give to the planet earth ...the incredible power of Mother Nature.... I am deeply grateful for this wonderful gift, this is the most beautiful video I ever seen in my life, it touched my little soul. Maybe all my worries all my troubles were necessary in my life, because they take me by my hands until this moment. Thank you Deeply thank you

Actually it's a storm drain : this is incredible. Also love the music choice. The shrimps are cute :D

Steve Sheppard : Why not use your fingers?

David Mendoza : just by watching it some how calmed me down.

Carl : Lol love that dragonfly hitchhiker EDIT: hehe thnx for the likes XD

UrAvrgAshen1 : very relaxing remove my headache for some reason

BlueShaman'sFriend : I have channeled Mr Rogers. He approves. I cannot think of a higher accolade.

Thura Zaw : ART!

YoSneeze : this is amaze balls! well done ;)

fazaro : I watched this video like I was hypnotized by it

Hank McStash : "Are you a dog or a cat person?" ...I build ecosystems.

Sajc Emmanuel : You are so smart! Loved it!

catyear75 : Very beautiful! Do you now have a pet dragonfly!?? Lol

Sirisma : This was suggested to me after watching ASMR and I totally understand why. Great hobby. I wish I had the money and patience to set something like this up if only for stress relief.

Big Stank : My fav fishkeeper ❤️❤️

Javi K : Sooo, how did the dragonfly get there? Was it born there? DID YOU JUST CREATE LIFE!?!?!?

Talha Khalid : Good Decoration for Dining Room

Peter Onger : awsome

Scott Hamilton : that's awesome dude

Milsim Mike : Where did the shrimp come from haha! Cool vid btw

bubbler891 : Did the damselfly successfully hatch?

Tim Venker : I feel like your tank could use a closeup live stream with that music running in the background. Would definitely watch it all day!

9Mystere9 : I'm not at home anymore, but if my mom walked in on me watching this I'd definitely switch to porn -- easier to explain.

Shelly Lyons Cline : If you plant the plants in the gravel then what is the purpose of the soil? Genuinely curious.

Chuck Schick : Really awesome 👏

Alex Gaeckle : Eric Satie fan are we?

Jimmy Stone : this showed up on my feed and for some strange reason, this felt relaxing to watch while drinking my beer lol.

Nanli : Hello random person looking at the comments 😊 That is amazing! This is my goal for my aquarium to look very natural... right now I have a better fish in a three gallon but I hope to update the setup to make a nano tank!

Fremy Gonzales : Dem shrimps having a good life lol

hello bolo : How I made it ?

arrrden : so relaxing to watch omg

Amit J : Nice inspired me to start my own tank, THANK YOU!!!

Galgamex : beautifully awesome

RAD Aquatics : Dude, 60 days in one video, way to dedicate!!!! So proud of your effort and your work. Having made the same attempt, I envy your patience level

lu845carpenter : Truly remarkable. Subscribed

Gwen Walker : I need to know (and this may have been answered) - did the dragonfly eventually mature!!!??? Beautiful tank!