Cabaret (Musicals 101): Know the Score

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Isaac Thomas : This is my absolute favorite musical. Thank you for this video, I try explaining to people how jarring this musical is and no one really pays me any attention.

Greasy hair : In my personal opinion Alan Cummings was the best Emcee or so it M.C? He was the right amount of creepy, sexy and emotional. His ending made my heart stop. When he opens that coat and his face drops....

Iris W : In the stage play version I saw, at the end the cast gathered and a gas chamber lifted from the ground, spilling out smoke and it was honestly likely one of the most horrifying things i've ever seen. the fear on their faces, the heartbroken voice of the mc and the emptiness in his face caused everyone in the theater to felt uncomfortable and desperately wanted to look away and ignore it but we couldn't and I think that was perfect for the shows message, that when everyone turned away and ignored the uprising of the nazis in the play we couldn't, we were forced to watch in horror knowing what was coming.

Jennifer Schillig : Natasha Richardson, in the revival, played that verse in the title song not as a resigned "carpe diem" moment, but as a horrified realization of her probable demise. "She was the happiest......corpse......I'd ever seen..." There are those that say (not without reason) that Liza Minnelli was actually too GOOD for the movie role. As Sally's supposed to be written, she's a mediocre talent who's deluding herself about her chances in the entertainment world and who's never going to get out of that dingy nightclub. But with a talent like Liza's, you wonder why Sally's still stuck in that fourth-rate dive when she could be headlining in Paris or New York! Jill Haworth in the original cast and Natasha Richardson in the revival are decent singers, but downplay their voices so they don't seem TOO talented.

Dem H78 : What's funny is that even though Diva never names any names, Trump supporters somehow knew it was about him. If the shoe fits.

2010Wilde : You can't help but see a connection to Trump in this. Funny enough, Americans aren't the only one dealing with the rise of evil. Down here in Australia, our Right-wing and far-Right government is doing whatever they can to pick on the innocent. Our current Prime Minster #MalcomTurnball and his cronies are trying to hinder the rights of our Aboriginal community and gay community. And our major newspapers are all Pro-Conservative pieces, and often used to belittle refugees, human rights activist and feminists. The vulnerable down here in Australia have nearly no voice whatsoever. The only media outlet that does give our outcasts a voice is the #ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) and #SBS -- and even then, our government and newspapers are trying to have those outlets shut down unless they broadcast Right wing values. We have fuckwit people like politician #PaulineHanson, ex PM #TonyAbbott and journalists like #AndrewBolt, #MirandaDevine, #PiersAckerman and #RitaPanhai (just to name a few) accussing ABC and SBS of being biased just because they're letting kids with Down's syndrome have a voice or for having a Muslim news presenter. Even though the Right have more than 20 different news programs and channels to spread their hate, they keep trying to take over anyone's else chance to have a voice. They have the nerve to say that ABC and SBS are biased and fascist, even though they do not acknowledge the plight of the Aborigines or handicap or such like (other than to demonize them) and they are the ones commiting the acts of fascism by trying to silence anyone who doesn't agree with them. It's absolutely frustrating and scary living in a country where only the able bodied white men and women are given endless attention while the rest of us do not! Every day I literally break down in tears for as I am a guy with Autism, and I have to put up with people like #Hanson or #Bolt trying to take away my only means of sharing my story and calling it how it is. I have to put up feeling like I did something wrong just because I disagree with conservative values -- the same narrow-minded values that have ruined my life since the day I was diagnosed with my condition. Everytime I pick up a newspaper and hear news of more attempts to shut down the ABC, I always get that feeling that any day now, I'll be taken away to a mental institution as punishment for not qualifying for the title of ideal Australian. That I might locked away for saying that the disabled need better treatment in Australia. I recently saw Cabaret down here in Melbourne, and it reminded me so much of where which path we might be heading to, if we keep letting idiots like #PaulineHanson stay in power, or #AndrewBolt and #RitaPanhai continue using the press to demonize our disabled people, gay people and black people. 😭😭😭 #FuckOffPaulineHanson #SackAndrewBolt #SackRitaPanhai #SackMirandaDevine #SackPiersAckerman #FuckOffTonyAbbott #LeaveABCAlone #LeaveSBSAlone #RightiesAreBullies

Edward Shore : It doesn't help that these dangerous dictators are proficient as selling themselves as "saviors of mankind", turning would believers into cult members. Excellent choice of topic, Diva.

Talisguy : To talk about an aspect of Cabaret - the film version - that isn't horrifyingly similar to certain real-world current events, the "Sally is a deconstruction of the Manic Pixie Dream Girl" observation and the comments on her last song finally put into words my thoughts on Liza Minelli's performance, why I think it's so good and why I don't agree with the people I've seen criticizing her for being "too happy/vibrant" at all. Thank you. It basically ramps up the "manic" part of the term "manic pixie dream girl" to levels that are both tragic and disturbing. She's not too happy and joyous for her situation, she's deep in denial and seems to be on the verge of a nervous breakdown during her performance of the title song, and it works beautifully.

DieHardAlien : I saw the CABARET revival with Alan Cumming and Emma Stone. It was one of the best experiences I had in my life! The songs, characters, tone, plot/story, acting/performances, score, and set design were beyond breathtaking and perfectly done, especially the second half of the show.

Godzillasaur Buttersworth : This is a wonderful review and a wonderful musical The movie itself was first brought to my attention when I was younger and trying to study my own (LGBT+) history I heard about it in the documentary The Celluloid Closet, which examined the roles on gays and lesbians in film This movie is so important Not just for people like me, but for everyone

SuperAppleSauce521 : My college is putting this show on next semester for obvious reasons.

Stefan Filipovits : Excellent choice, I love Cabaret. As you said Cabaret is truly topical given what's going on in America right now. (Especially as president elect scar and his hyenas march into the pridelands as we speak)

Terese Sanchez : I remember when I first saw this show last year on the current tour, and it really changed me. When the emcee took off his jacket in the gas chamber I just burst out in tears. Ever since then Cabaret has become one of my favorite shows and I feel everyone needs to see this show. But i do prefer the darker tones of the revival more than the film and the original production.

Marc Allan : I love cabaret it is my favourite musical of all time. I'm actually doing a production of it at my school because it affected me so much when I first saw it. And the members of the musical understand how important this musical is. This video will help a lot when I try to get the okay from the parents association. Thank you so much.

Michael Beaudoin : This is one of my favorite musicals. I have to say that I greatly prefer the stage version though..I agree with you, everyone should see this show.

Michael Palmieri : An interesting thing about the song "If You Could See Her Through My Eyes": That final lyric where the emcee sings about his gorilla girlfriend ("But if you could see her through my eyes/she wouldn't look Jewish at all") is different from the version that Joel Grey sang in the original stage production from 1966. Instead, the emcee sings "But if you could see her through my eyes/she isn't a meeskite at all." "Meeskite" is a Yiddish word that refers to someone who is ugly or funny-looking. The use of the word in the song was a sarcastic allusion to an earlier scene where Sally and her boyfriend Cliff decide to throw a party to celebrate the engagement of Cliff's landlady to Herr Schultz, a grocer. After having too much to drink, Schultz decides to sing a song called "Meeskite," which is about a Jewish boy who is absolutely ugly: "Meeskite, meeskite, Once upon a time, there was a meeskite, meeskite, Looking in the mirror, he would say 'What an awful shock; I've got a face that would stop a clock!' " The song goes on to relate how the "meeskite" (his name is never mentioned) meets a young girl named Pearl while attending Hebrew school. To his suprise, he discovers that Pearl is a bigger meeskite than he is! In fact, he even runs off to his grandfather and says "in that screechy voice of his/you told me I was the homeliest/well, Gramps, you're wrong/Pearl is... and that is the reason why/I'm going to love her until I die." So, the two meeskites get married and a year later, Pearl announces that she's going to have a baby. For nine months, she goes through her pregnancy, worrying about how her new child will look (the relatives are worried as well), but incredibly enough, the baby turns out to be "gorgeous" ("All the relatives 'ahhed' and 'oohed,'/'he ought to pose for a baby food' "). The moral of the story: "Though you're not a beauty/it is never the less quite true/there may be beautiful things in you/... Anyone responsible for loveliness large or small/ is not a meeskite at all." Because the song mentions a Yiddish word as well as a Hebrew school, it comes as a shock to some of the guests, who didn't know that Herr Schultz was a Jew. In fact, some of them are now members of the Nazi Party, including an acquaintance of Cliff, who openly wears a swastika on his arm. Apparently, "meeskite" was added to the "If You Could See Her Through My Eyes" number to emphasize that the lady gorilla in the song supposedly represents the Jews, and that the message of the tune is that if a Gentile is allowed to marry a Jew, then perhaps a human should be allowed to marry an animal. It also may represent the tragic fact that Herr Schultz's romance with his Aryan ladylove is doomed right from the start, since the Nazis will never permit marriages between Jews and non-Jews. For some reason, the "Meeskite" number was left out of the film version of "Cabaret," so the producers of the movie decided that it thus wouldn't make sense to use it in the "If You Could See Her" song, which was why the lyric was changed from "she isn't a meeskite at all" to "she wouldn't look Jewish at all." Even so, the message is the same, that the Jews are no better than apes. Significantly enough, in his book "Mein Kampf," Adolf Hitler wrote that the Aryans had to remain a "pure" race by avoiding marriages to non-Aryans, like Jews and Slavs. In this way, any children that they would have will be "images of the Lord and not monstrosities halfway between man and ape." Obviously, Hitler himself believed that non-Aryans were more akin to apes than to humans.

Falcrist : I put it to you that if this comment section doesn't scare the shit out of you, you're not paying attention. No, trump isn't going to start a genocide or overthrow the government, but he represents the part of us that falls into the trap of extreme nationalism and tribalism. He became president by playing on those themes.

The little red haired girl from across the street : I _really_ wanna see this now

peter patzig : I saw it 10 years ago in Berlin. The movie is great but live its brilliant!

monolith94 : This isn't really about the score, it's just about the theme. I was hoping you were really going to dig into the music and lyrics, as I really adore the original broadway version and mourn the loss of songs in the film version.

Will D. : forever torn between my love for "tomorrow belongs to me" and the knowledge that it's a nazi anthem

Will Lyon : Are you planning to do the new Anastasia musical for Musicals 101?

Pr0gram McSynth : Yeah, I've been thinking about Cabaret a lot the last year...

Day2DayWithMcK : Cabaret is an INCREDIBLE musical.... the movie is fair (at best) compared to the actual stage version. If fact, if the movie is all you know of this gem .... it's sad. Next time you see that it's at a live theater...RUN to see it.

Hannah Montgomery : Cabaret is one of my absolute favourite musicals! And you're so right about the history side of things. Terrifying really.

aleister crowley : 2:38 and on: "MAKE GERMANY GREAT AGAIN!" See, isn't that a great idea? It will be beautiful and powerful and yuuuuuge! Our Orange King can build great walls! Who doesn't want a job (conscription and a good war makes everybody happy!!!)?! That aside, thank you, Diva, for posting another excellent review of my all-time favorite musical. I have very mixed feelings about the film version as (like so many others) I hate the very American Liza as the very English Sally Bowles (both real and imagined Sally). I am still hoping that you'll do a review of the Kevin Kline/Cole Porter film -- Porter's songs are so very, very marvelous! I'd love to hear your take on what worked in De-Lovely and what didn't work in the film (in your demoniacal opinion). Thanks again!

Megan Milligan : Cabaret is awesome-more people in this day and age (and nation) should watch this. God, my heart breaks every time I see Alan's Emcee revealing his prison attire and his face becomes forlorn.

Pete Hill : Was this a video made to argue that Trump is a Fascist and that we must dethrone him before he even takes office?

Amelia Doubleyou : Even as a self-described musical theatre geek, CABARET remains one of those few [well known] musicals that I don't know very much about. I think it's because I was a kid when the famous 1998 Alan Cumming revival hit Broadway and therefore was kept far away from any references to it (because 'tacky' and 'hypersexualized'). Apparently the movie is way different...? Still, I can't help but wonder how many more people would be interested in the musical's depth and message but can't get past the sexual content... (I mean, seriously! the choreography alone is like...I can't believe they can show that on TV! :D)

That Ozian : I saw cabaret live and had a panic attack because of its relevance

Cure Hana : Can you do a Musical 101 on Heathers the Musical?

Blondegenius3 : I watched this video before and love it. And there is an explanation for "If you could see her"- it's satire. German cabaret was filled to the brim with political satire. Sally Bowles is the one who hid in the cabarets and partying but the cabarets of the time were very political. Even the Kit Kat Club was political too. (The MC's drag dance that becomes a lockstep march.) The last line of "If you could see her" was probably tongue-in-cheek and the whole act was talking about how German anti-Semites saw Jewish people. The anti-Semites saw the Jewish people as less than human. There were "Aryans" who loved Jewish people and it became a crime to fall in love with them. Hitler made it that way. I suggest watching "The Real Cabaret" with Alan Cumming. It's a great documentary about cabarets during the 30s in Germany- the time period in which "Cabaret" is set.

Gabriela Torrellas : Cabaret is my favorite musical ever!❤️❤️❤️ Love this review.

Jimmy Wallace : You always have the best look on musicals and I love hearing it! It always makes me feel smarter! Well said!

Tristan Horta : I just recently discovered Cabaret. Hopefully this sheds some light in some questions I had.

A. Burr : Cabaret is a really good musical. I am a german and in germany we had a huge variety of versions of that show. I saw a version once, where they changed the kitkat club into one of the cabarets that made daily shows against the nazis. German directors change the play to the cabaret History of the town the show is staged. And that's also why the show is so good.

Jose Pablo Martinez-Rendon : Yes!!! Thanks so much for doing this!!!!

Mbunnyj : How about a "Know The Score" for Carrie The Musical? Even if you can't see it live, the soundtrack is up on youtube, and it's TOTALLY worth the listen!

Ariella Kahan-Harth : Amazing video. I saw the movie about three years ago and it confused me. I'll probably give it a rewatch.

Michael Beaudoin : So weird! I just randomly watched this movie on Sunday night and then you posted this video!

Kevin R.M. Richardson, ALP : "It shows how easy it is to dismiss those who have been designated as 'the other.'" Look in that mirror hanging at the back of the stage, Diva. It's reflecting you, seated front row, center.

As Always : Great choice Diva, I understand your concerns as well, but remember that we have checks and balances; Trump doesn't hold the power over the legislative and judicial branches. He can piss and moan to the press and protesters all he wants and rant and rave hate speech, but he will never have absolute rule to bend everyone to his whim the way Hitler did, and if he doesn't come to grips with that notion, it's gonna be a long four years for HIM.

crystal deer : Is there a way i could watch cabaret the musical? Preferably the one that Barrett Wilbert Weed starred in.

Susan Sweet : Sadly, history IS repeating itself today in America and I'm reminded of this pivotal moment in this film.

ShanteYouStay : I've never watched one of these Know the Score vids. Usually it's just Musical He'll vids. This was Terrific! Super informative and really thought provoking.

F13at Cat : How utterly terrifyingly relevant this is.

G Rodriguez : I have this movie on my bucket list, so I'll watch it, but first I'll need some comfort to help sit through it, and some tissues, but it'll be worth it!

Taylor Bunot : I have an audition for this tomorrow. I'm so excited. and so nervous.

Aaron Mathey : Great Video!!

MrCarter0975 : I have just bought tickets to the engagement of Cabaret that is going to be at the Fabulous Fox theater in Saint Louis on March 12.  I lucked out and got front row tickets.  A whole lot better seats than when I went to see Hedwig and the Angry Inch at the Peabody Opear House a couple of weeks ago.  Everybody in my section had to lean forward to see over the mezzanine edge to see what Hedwig was doing out in the audience during the song "Sugar Daddy".