How to make an Escape Room Puzzle

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I Like To Make Stuff : Yes, I said "LCD" instead of "LED". My bad. Any of the pieces would work in any of the locations (but the players don't know that). Regardless, all 4 locations have to be found to win.

Bob de Bouwer : That’s amazing dude! Keep it up!👍🏻

tim sway : Super cool, Bob!

Александр ForestLamp : hat’s amazing dude! Keep it up!

Marcus McFadden : I came over here from Grant Thompson. Lol you posted at the same time! 😂

mrman991 : This is how sponsorship should be done, awesome job :)

famitory : concept: a maker-centric escape room. the puzzles are all incomplete mechanisms and to solve the room, you have to build the rest of the mechanism using the parts and tools in the room

Rowdy Penguin : Bob. Dude. You just earned MAJOR cool points with this one. [like you needed more!] Very cool stuff. <(")

Frank22 : *clever bob*

Crazilajimpers : Blessed like my nut!

John Made it : for Christmas i don't like to give my kids all their presents all at once (they don't appreciate them) so i was thinking to make some puzzles/maps/clues where they would find the answer to open a box and get their present.. this video has given me some ideas how to do it. Thanks

akshat garg : Wife: Hey bob, do you remember when I sacrificed my favourite globe to help you with your lifelong dream of making YouTube videos? Bob: Yes honey, it was 4 hours ago. And I thought it was spare. Wife: No it was my favourite. Irreparable and irreplaceable. Bob: What can I do to make it up? Wife: Globe sized diamond. As a start. Next video : Hi I'm bob. And I like to mine.

JD Armory : Hey bob, do you remember me from the maker fair? I also have a cool DIY Channel

sean liang : You and Grant posted video at the same time

mine slime : You should add more metal on the inside, so the player can't figure it out that simple by sliding the magnet above the surface of the globe.

Serrasongs76 : I really do enjoy your videos I just think you speak too fast. I know that you want to make them a certain length but sometimes it's overwhelming to listen to, maybe just slow down a bit

Celeste Orchid : I just found you through Grant's and Lowe's videos. I'm totes now a subscriber! <3 Much love to a fellow DIYer <3

ClexxxOfficial : I am be the asshole who'd ruin the game by simply placing the magnets all over the globe until it attaches somewhere.

ivraalia : This is awesome! The circuit board stuff blew my mind. Would it be a bad idea to add more washers and/or magnets inside to not only balance the globe, but also allow there to be more locations on the globe which could be incorrect to the puzzle. Just a thought.

Kostis Sotiriou : Hey Bob! This project was very good! Can you make more projects like this and cooperate with "Grant Thomson - The King of Random " to make more a super cool escape room? Please like if you agree with this fantastic idea.!

Yuki Ross : That's cool but wouldn't the different objects work in the wrong location? Since at the end of the day you're just putting magnets on washers. Is there a way you could make the triggers object specific?

The Wood Lab : That... is super cool. - Jim

Bruno Guedes : What happened to your spray-paint booth? Have you yet to unpack it? If memory serves, it's the second video in your new home in which you've spray-painted something out in the "open". Regardless, cool project!

Gustav & Hilda Holmström : To be honest, we're only here for the wobbly eyed soldering station.

Cas_ TV : Really usefull!👍

Oskar F. Mcfab : Are you going to make more puzles?

MrMartiniMo : Nice Work! You can add some springs behind the drawer, so the drawer popps out automatically.That would be a nice effect. :)

Dale Hawkins : Consider adding felt to the pieces so they don't rub on the globe and give away the locations over time.

Hirschl Hirschl : Really cool idea! It always puts a smile on my face when you upload a new video :)

martin van Wezel : Realy cool. It makes for a great surprise gift packaging too...

drippingwax : Now you can make a horse! :)

CTY JHU : Ahh...The blue tape. Appears in every video innit?

Jelle Swaanen : It is a LED display, not a LCD display.

theMoporter : King of Random? No thanks, he's creepy

aaron c : Bob - what would stop people from just finding the places where the magnets would stick?  Would it be a good idea to put false locations in the globe?

Jaimin Nelson : Please make a full escape room!!!!

Rohit Nair : Hey Bob the project is awesome..great work..i had a doubt though,do i have to use the same 7 segment display that you have used with the arduino or any 7 segment display would work?

Max Chan : can you make something that can hang your snowboard plz

XANDER MIGHT : Soooooooo.....your the new jigsaw?

BlueSnake : You have 1.649.558 subscribers, but this video has 310.148 views, and it has 10K likes (can’t see how much exactly) and it has 112 dislikes, your doing great, but how do you have just 310.148 views, while having 1.649.558 subscribers, please explain to me how that is possible, YOU ARE JUST SO GREAT MAKING STUFF AND YOU ONLY GET 310.148 VIEWS?!?!?!?!? AND ONLY 1.649.558 SUBSCRIBERS?!?!?!?!? THIS CAN BE MORE, so imma share this video and your channel over 1000 times so you get more subs and more views, keep up the great work Bob, your amazing

Sean Sucks at Guitar : Oh hey I have that globe

MrSoftwizard : Great project!

GoMEY D0GE : cheap globe tho

Httjoeyy : Very creative but too much effort

GamingToTheMAX : Make a whole escape room with grant Thompson plz

SpaccAlberi The Spaccatoris III : het

dyrgewolf : You could have hidden the arduino and battery in the base behind the draw so it was more accessible without having to take the globe apart and used a slip ring in the base of the globe at the mount point to run the wires up to the reed switches in the globe. This would also allow for using a plug instead of a battery for power and should mostly solve the balance issue.

FishMiester : Bro is this ur job?

Henrik Bartsch : Would it be possible to use small RFID sensors instead of magnetic switches? Then the thing would only open when the right object is in the right position.

Enigma : Video Idea: How to make a bluetooth speaker...