I count six shots scene django unchained

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Xylarxcode : The exploding mansion was so impressed with Django and his coolness, it refused to land any of its fiery debris on top of him. Seriously, look at that. It falls everywhere, except for where he's standing. The house refused to harm Django, because he was just too damn cool.

Nit Picker : Django killed Sam Jackson but Sam Jackson killed Jango.

blacc beard : Django the bounty hunter kills Sam Jackson's character in this move. But in Star Wars Sam Jackson's character kills the bounty hunter named Jango. Mind blown.

Xev : I wish the Braithewaite plantation blew up like this.

John Greene : I like how Steven drops his cane and stops limping. He was playing the part of a cripple for the white folks all those years.

BITCH SLAP : Django was taken to the Candy Shop. But he refused to lick the lollypop.

Eldritch Augur : Samuel L. Jackson steals this entire movie. His character has so much hidden depth and cunning that I didn't even know it the first few times I watched it. Seriously, that moment when he throws down his cane and stands up straight, I didn't even notice that until maybe my 5th viewing. But think about that! He's been faking a limp for god knows how long probably to get out of field work and to get sympathy points from the white folk he's spend an entire life manipulating. I love how in the library scene, he actually sits in the Master's chair and schools Calvin. The way he acts around white folk, and the way he acts in private show his two-faced manipulative qualities. It's very clear whose in charge in this movie and it's Steven. I think people give Dicaprio too much credit. He was damn good in this movie for sure. The Dinner scene is amazingly tense. but Sam Jackson pulled off the most diabolical, cunning, and complex character Tarantino has ever written. He should have been up for the oscar, not Dicaprio.

ND7652 : I see the reason why Spike Lee didn't like this movie . He wasn't the DIRECTOR !!!

David Liao : The face at the end is definitely a new meme.

alamrisa : Sam L. Jackson is the only one who can make a death scene hilarious

Bob : Do people really not get that Stephen was the real mastermind who was the one that ran the plantation and not an actual uncle tom?

shad0w8 : So Sam Jackson was basically Uncle Ruckus (no relation)

Captain Obvious : It's rather fitting that the end "boss character" wasn't Candy or any other white man.... but a black. I think Tarantino did this on purpose. After all, it was black men like Steven who sold slaves to whites in the first place. Steven is more than just an uncle tom in this movie, he is the "symbol" of the slave trade and how fucked up it really was.

Son Arata : "i count six shots" Me: "BUSTIN OUT THE BANDO!!!!"


SpinTic : Ok, anybody else notice Steven drops his cane and walks perfectly fine? Was he faking this whole time?

ChronoBreaker : Who says cool guys don't look at explosions

John Taylor : 1:09 - Best prayer ever!

Bruningable : Bud Spencer, Terence Hill - Trinity music at the end. Like it!

Skittles : "uuuuh quentin tarantino is so overrated" how can anyone say that after watching a scene like this?

MystikWizard : I wrestle definitively on whether Stephen was the actual main antagonist of the film.   He was clearly shown to be the master manipulator and the main behind Calvin.  Not only is his ability at perception far above his master's, as he alerted Calvin that Schultz and Django were really after Broomhilda, but he also showed he manipulated Calvin's sister into sending Django away to the mining company. This scene where he did away with the cane and stood up straight with no difficulty also showed his appearance throughout the entire movie was nothing more than an act, and he was far more physically imposing than met the eye. Everything about Stephen reeks of deception.  Major pop for his character.  Another brilliant Tarantino creation.

Wolf Mask : I love how he does a troll face at the end

GeneralZoot : Man I remember when I was watching this in the theatre and everyone saw Sam stand upright and unveil the real Steven. Everyone was amped up thinking it was going to be some sort of mad video game style boss fight.

Interestingenough4 : I liked how Tarantino carried this scene out and subverted boss villain cliches. The most evil, cunning, and dangerous villain of the entire film was the one everyone least expected, an old black slave who mostly just quietly stood around in the background. By playing up to stereotypes about slaves and perfectly fitting into the system of slavery, he was able to effectively run the plantation and gain extreme power over the lives of thousands of slaves, and even indirectly over whites. Stephen was probably the one man who most directly made Calvin the way he was, since he was in the household even before Calvin's birth, and shown by how Calvin treats Stephen with a ton of respect and care (and by how much Stephen mourned for Calvin).

mshara1 : Jamie Foxx - Catcher Freeman Samuel Jackson - Uncle Ruckus

gp5 : I feel like Stephen is about to say something about Capital One at some point.

Ct-5808 Woods : Red Dead Redemption 2 looks great

Lewis C : When stephen throws away his cane and drops his fake-walk. LOL.

Harwick : Me when I blow up Megaton.

Alex Braunberger : Stephen was wrong about another thing, Django doesn't have to kill all the white folks. As long as there are good ones like Schultz, Django and Broomhilda can always find a friend. It would be awesome if Tarantino did a movie of Django in the Civil War.

Ike Brofloski : This scene reminds me of if Uncle Ruckus gets shot down by Robert from the boondocks.

ladistar : Stephen is the biggest Uncle Tom ever

jdolaktv : Star Wars Episode 6.5: Jango escapes the Sarlaac, appears in the Old South, proceeds to kill the dude who looks like Mace Windu.

Paragrin Took : Loving the Jamie Fox trollface at the end

SpyMonkey3D : Uncle Ruckus got killed.

satmtcak : Best Samuel L Jackson death i've seen

akuffo96 : Everyone arguing over race and shit but no one notices the fact that a couple sticks of dynamite blew up the entire house in a grossly disproportionate explosion...

Chester Fox : I love how Django wears Candie's outfit.

X : 2:00-2:25: And they said cool guys don't look at explosions.

Chance Brewer : You watch the movie expecting an epic fight scene when Stephan stands straight and says "I count Six shots"....Then Django pulls out a second gun and you realize "This is gonna be a friggin' turkey shoot."

Creative : "They gon find yo AAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSS DJANGGOOOO!!!!!"

quiksilverlad : The whole movie worth it just for @2:25

Hartm-the-man : Steven was the best part of the film.  I hated him.  Jackson did an outstanding job.

the bear jew : I don't need no gun.

Alter : One of the greatest ends of aaalll time.

Luan Vo : Samuel Jackson should have gotten the oscar for his performance.  It was mesmerizing.  Better than Christophe Waltz. 

Joe Cavanagh : kerry hot asf

Tom Islava : If you thought that cool guys DON'T look at explosions, look again..

DMChumble : I love that grin Django has when he blows everything all to hell. 

Brandi Crans : I like when Django suddenly shoots Stephen in the kneecaps while he's casually talking to him. This seems like a small reference to Aldo Raine randomly shooting Hermann as he's talking to Landa in Inglourious Basterds, and when Jules shoots the kid on the couch while he's talking to Brett in Pulp Fiction. Anyone else get what I'm saying here?