Puffer Fish Creates This Blue Water Art ~: }

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Mariana Olmos González : when a fish draws better than you :`v

kishor kumar : the things men do to get laid

Suhaila Al : Watched this episode on Netflix documentaries and the fish attracted a female and after the "deed" she laid eggs in the center of the artwork

Kermit the Frog : He is so cute i would cry if he doesn't get a lady ☹

S.C. Wood : Men have been using art to seduce women for millenia.

Akshay Suryawanshi : Pufferfish is a picasso of sea.

The Last Knight : but... did he get laid?

Hawk man : Leonardo da vinfish

Mari Azule : This puffer fish beats architects😂😂

FTB Vietnam : 0:25 just look at his face :3

Saitama destroy all dbs characters : I wish i can be creative like this fish btw this fish canbuild a building and its possible that this fish is smarter than humas

Blue Man 4 : He's a good boy

M Lomeli : Why would anyone thumbs-down this?

Chanel Grace Magalong : When u got high grades and can't wait to show yo mom 0:25

Churned YT : He knows how to spice it up with the ladies. 😏 😂

SASSY JAZZY : The perfect fish doesnt exi-

Alana Mechanick : he made a sun

Magic : His face xD

Ian Caruana : The true beauty of nature

Perpetual Student : This is simply fascinating.

Alisha E. : Now that’s romantic.

Hariz Musada : He's smarter than me

Flick Calhoon : Amazing !

Laz Valdes : amazing, some how he knew within the knowledge to do this. Shared, :)

Philip Cheung : 2:10: I call it, Bold and Brash!

fluffy kitty : Underwater cropcircles

eileen MAIZE Carey : This is EXACTLY why Nature should be held as the PRECIOUS GIFT IT IS!!! Instead of taking it for granted & disrespecting it....

Rehmat Shaikh : mashallha soo sweet beautiful lovely fish

Hot Ice : His face is so cute I want it!!!😫

VisualTrance Delight2017 : 25 people don't like art!

Au Tale : This is so cute That's why nature are so beautiful

RAMEN-FUNERAL :- : I remember when we first saw this the first thing we thought was ALIENS! then we found out about the pufferfish .

O. P. : Bob Ross was a puffer fish!!

Carlos Novo : Biology is wounderfull

dian : And that's what you called dedication


Manu sparky : Which dumbasses disliked this video..it is such a great creation

Biep : evolution is beautiful.

Smol Fluff : awe what a talented boy

blooming roses : Damn that dog has a good training

Igi Vup : I disagree with Attenborough, "no where else in nature does an animal construct something as complex and perfect as this". The great termite mounds of Africa or maybe the underground metropolis of the leaf cutter ant. It does go to show the monumental lengths that males will go to find mate.

Wade Higgins : And he did this hands free

Darin- USMC B- 85-93 : Extraordinary! His symmetry on this masterpiece is impeccable! Not much else to say but Amazing!

bayintnaung : That is the smartest pufferfish i have vever seen and i love pufferfish wow so Cute!!😀😀😀

jupitar ohoho : are you kidding me...oh my god....

Katy Yang : He is so derpy

Wolfie animates : He did this just for a girl

Kamy Kelly Marrakshiya In London : "If this doesn't get him laid....nothing will.."

Jerick Ohjiro Yun : this fish can make perfect pattern and circle than me 😔😔

norman s : Michaelangelo dafishy