Puffer Fish Creates This Blue Water Art ~: }

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Akshay Suryawanshi : Pufferfish is a picasso of sea.

Mari Azule : This puffer fish beats architects😂😂

IMVU Models : He is so cute i would cry if he doesn't get a lady ☹

Flick Calhoon : Amazing !

S.C. Wood : Men have been using art to seduce women for millenia.

Churned YT : He knows how to spice it up with the ladies. 😏 😂

Suhaila Al : Watched this episode on Netflix documentaries and the fish attracted a female and after the "deed" she laid eggs in the center of the artwork

Saitama destroy all dbs characters : I wish i can be creative like this fish btw this fish canbuild a building and its possible that this fish is smarter than humas

Mariana Olmos González : when a fish draws better than you :`v

FTB Vietnam : 0:25 just look at his face :3

Laz Valdes : amazing, some how he knew within the knowledge to do this. Shared, :)

Alana Mechanick : he made a sun

Philip Cheung : 2:10: I call it, Bold and Brash!

M Lomeli : Why would anyone thumbs-down this?

Perpetual Student : This is simply fascinating.

Blue Man 4 : He's a good boy

kishor kumar : the things men do to get laid

Magic : His face xD

Romy Romy : Leonardo da vinfish

The Last Knight : but... did he get laid?

blooming roses : Damn that dog has a good training

Carlos Novo : Biology is wounderfull

Chanel Grace Magalong : When u got high grades and can't wait to show yo mom 0:25

VisualTrance Delight2017 : 25 people don't like art!

Hariz Musada : He's smarter than me

Wade Higgins : And he did this hands free

fluffy kitty : Underwater cropcircles

Ian Caruana : The true beauty of nature

Rehmat Shaikh : mashallha soo sweet beautiful lovely fish

Maddes Melodi : Stunning!! 😍 Wow.... ❤️

Alisha E. : Now that’s romantic.

Katy Yang : He is so derpy

Janak Poon : Wow wow amazing 😨😨😨😨😨😨😨

SASSY JAZZY : The perfect fish doesnt exi-

Au Tale : This is so cute That's why nature are so beautiful

Arleigh Valerio : Thats so cool :)

hal al : God is great.

RAMEN-FUNERAL :- : I remember when we first saw this the first thing we thought was ALIENS! then we found out about the pufferfish .

Peachy Senpai : 52 people are mad that a fish has better art than them

Manu sparky : Which dumbasses disliked this video..it is such a great creation

Biep : evolution is beautiful.

norman s : Michaelangelo dafishy

Venkat Narayana : it's nice😍

Sergej Nadaždin : 0:25 dat face tho

Seniorito Jericko : this fish can make perfect pattern and circle than me 😔😔

Michael organo : Soo cool


jupitar ohoho : are you kidding me...oh my god....

O. P. : Bob Ross was a puffer fish!!

pankaj wasnik : Incredible