Interior Tour of Notre Dame Catherdral

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SUBSCRIBE: - Inside Notre Dame, Paris, France. Notre-Dame de Paris, also known as Notre-Dame Cathedral or simply Notre-Dame, is a medieval Catholic cathedral on the Île de la Cité in the fourth arrondissement of Paris, France. The cathedral is widely considered to be one of the finest examples of French Gothic architecture, and it is among the largest and most well-known church buildings in the world. The naturalism of its sculptures and stained glass are in contrast with earlier Romanesque architecture. Vic Stefanu,


Patrick Martin : So very sad to see this iconic piece of history going up in flames

Gupta ji ka Beta : It will be rebuild once again, God is great Love & blessing from India

Tah Trah : It's on fire right now I hope and pray they can save this beautiful piece of history.

Greg55Gaming : And now it's on fire..

Sarah Martin : I am weeping for the French people. What a terrible loss for them and the whole world. It was truly a beautiful place.

MrSupersonic84 : I'll never forget the first time I walked inside Notre-Dame. It took my breath away and made me feel at peace. It's a special place and all my thoughts and prayers are with Parisians tonight. Sending love from the UK xxx

lootbattles : I can't imagine what is happening to this beautiful interior right now during this horrible fire

Irza Liando : I'm not a Christian, but this is beautiful and majestic.

Meme Machine : When they rebuild it, let's hope they build it exactly how it was, and they don't ruin it with their 'modern' architecture

Isaiah Conklin : Today will go down in history as one of the saddest days in Christianity. April 15, 2019

Just a gal : PRAY FOR PARIS😞

marter2006 : My heart aches for the tragedy the French have had to endure today due to the fire of the cathedral. When I first heard, saw this on the news, my heart dropped.

Smuh : A big loss for humanity. A part of our history chipped.

Ermin Habibovic : Masterpiece of Art has been destroyed. So sad for mankind that this happened. :(

อติรุจ : Thank God for video. I'll never get to see the real thing

MrSpansell : Had to look this up and see it. This was on my bucket list and a sad day for the world. Payers from central US.

antje tautkus : .....100million on way already to rebuild the big damages....on ...Notre Dame cathedral....👍👀i hope to see it all restored one day 👍👀👀👀👀 Thnks to 500fire fighters.......👍 The blaze did stop in front of the amazing ALTAR. ....👍.... Thnks again Vic for your beautiful video taken before the fire hit this world icon....................❤🌏

ElionBio : R.I.P Notre Dame 1160-2019 ♥️✝️

Seferino : Napoleon was crowned in there.

BonVile : Poland cries :(

Victor PONCE : Breathtaking views of the cathedral Vic. They way u filmed it put me right inside-i could smell the incense during service. Awesome. B looking 4 more of ur adventures sir. Take care🗺

Ingrid Calderon : So beautiful like a dream and same church like movie and novel too The Hunchback of Notre Dame by Victor Hugo.

Ismail Daimari : Praise the Lord Amen. Love you from India. Let us worship the Lord in spite of some negative thoughts & comments....

Ascalon Crusader : Vic! Funny how I was watching your other videos today unrelated to Notre Dame, This is so sad its gone. Thanks for documenting this man!

MemyselfandI : This video brought me to tears. What a tragedy to lose our beautiful Notre Dame, and during Holy Week no less.

Adrian Huerta : una parte de la historia consumida por el fuego que triste.

rahamu90 : RIP Notre Dame... It's an end of the era

David : Sad its burning now....

Ole Børgesen : It's almost a miracle - the crown of Jesus HAS been saved for the fire!

Conny Bartels : I hope this historic place will be rebuild in its glory with the help of individuals, religious and not religious people, by the Catholic Church(rich enough). It’s more than a holy place or church. It’s history!!

Optimus Prime 478 : Wow. What a beauty! ⛪💒

James Cook : RIP such a beautiful place. I hope they rebuild it!

Sąsiadka Nancy : I die with this place

Etherek : tfw never gonna watch it myself

Steve Begey : I am truly sorry to hear and see the burning of this magnificent historical cathedral. So much history lost. I believe even in these early hours that it will be determined mans fault.

MysteriousSelection9 : Now it’s gone 😭😭😭😭😭

Sherry Wallace : Beautiful so sad ,my heart break's to see it gone now thank you Vic.........

timowthie : Man I thought you predicted the fire.

Popenator 7 : What is that what they are "singing"? Sound's good. It a shame.. Not many this magnitude and old building's left. When builded, this was truly a masterpiece of building and engineer back in the day. It's allmost mind blowing to think if we lived in 1300, what kind of world it was. Facinating!

omgitsmenathan kelly : yo the spire came down rip

Louielamson2000 Tran Nguyen : Unfortunately, is sadness day and heartbreaking for Notre-Dame de Paris and the French people in April 15, 2019. Actually, Notre Dame de Paris is Symbolism 'a God House' of Europe continent and worldwide, had survived for almost nine hundred years.

Totally Baffled : I’ve dreamed of going there since I was young.

Manami Okuda : Amazing architecture!!

amangogna68 : We must rebuilt this beautiful Cathedral. 😢

Chuck Roelofs : Such a tragic loss of such a beautiful place

Jurassic Fan : Well, at least the bells survived the fire 🔔

antje tautkus : Thnks for your beautiful video................... A very sad day for Paris today ............:( The symbol of Paris burning......... NOTRE DAME CATHEDRAL. .....still on fire:(....... 850yrs old building ....................a Icon what has survived sooo much...........where will be now the great upcoming Easter .... Ceromoy's................... ..............................a very difficult time for Catholic believers ....:( What a loss of ARTWORKS too!.............:( 🌏

Erika Grant : RIP Notre Dame :'(

Dominic Rivi : What is the background music called