Whoever is running the official Kitchen Nightmares channel is a genius

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Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Chef Mike will return.


Cat : this account is probably run by chef Mike's vengeful spirit

Rhythm Of The Knight : I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

Bread Latte : The man who made this deserves an Oscar

FunForSameer : What if Gordon Ramsay is running the account

Roel van der Burgt : Gordon has noticed the memeability of his show and is going all out.

Blaze : First degree murder charge incoming

Shaggy At 10% Power : This is so sad Microwave, beep Despacito

HANZ RYAN : The person who disliked this vid is chef Mike cuz he angry he didn't go to Nino's

Alvin Widjaja : Beep to pay respect...

Thúlio Noslen : He attac He protec But most important He beeped his last Goodnight sweet prince 😢

Lipe Kit Rinehart : WHOS managing this youtube account ?! My god , you deserve a raise , paid vacations , and Chef Mike

Leighton Rocheleau : *Sobbing* he’s going up to the big microwave in the sky😢🤧

Izzy GS : Mike: *exists* people: *throw it out a window* Mike: Am I joke to you?

Michael Borja : I can't stop watching this. We need a microwave emoji in honor of him. Rest in pieces chef Mike.

Beymaster7 : Top 10 saddest deaths in the MCU

Molly Quinn Gibney : I was having a perfectly normal day, and now here I am grieving the death of chef mike

East sider : A skilled chef with his own cooking technique

That Person : I hate Gordon now... Chef Mike had a family... *A FAMILY*. Mike's life matters! #mikelifesmatters

Alex Tutorials : This channel is becoming a meme now i love it!

xTechFusion20x : This 👏 Is 👏 So 👏 Sad RIP Chef Mike

Michael Borja : This. Is. Everything. RIP Chef Mike

lahmonzalovania : its unlisted and the annotation seems to appear right before the video ends, making this a mystery video

Shawn The Sheep : But... It was young... It had so much to live... YOU... MONSTER...

Cap. Adam : It seems that the head chef is trying to laugh, but he is actually pretty sad.

Milkotae : Revenge of Chef Mike I — Coming to cinemas 21/12/LAMB.

Jeff B : My left eye twitches a little bit every time I see comic sans. This video gave me a seizure

Happy Coin Vending : 😂best video on this channel

Xavier Gonzalez : Mike: "I'LL WORK HARDER I SWEAR" Gordo: *Throws Chef Mike out the window.

Dog : On this tragic day, a fellow microwave lost its life. May we have a moment of silence... Beep beep beep beep beep BEEP (boom)

Talha Islam : Top 10 saddest anime betrayals

HyouMix ! : "The street is cold dawg, just like it said in the book, we are cursed and blessed" - Big Smoke

Sean : That's it, I'm crying

baesic : *Cries Beeping*

trinsicity : All around me are familiar faces...

Rakenmaru : It's so dark.. and cold.. Really touched me 😆💙

Mochaa Frapp : **hello darkness my old friend intensifies**

Hudheifa Muhammed : Well, I hope Chef Mike's family got compensation

Lashor : Who the hell is making these videos and running this channel 😂

Zegop Mcer : The description lmao

King Bibi : Chef Mike didn't deserve this, he couldn't help himself. Beep on my friend

The Tsar Of Salt : I'll never forget that famous saying posted on this very channel not very long ago...."Beep." A true legend, he always knew how to overcook certain spots of my food in all the right ways....he will be truly missed. Rest In Beeps Mike

Hercados P. : the description is just as great

Tinker Tom : [sad beep]

Lazy harp Spheal : Why am I crying about a microwave

Дмитрий Чернавин : RIP Mike... I hope that microwave heaven got you well.

John Winchester : I feel like memes will become a part of everything in the next 10 years or so.

smeuye112 : Gordo 🤣 my god, I'm crying

Énis Samiri : This channel along with The Office are pure gold!

TheCring3 L0rd : his last words.... "Beep"