Rave on Genosia | Robot Chicken | Adult Swim

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sub-zero : *Geonosis

gamemaster613 : I can't help but think Ewan McGregor did this on set.

Gyarretto7 : Ah, Jedi Master Rave. The most energetic and skilled Jedi in the art of dance.

Series Consideration : The Special Editions get worse with every release.

The World I Know : A long time ago in a galaxy far far away...there was still MDMA

takeshiC1 : I don't remember this from the movie...

DanFilmsLtd. : "It's so dense, every single image has so many things going on".

jmiester25 : Robot Chicken helps me enjoy the Prequels. That's pretty sad.

ImmaPopo : When Your High On Meth While Fighting On Geonosia.

Delta40 : That is historically accurate you know.

TooCooFoYou : They should add this in the 30th anniversary special.

Larry-three : That Droideka on the left just blew up for no reason.

GenkiTim3000 : That's the 'new' Star Wars in a nut shell.

System509 : I think the Jedi on the left is trying to swat a fly

Kaljath Panthermage : Why couldn't Mace Windu cut that guy's head off?

Bewb Luver : I think this was about the 30th time I saw this video. I started laughing even before I clicked play... Still gets me. Every time.

MarkGhost Productions : can I get an extended version please? :3

Anthony Murano : That was me walking into the theatre the other day to see Rogue One. :D

Majyxs : It's so dense...

JimmyG : duh duh doodalu duh duh doodalu This is going to be stuck in my head all day. :D

TheJuiceMixer : it's so dense.

Darth Rave : Why was this on my recommended list

Jacob Brown : Robot Chicken you make me so happy

I love Rykeem Doggy Dogg : LMFAO i just searched glow stick and this pop up

Ender : *Geonosis

Sparda Kurkov : wait a minute! if this is genosia, then where are all the mutants?!

SevenTHthunDEr90 : I was looking up people raving until I came across this. LOL made my day.

kralalrulz : Probably my favorite skit from the show

Ksgamer103 : Droid on the left side is using a DC15 lol

Joseph Sanchez : when the dude showed up and did the impersonation, I was like "better than prequels"

FuriousAdawg : Look at my picture YouTube profile :p

Andrew Salinas : Lmao I guess it's because i thought the jedi arena battle with 100s going at it was so awesome to actually get the rave idea from it... I guess obi-wan did pick up some death sticks from that dealer

Alex Ho : God damn it Sleevo, those ain't the Deathsticks I was talking about!

MrZics : Exactly as I remember it

The CC : XD OMG!!! where were he in the original!!! LOL he is awesome!!!

Daniel Tentori : 0:33 HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !!!!!!

ATLAS : i love watching the battle droids in this short, the only movement they do is swinging there arms up and down. XD

combatantlife : this basically sums up all lightsaber battles ever in media.

Asha : This really appeals to me and I don't know why

Sierra Perkins : "Genosia" isn't it Geonosis ?

Zoom Loo : At least someone's getting something out of this battle

Oraizan Era : Geonosis*

Levitated WaffleLord : This is why I can't be a Jedi. APPARENTLY Geonosis was NOT the part of the Party System

revache78 : I heared it somewhere where during the battle of genosis, one of the clones discovered meth and weed, and turned up into battle hald naked, weaking a cat with a hat hat and waving two rave rods. he some how survived that battle but was never caught...

Zach M. : It's...Geonosis...Geonosis is the planet. I'm sorry, I know it's all for jokes but I just...I CAN'T LET IT SLIDE, MAN, I JUST CAN'T!

Milk : Is it just me or am I the only one that realizes the title says geonosia and not geonosis


Cdt 353 : Next time on Star Wars the chicken awakens

Marble Pie : pretending to be a jedi be like

Downzy2019 : LMAO!