Conquering Clear Glass

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Cody'sLab : Now we need a liquid tin bath.

The Rocket Nerd : “This is very basic. Let’s go get some pumpkin spice latte” I’m dying lmaoooooooo EDIT: I hope you realize he says this in the video. I didn’t make it

Xx_pro_minecraft_gamer_420_Xx : should've just smelt a stack of sand smh

Micah Philson : *YOU FINALLY CONQUERED IT!!!* The White Whale has finally been vanquished!

P F : That’s some sexy hair right there

Cholula Hot Sauce : I don’t think anyone understands perseverance quite like you and the rest of HTME team. Congratulations!

Mohammed Hamza : 15:05 this is the best flex I've ever seen on my time on YouTube

John Dough : 9:34, your dog wanted nothing to do with your fire

Toya Todoroki : Barber: *"How would you like your hair to be today?"* Boron Guy: *"Ever seen a chicken that went into a washing machine and got cleaned with borax soap to then be dried with a hair dryer"* Barber: *"I got you!"* 4:00

Pedro Rimoli : That man’s hair, thats harder to achieve than clear glass

Kaitan : Many years ago i was in a "Glashütte". Baically a German Glass producer. they explained us there that to get rid of of the greenish tone from the Iron impurities they add "braunstein" which is, if my School chemistry doesnt fail me, Mangandioxid. While Iron is the yellowish green tone Mangandioxid will make it violett. Both are complementary colours so you end up with gray clear glass. Thats what they at least explained to us. But seeing as you mentioned making soap you propably knew that the Mangandioxid is know as "Glasmacherseife", Glas maker soap.

Via : I love this rock expert, it’s so refreshing to watch such enthusiasm

Helike Long : Man, I got weirdly happy to see you finally nailed it! I'm really proud to see how far you got in so little time and very proud to say I followed and supported since the beginning <3 Keep up with that incredible work you are doing, you're amazing and I'm a big fan <3

Kurt Boczarski : Glass floats on molten tin... that how they use to make flat glass panes

Mihai Vlad : I don't see enough comments about the Boron Guy's hair

Connor Visser : Okay so hear me out Andy, you should try a new set of rules where you unlock items for example, since you successfully made clear glass, in the next project you can just buy it instead of having to resource everything and increase the difficulty of the next step?

Sea Salt : *Just use the Minecraft recipe lmao*

Simba : The greenish color is due to iron impurities, which might be contained in your starting material. Or it is is just due to the multiple purings on steel plates.

Successful Slav : whats the big deal? just smelt some sand in a furnace and there you go, glass as easy as getting iron ingots

SPartist : Awesome, I know it was a struggle, I remember that original glass video and how much you guys struggled with it, glad you finally got it to work.

nonamelikethis : "We are very basic. Lets go get a pumpkin spice latte." Dude im freaking dead 😂

Davy McCarty : Who came to the comments to see someone talking bout his haircut...

CoolbreezeFromSteam : That boron guy's hair looks like he had the greaser hair from the 50s, and just tried to keep it going as his hairline receded.

matt long : Hi Andy, I really enjoyed the video. It's amazing to see how far you've come. Have you considered washing your sand with hot HCl to remove any trace iron impurities? When you dissolved your roasted sand/NaOH mixture and filtered out the insolubles, the color was reddish brown. To me, that suggests there were Fe(III) ions in solution. If you were to wash your sand in HCL with your sep funnel (followed by washing steps with distilled water) a few times before the roasting step, I bet you could greatly reduce the iron impurities. Anyways good luck.

Ali Mota : But Can we cast Obsidian ??

Ishtiaq Chowdhury : 3:04 Andy's a villager

Space duck : This man never gives up. What a boss

Volt 56 the second time : If you get to aluminum there is boxite Arkansas for aluminum Boxite is unrefined aluminum You should check out the Flying Fortress monument

rasmus9311 : haha the glass in front of the camera was a very nice touch

Ataris : I can't stop looking at that man's hair. It looks like something from a tv show, but I just can't place it.

sexy korean girl : u can just steal these stuff

leah netzer : You are my hero! Your curiosity, perseverance, unpretentiousness, should be used as a model for teaching around the world! Keep it up! Next: make penicillin from scratch!!

DEEMAN : Aliens.

Jake MacTosh : What. Is. That. Hair?!

Richard Head : *_Clearly_*_ you've broken the glass ceiling of DIY technology._

Awgolas : I watched your first glasses video when it came out and my heart skipped when I saw the title "conquering clear glass". That is some dedication to your craft, props to you

900bz : I want to see whats at the back of that guys hair

// BeatLaunch \\ : He was so happy at boron!! Some may say, “Just like a kid at a borax mine!!!”

Joshua Sutherland : Christ that guy had jojo hair.

Lotsa Liv : Top boron sales 2017: slime

felix heng : Good job you finally did it after so may trails and error

Alex T : Congrats on finally conquering glass! :D

Safir : “& we are very basic... Let’s get some Pumpkin Spice Latte”

Daniel Eu : IM SO HAPPY TO SEE CLEAR GLASS FINALLY! I’m so proud of this channel it’s crazy! Seeing y’all get better and better equipment and closer and closer to great amazing dreams really makes me damn happy to watch! I really also like the new hexagonal dishes and the cleaner look of the lab. Congratz guys you really deserve the success

Andrew W : Hey I’m really getting into smelting and casting, and I was wandering, where did you buy the electric forge and if you made it, how did you make it. Plz answer

Zero : *Make COLORED glass!!!!!!*

Joe Jasat : Uhhhhh Nathan Fillion?

John Smith : can we cast that hair style from obsidian????

BeastBoy3903 : and this videos also everywhere

Adam Colon : I lost it at 9:34 when the dog freaked out! LOL