Cactus Blooming Time Lapse

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May 18 - May 20th 0800 If anyone is interested, Here is another video of the blooms wilting. The Cactus flowers were very short lived, as they only stuck around for 2 days.

Comments from Youtube

Rocks Reynolds : For those who want yo know, this looks like an echinopsis eyriesii which I always used to pronounce eeri ze eye but not sure if that is how it is supposed to be said! Beautiful flowers on most echinopsis species and they are easy to grow. Great time lapse, thanks for posting!

Haven Luckenbill : This is a really lovely and well cared for cactus. Good job. :)

Nadine Loa : Beautiful!

M Choppy : its like when your girlfriend opens her legs for you the first time and you see the beauty

midfielderftw : Togemon evolves into..... Lilymon..

shadil ayy : I hate nature. *dislike*

gnarlyandy1 : Great time lapse, The floral symmetry is beautiful.

Gordon Tendick : I have a similar/same cactus. Blooms maybe twice a year. : in stunning 480p

seymour47 : Neat

Duncan Rawlinson : neat!

stachelpost : well done!


alemeli : niiiiiiice

Tio Dave : Looks like the chicks tentacles from MIB II.

Lukas Lewter : You can see the phototropism and the flower blooming look so weird. (sorry for being scientific...)

Charles John Thompson III : Who down votes something like this? I mean, it isn't political, and it's literally just life doing it's thing... wtf‽

Chris Davies : Lovely. My San Pedro produces flower almost a foot across. This year, was very warm, and over 20 flowers on the one cactus!

Ben Gray : This is ludicrous.

Joeyb Theman : its alive

lunchmeat84 : The full bloom is a soundless scream.

Dan K. Mayme : You might want to test your water supply. I have never seen a plant grow so quickly and with the government polluting out water to control our minds I fear you're at great danger of becoming a droid. You can submit your test results to /r/science on Reddit for analysis. -Dan K. Mayme

goldentapes : Looks awesome!

korencek : damn. my cactus looks the same for over 20 years. if she was a plant I'd still have some money.

Feinstaubgenerator : nice , have also tousends of cacti hybrids

Felix Albrecht : do the flowers die or just close up?

Tegan Lov : and people say that plants aren't living things

Nick Kunwar : I got horny for some reason...

AngryRedDalia : What kind of cactus is that? I want to buy one

refink33 : That lighting... :/

ItzChris Official : wheat is there to dislike?

JustTimelapses : I have a video of a cactus timelapse too. Would you mind checking it out?

Asian Jon : Great video!

Pomegranate : Why is this recommended?

toto_the_bum : fake

GammelFood : Da hat wohl deine Kamera versehentlich immer das Fenster scharf gestellt? Trotzdem eine coole Idee und hast ein Like von mir ;)

Richard Palawofski : Very very nice. Good show

Matthew Peer : E.T. PHONE.... HOOOOME

Les Anderson : Hello, Reddit.

Sekrit : Good thing you captured a magical moment on your potato camera