What's so wonderful about smoking?

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julzstar928 : I always loved this monologue.

ThePinkChilli : This bit was genius.

Robin Greenhow : I'm with you pink chilli! genius!!! but that was the Frasier show... full of them!!! love, love, love this show!!!! thank you Netflix for 24/7 Frasier!!!!

Anna Mendoza : crazy funny !! swish

L1F3 1NVAD3R : Next to Marty, Bebe was one of my favorites.

Donna Evans : Bebe!! LOL!

Joe Swanson : Why is everyone so amazed by a cheap Bette Davis impression?

LuckyFuckyPapagonzo : true :/ every word

cody johnson : @moshpittttt highdea... high idea go to the site :)

Pat Holland : @NeRdSteR321 why is that in top comments? :)

Pat Holland : @OGDaniel1 totes ma goats!!

DHUnited12 : highDEA's ahah <3

ChronicGod420 : I think I need to smoke a joint now. Shouts out to my homies at highDEAS.

MSky69 : HighDEAS bitch!

Andy Shehata : Highdeas<3 hahaha

OGDaniel1 : fuck yeah highDEAs!!!!!

Princesscolex : Every time I watch this episode I have to have a cigarette

Charles Rhodes : and whooosh love that part

RCAF Oz : I love smoking!