The Traveler's Guide: Sea World - San Diego

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Come see what our city has to offer!

Comments from Youtube

Cameron Blake : Thank you for making this! Informative AND well made. Can't wait to go see Shamu himself later next month!

Aero Tman : My two 8 year old twin girls enjoyed this a lot. I took an early leave from work that day and we spent three days out there and went fishing south of Rosarito. Two thumbs up and a fish fin!

VideoGun : I didn't watch the video before showing it to my kids, so it's your fault (these comments in a nutshell)

Reyes Gamino : Bajajajajajaj I was showing my kids for places to visit! Lol! To funny!

CoolKidX85 : haha I just read all the butthurt people showing this video to their children. You just hit gold shawn, good job.

Angela Valy : I was showing this to my mom.......why?!

TheGlave80 : Hahahahahahaha I just crap my pants especially when I read all this people showing to children.

HowSky : Shawn's best vid.

slugfuzz : Wow! I can't wait to see all the beautiful things at SeaWorld!

Brian Moss : Came for the video, stayed for the comments. Brilliant work!

abhisekh kumar singh : i heard shouting,bullet sound,bblogger survived or not ,

Smackrat : Anyone know if real?

Cubialpha : Shawn, you evil mastermind you.

Iris Valdez : Wtf what happened the sounds

UnitingMilk : could be real


CoolKidX85 : nice filming though

Bluestart Metelkova : ¡¡No pongáis el video a niños¡¡¡ Pero esta muy bien. CONGRATULATIONS hasta que no leí los comentarios pensé que me habían echado droga en el desayuno

Pacifico : I watched this as 8 idk what happened but I was werid

sshi : max has this been filming


Ynot Oc : wth lol

Abel Hundreds : 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Steven Kim : What happen?  

Tim Smith : Your prime example of what is wrong with society!!

LittleLulubee : What was the point??

Mario Sorto : lmao check the video first idiot over half of the vids on youtube have cursing. you are DEFINITELY new to the internet and youtube. quite an upgrade from type writers right?

Mario Sorto : you SURELY must be new to youtube and the internet

lillovebuglily : Hahahahahaha omg

Nicole Cook-Enzler : not nice to say a bad words

Jimmy Ventrella : I saw the shark's asshole.

the1313 : It's funnier once you realize, the author of this video has 3 kids.

Lynn Patterson : Too funny

MightyAMF : Who on earth browses youtube and watches videos with their kids without viewing them first.

JoshJamesification : eat dicks

Gen M : lmfao this is hilarious just because it is sooo damn random

Tim Smith : you guys are all a bunch of fucking D bags!!!!!!! I should not have to prescreen a video about fucking sea world to make sure its kid fucking friendly!!!!

MrRossthefatty : calm down tough guy you know its funny as fuck

MrRossthefatty : lol


Poe Ghost : Dem comments.

ChryI : Shawn's Tyler/UBR

Jiemboh : I love all the pissed parents on this comment list.

Elizabeth Ramirez : Horrible video thanks a lot jerk

Audra S : Really!!!???!!! I was showing my 4 year old and my 2 year old this video. You are free to say what you want but PLEASE give a warning!!!! This was not appropriate!

Guzluvtaco8 : much as I'm wondering how fucked up is this video.... I'm asking myself how on earth did I end up clicking on a video that seemed to be for a travel video for Sea World San Diego

isalexa33 : Really? Lmfao!!!!! Damn

Denise Mendoza : I was showing my 3 year old wtf really !!!

Tim Smith : You guys are asssholes, I was showing my 6 year old videos of sea world to show her our up coming vacation, and then there was this crap!! I swear to god its people like you that are going to be the demise of our society!! If I could find you I would kick your ass's just for the sake of doing it!!