The Traveler's Guide: Sea World - San Diego

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Daniel Gonzalez : LMFAO!!! Was doing research to take my daughters and found this... 😂👌

Rheanna Henry : Extremely inappropriate and unprofessional! DO NOT watch with children!

Reyes Gamino : Bajajajajajaj I was showing my kids for places to visit! Lol! To funny!

Aero Tman : My two 8 year old twin girls enjoyed this a lot. I took an early leave from work that day and we spent three days out there and went fishing south of Rosarito. Two thumbs up and a fish fin!

Cameron Blake : Thank you for making this! Informative AND well made. Can't wait to go see Shamu himself later next month!

VideoGun : I didn't watch the video before showing it to my kids, so it's your fault (these comments in a nutshell)

Angela Valy : I was showing this to my mom.......why?!

Smackrat : Anyone know if real?

TheGlave80 : Hahahahahahaha I just crap my pants especially when I read all this people showing to children.

Tamika Doctor : Terrible!! I was showing my three year old this video but thanks for the dialogue 😒 Foul language warning!!!!!

UnitingMilk : could be real

Cubialpha : Shawn, you evil mastermind you.

abhisekh kumar singh : i heard shouting,bullet sound,bblogger survived or not ,

CoolKidX85 : haha I just read all the butthurt people showing this video to their children. You just hit gold shawn, good job.

Mark Davidson : Seriously!!!!!!!! Worse video ever. Thanks for introducing my 6 year old to a barrage of F-bombs. This video should be removed from YouTube

՞ټ՞ : Wow! I can't wait to see all the beautiful things at SeaWorld!

Brian Moss : Came for the video, stayed for the comments. Brilliant work!

Iris Valdez : Wtf what happened the sounds


Pacifico : I watched this as 8 idk what happened but I was werid

Kip : 1:09 shark vagina

HowSky : Shawn's best vid.

Shaggyizzy : just heard about this video in one of their panels . this is pretty great. the comments are the best part.

CoolKidX85 : nice filming though

Juan Segundo : Hahaha I love the twist

W4RJ : San Diego is a beautiful place to visit.  I hope the California Assembly passes the Orca Welfare & Safety Act (AB2140) which will end the display of orcas at SeaWorld. After 50 years, it's time for change.

Bbyerin : Omg what happened? I'm scared but tbh it was to funny!!

Domingo Jimenez : Por que se escucha eso a partir del 1:14 parece que le dan un balazo al narrador...

Bluestart Metelkova : ¡¡No pongáis el video a niños¡¡¡ Pero esta muy bien. CONGRATULATIONS hasta que no leí los comentarios pensé que me habían echado droga en el desayuno

sshi : max has this been filming

Ynot Oc : wth lol

Roger : what happend are you ok 😐

philip gannon : My daughters were not happy with your bad language. GJ bro.


BassSlapper : lol the butthurt parents

xoforeverwithfaith xo : wtf what was that sound all about?

Derrick G Wood : NOT for showing children. Morons

drsPascal : The comments really are the best part of this video.

Nadia Torres : I like how they’re showing penguins and people enjoying the park and then in the background you here people yelling

AHAHAHHAHA AHAHAHAH : This really helped! Me and my family will check out this place for sure.

Nathan Overton/BumbleBot62 : "Swearing is for stupid people"


Cosmic Vacation : I love the comments

Adam Lopes : Ummmmmm.......... Okay

Chinosd : lmao what just happened

ButtMuffin : Did he just die?! I don't understand. What just... Happened?

Abe Montana : Awkward !

Trent McAteer : Anyone know if real?

strictlyformyninja : lmaooo