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background extra

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if you see me in anything let me know! instagram: @ejzapata


Cody : your a pretty good background extra honestly 10/10

KnowFun : Actually you are pretty good extra... it's like your all the ethnicities they need in one... need a black looking college kid... boom... need an asian looking college kid... boom... need a hispanic looking guy ...boom... need generic multiethnic guy...boom, you are it... hope you get more roles in the future.

Mehmet Sarp : *You can't run. He's everywhere.*

Ben Fishwick : 10 out of 10, would casually notice again.

SmarterEveryDay : I cried

EZboyrocks : Loved u in the migos video. Keep it up big fan

StykaSmith : Everyone - Infinity War is the most ambitious crossover ever Eduardo - Hold my beer

Dash : Where is your Oscar award?

Brian Mares : I don’t get why these movies would always put a red circle over you... seems unnecessary

Mark Bay : Ill be looking for you, my dude! You has a fresh cut in the airplane scene lol

Daniel Corich : loved you in circle (red)


spectre2776 : Please get famous


KevBago : It's all connected

Rafael Solorzano : It's like watching a conspiracy video, he was there, always watching, and no one knew until now.

Adlin Ling : Who knew being a background extra could be so epic!

nureinbeschissener zweitaccount : I want to hire you to be a background extra in my life.

Forgotten Playz : What a bloody legend

lil hog : wow the last one gave me chills

NuttyMongrel : I loved your work in The Goldbergs

orlock20 : With current technology and YouTube as a platform, even the extras are becoming famous.

Ozzymandias : That Red Cricle was a good actor, should get a golden globe

The Kakariko Cowboy : 24 in 2 Years so one a month? If things keep going well for me I think I can top this. 👌

Vanessa : someone give this man a text

lykou sar : Hope you get to be a big actor since you are putting in a lot of work

Argon Behaamorh : Omg Eduardo is bitcoin...

Kyle Y : Gman would be proud

Action Zachson : Lmao this is great! Thanks for uploading.

papaleguaz : You are what ties the Multiverse together.

Amy Zwirko : I LOVE it! You are SO EXTRA! I have a few I should compile like that! Very cool.

Allen Anis Sanita : I think i've seen you before i'm sure

nate : Your like the new wheres waldo but with Hollywood movies and adds.

The Last Taarakian : You should make a video explaining how you go about landing roles as an extra.

MusicBefore : love your work dude, keep it up

ethanr432 : wow you're handsome. Hope you play for my team.

Noah2x4 : I love how sinister this feels, like your some kinda powerful entity pulling all the strings in the background

ahou : great work!

Every Flop a Blooper : You can really see the improvement from young Sheldon to AP Bio

M 6 : So basically you'll never make it big

SyctoGaming : Your killing it my dude

Brendan Roberts : wow what a career, congrats on the retirement!

Виктор Марченко : Красава)))

TKDetecting : This video is brought to you by Eduardo's mom

Alexandra Jeanne M. : You can do it man. One day you'll get your revenge and murder the main characters that keep making you a background character.

TheoBrixtonTheKid : The back of your head is beautiful.

Carlos Gomez : You are really good at what you do man.

Zak : You look like the posh black dude from 13 reasons why

Leah Childs : Boi, Y U so extra?