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KnowFun : Actually you are pretty good extra... it's like your all the ethnicities they need in one... need a black looking college kid... boom... need an asian looking college kid... boom... need a hispanic looking guy ...boom... need generic multiethnic guy...boom, you are it... hope you get more roles in the future.

noah2x4 : I love how sinister this feels, like your some kinda powerful entity pulling all the strings in the background

SmarterEveryDay : I cried

Cody : your a pretty good background extra honestly 10/10

Ben Fishwick : 10 out of 10, would casually notice again.

EZboyrocks : Loved u in the migos video. Keep it up big fan

Dash : Where is your Oscar award?

Mehmet Sarp : *You can't run. He's everywhere.*

Mark Bay : Ill be looking for you, my dude! You has a fresh cut in the airplane scene lol

urbanpitch : The music is so extra, I fucking love it

StykaSmith : Everyone - Infinity War is the most ambitious crossover ever Eduardo - Hold my beer

Daniel Corich : loved you in circle (red)


spectre2776 : Please get famous

Ozzymandias : That Red Cricle was a good actor, should get a golden globe


Adlin Ling : Who knew being a background extra could be so epic!

nureinbeschissener zweitaccount : I want to hire you to be a background extra in my life.

Rafael Solorzano : It's like watching a conspiracy video, he was there, always watching, and no one knew until now.

KevBago : It's all connected

lykou sar : Hope you get to be a big actor since you are putting in a lot of work

NuttyMongrel : I loved your work in The Goldbergs

papaleguaz : You are what ties the Multiverse together.

Vanessa : someone give this man a text

Kyle Y : Gman would be proud

Argon Behaamorh : Omg Eduardo is bitcoin...

Mineblox Gamer : What a bloody legend

lil hog : wow the last one gave me chills

Brian Mares : I don’t get why these movies would always put a red circle over you... seems unnecessary

Ralph Brasington Jr : B.c this was interesting and you didnt ask for them I liked and subscribed. I have an idea for you though, super original lol but tbh a good idea.

Jack : I guess the real question is how much have you made with all your 1 Minute and 13 seconds of fame?

orlock20 : With current technology and YouTube as a platform, even the extras are becoming famous.

TKDetecting : This video is brought to you by Eduardo's mom

The Kakariko Cowboy : 24 in 2 Years so one a month? If things keep going well for me I think I can top this. 👌

Walter Backman : All of these shows and commercials you are in proves my theory that everything on television is all in the same extended universe. You need to run you outed the large government overlords. I have warned you I dont have much longe-

ElDiarioDelMusico : Like si viniste por un poco de todo

nate : Your like the new wheres waldo but with Hollywood movies and adds.

skyfein : Stirring!

Anime Lover xoxo : Can I get an autograph?

ahou : great work!

David : Can one make a living doing this?

Caleb Goff : I love how sinister this feels, like your some kinda powerful entity pulling all the strings in the background

Brendan Roberts : wow what a career, congrats on the retirement!

Markus Magnon : Waiting for the day when you got your first line.

The Elephant Herders : overrated

Kariyu : How much do you get paid what

alex : This man is damn good at what he does.

King12oshi : You should have your own show. "I've been all around the country and transferred to so many different high schools. The shit I've seen-" - takes sip of beverage -"was crazy, as if I'm a background character is other peoples stories. Well, here's MY story." (Intro plays)

c313z k : What ever happened to that semi over-weight red haired guy with the glasses I swear to god was in every background in every fucking movie/show in the early-mid 2000s (not really, but damn I seen him so often)

Michael : Haha nice man! Making it! I was wondering where I recognized your face from, then I realized, oh! He's that guy who you never see in that background of all those school scenes in movies!