How To Play The Mega Millions & Powerball

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GlitchMod : *Crack Station Encounters*

ayy lmao : How do you delete someone else's video?

Eddie Strike : Someone go steal from their store so we can get new videos!

EarnhardtFanproductions : if those numbers actually win that be funny shit

Favelize Adventures : We all just lost 3 brain cells

The_Undisputed_Era _Guy : I feel bad for the people that got the notification of this channel thinking it was going to be another theif but instead is this

Tom Smith : Way to much gas fumes at this station. ....

My vids Suck : Am I on drugs or is this real


J D : You've earned yourself an unsubscribe, I'M GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bengals 88 : at least he got the mega ball right .....

Bashar h : Starting work at the gas station in a hour .. wish me luck it's going to be a long and busy night

Mr. White Tuber : These NPCs out there buying tickets boy

Brandon Meiklejohn : I love this video! Whats wrong with all these people. LOL

Mark Wildt : I hate getting stuck behind idiots playing the lottery at the gas station...a

Thinkit Makeit : Don’t forget with the purchase of 4 tickets you can get a fre....... Oh wait.... this just in everything at that gas station is free just as long as you don’t get seen and you look up at the cashier 20 times.

Deep State Globalist Games : Why's everyone so butthurt about this lmao

santiago olascuaga : I work at circle K and "give me a ticket... Uuuhh the big one" happens a lot

CaptainDerp : DELET THIS

xTeezy410 : WOW!! *THE BIG ONE*

Paul Thompson : This is hilarious....I don’t get the hate

WickedDealer : It's 1 Billion now.

MrAlice : I like your vids, but this is horrid.

Gravy Grizz : I got all the right numbers, but in the wrong order! *Crumbles ticket up and throws it away*

Chris Thomas : This is the funniest shit I've seen in a long time.

Eighty Seven : *If you don't want to pick your own numbers you can just tell that minimum wage gas station attendant that you wants some quick picks*

top RAHmen : Imagine if this was the human race, lol

B randon : While their distracted filming this "slim jim" guy just snuck out

DJ CapriSun : bro why all the dislikes, i like these videos

Aussie Dan : That was absolutely hilarious 😂😂 I wonder how many pick those numbers 🤭

Chris, 22 : Imagine this video having no audio/visual effects

whiteghost3000 : Face Reveal - Gone Wrong

Pantherizer : Cringey vid, total L

keenen™ : “THE BIG ONE” 😂

Christopher Johnson : Scary. But not as SCARY as dealing with the public all day every day. Dont know how you do it.

Smiley : Gas Station Encounters, Please Give Me Some Luck & Only type Me a "Good Luck" from You.....

Rumer1 : I'd rather save my money, the odds are horribly stacked against all of us.

Vast Renegade : **actually predicts numbers**

SubscribeForNoReason : I like turtles

deltaray3 : Watch those be the winning numbers.....

Shawn Marino : The mushrooms are kicking in.

Lightning : Sorry, but this is the STUPIDEST video you ever put out.

Joseph Nelson : I stole all the Monster energy while this was going on.

K Pugh : I just won the mega millions I definitely moving out of South Carolina

Khayree Hart : Debating on wether or not it’s worth it being subbed after that tragedy

DK Broman : This filter reminds me of Sid the Science Kid

RobbyJHope : Excuse me there was a shell in my no shell pistachios. What are you going to do to make this right?

J Nuy : Ssniperwolf sent me here!😁

Massimo Lavecchia : Brilliant. Simply brilliant! I am currently giving you a standing ovation from living room!!!