How To Play The Mega Millions & Powerball

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GlitchMod : *Crack Station Encounters*


JOE SHMOW : I stole 6 Slim Jims while these two nitwits were filming.

SNEAK exe : the idiot tax

ayy lmao : How do you delete someone else's video?

Eddie Strike : Someone go steal from their store so we can get new videos!

J D : You've earned yourself an unsubscribe, I'M GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

EarnhardtFanproductions : if those numbers actually win that be funny shit

Favelize Adventures : We all just lost 3 brain cells

Christian Reyes : I feel bad for the people that got the notification of this channel thinking it was going to be another theif but instead is this

ecc gaming : Can I steal a snickers?

Yeeterson Peeterson : Am I on drugs or is this real

Paul Thompson : This is hilarious....I don’t get the hate

Mr. White Tuber : These NPCs out there buying tickets boy

Bashar h : Starting work at the gas station in a hour .. wish me luck it's going to be a long and busy night

Tom Smith : Way to much gas fumes at this station. ....

Thinkit Makeit : Don’t forget with the purchase of 4 tickets you can get a fre....... Oh wait.... this just in everything at that gas station is free just as long as you don’t get seen and you look up at the cashier 20 times.

Bengals 88 : at least he got the mega ball right .....

Mark Wildt : I hate getting stuck behind idiots playing the lottery at the gas station...a

CaptainDerp : DELET THIS

Red Munic : Unsubbed, im gonnneee!

joe schmoe : Wait. No one stole Anything in this video? Well, you stole precious time from me. She gone

G37Jesus : Lmao now I'M GONEEEE hella cringy

No One Cares If You're First : Never disliked a video so quick.

Brandon Meiklejohn : I love this video! Whats wrong with all these people. LOL

john smith : Slimeball. You arent funny.

Khayree Hart : Debating on wether or not it’s worth it being subbed after that tragedy

The Journalist : Why yall hatin u filthy scrubs, I found it funny

santiago olascuaga : I work at circle K and "give me a ticket... Uuuhh the big one" happens a lot

Bazel Merchad : unsubed

WickedDealer : It's 1 Billion now.

Vohqzii : I'm gonna find your gas station and steal some honey roasted peanuts because of this video

Eighty Seven : *If you don't want to pick your own numbers you can just tell that minimum wage gas station attendant that you wants some quick picks*

graveyard63 : Lame. I wanted a shoplifter. Disappointed. Disliked.

tits mcgee : Wtf is this

GuineaPigCuber : i think i've seen this in a nightmare

Howard sterndollarjuggalo : worst vid uve posted to date :(

xTeezy410 : WOW!! *THE BIG ONE*

top RAHmen : Imagine if this was the human race, lol

RoadTo5kSubs : I like turtles

deltaray3 : Watch those be the winning numbers.....

B randon : While their distracted filming this "slim jim" guy just snuck out

Excalibur : If any of you work at a gas station you'd know how true this is lmao

Deep State Globalist Games : Why's everyone so butthurt about this lmao

MissNoNameシ : Lmao 😂😂😂 why is this so adorable?

Christopher Johnson : Scary. But not as SCARY as dealing with the public all day every day. Dont know how you do it.

DK Broman : This filter reminds me of Sid the Science Kid

MrAlice : I like your vids, but this is horrid.

Syrtech : Damn we had so much people coming in tomorrow it’s just hilarious these peeps really wasting money for that 0.0000000000000001% chance

whiteghost3000 : Face Reveal - Gone Wrong