Derry Girls - Season 2 | The Difference Between Catholics And Protestants
The Difference Between Catholics and Protestants Derry Girls

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Rather than come up with similarities the students can only think of differences… #DerryGirls #Season2 #Differences Subscribe for more: Visit Our Website: Follow Hat Trick: Like Hat Trick:


Phteven Cheung : "Catholics love Mary" - on the board. Brilliant. Big M must be pleased!

christopher hanna : Whoever the actress who plays sister Michael is has genius-level comic timing.

Mary Lynch : Catholics watch RTÉ, but the funnest part is when Orla said that Protestants hate ABBA. 😂

Brian Cinco : The look on the poor similarities girl's face 😂

Jericho : Protestants hide their drinking

MrGrifft : Protestants keep their toasters in the cupboard.

Simon Turner : I do hope we get the Protestants back in season 3.

anonUK : Protestants can wear French Ticklers if they want...

Haveba : I love the part that the protestant teacher said amazing hair, sister Michael is like oh no not this idiot. 😂

Janis Ibarra : The actor of Philip played Johnny Marr in England is mine ♡

Tineke Williams : Protestants are richer, less kids😊. Got ousted being a Catholic using prophelactics hahaha, birth control, told them if the church wanted me to have more children they would have to bring them up and pay for them

Darker shades of Rainbow : Father peter 😍

Rachel 2B-ESO : According to my protestant mother: "Protestants are always right"...My da is catholic haha

i fell into a sarchasm : Both think the other is going to hell

Stephen tierney : Sister Michelle is hilarious 😂 and the similarities board is blank😂

Nathan Zimmerman : Catholic gravy is all bisto.

MsMandymoo5 : Protestants hate ABBA 😂😂😂

NekoInk13 : I always had the impression that Catholics were wealthier! In our town the catholic area near the nunnery has some huge ass houses lol

Vincent Fitzpatrick : Idiot. The Nicene Creed.

pennavedc : So when are we getting this on Netflix

Rose Hamill : They both believe in God that's the similarity

Mr Krunch : What happened to the Trump video, Hat Trick? WHAT HAPPENED! BLINK TWICE IF YOU NEED HELP!!

Mohammed Yasser : Similaraties : Parents

Mr.Spøon : Eastern Orthodoxy > Catholicism and Protestantism

Daniel Blixa Reed : Song please at 0:15?

crazy horse : Catholics are the goodies

Geoff Poole : Protestants don't let their religion control them. How anyone can remain a Catholic given the abuse and corruption in their church is mystifying.

Andrew Smith : Do these differences only apply to Protestants & Catholics from NI? How about Protestant & Catholic differences in the rest of the world?

Trina Q : Just some of the differences between Catholics and Protestants which can be spotted in the freeze frame: "Fish on Friday, Catholics think that Protestants are all alco's, Catholics go to Bundoran, Protestants go to Newcastle, Protestants love soup, Catholics watch RTE, Catholics love JFK, Protestants keep toasters in cupboards, St Patrick's Day vs. 12th July, taller, more freckles, British vs. Irish, Gaelic vs. Football, Sunday School, Pilgramages, HOLY SHOPS"!