COPS A Very Polite Vampire

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treena mcdoodle : when my boyfriend and I got together in 2000 we had nothing, no cable, but some one gave us a vcr and I bought tapes at goodwill for a quarter. A cops with this scene on it has been something we have referenced over the years. I AM A VERY POLITE VAMPIRE!

SuperGoldstar127 : Lucahjin sent me here.

Disco Weasel1977 : I heard the drunken woman say “I want blood” before she was screeching for bloody murder.

tburns000 : love when At the Drive In samples this

PatsGirlinACaliWorld : Never gets old

alfred arroyo : Wait a minute..........................Is that Kirstie Alley??????? Looks like her and sounds like her

Paul Tri : At the drive in brought me here

Mitchell : this is awesome and ATDI is awesome

darthozman77 : I'd let her nibble on my rod a bit. But, at the end, I saw her belly and I was turned off.

RJ Strocchio : She seems nice.

BlueOceanBelow Lives : Interview with the Very Polite Vampire.

ash3227 : Why is she in the front seat???

Larry King : she is cute

shady09mn : I remember when my dad got this cops to hot for TV 😂

Art.hropod : Tell? There's nothing left to tell.

Riley Sutton : Ah, blood. Gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme, GIMMEEEEEEE!

Valentine Masud : Thanks for uploading this. I was looking for a long time

KiamarMasterT : She was interesting out of the other criminals lol

emily7103 : 0:00-0:58 What Twilight does to people.

Simon Corvax : At least she doesn't sparkle.

D M : I'm so glad u posted these. I had this VHS when I lived in CO and we recited the entire collection on a daily basis. I need to find the DVD I want to sample all these and listen to this shit when I'm driving in the car.

Mantechnic : Head? You want head? NO, I don't want that! - LOL!