Ants vs. Termites
Ants vs termites

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Marlon Vargas : Still a better love story then Twilight

suddenlysarah : This dude is an amazing narrator. He really made me sympathize with a termite


VickWhy Videos : I bet that dead ant was the gamergate and the ant carrying it was just showing off how she killed the old gamergate and became the new one

Rodrigo Zavala : Bro keep them those termite need to have an opportunity to live and make themselves a wonderful colony like the ant colonies you have right now. Also they are really cool and would give us and specially you a different style of keeping another colony of creatures. Ant love forever and I guess termite love too now.

Makeo Sandwick : I'm not crying about the termite story you are!!😭😭😭plus keep them

Aidan Rich : "Termite version of Tinder" I have to say I did not see that coming

Logical Gamer : Bullet ant - chasing termite Termite - rescued by outsider Bullet ant - *Excuse me WTF*

Niño Paulo Reblando : 7:35 WOW I didn't know ants even have the capacity to properly bury their dead..mindblowing!

Mike Smith : Please keep the Termites. Whether for food for the ants or just to have them join the antiverse as their own colony. Whichever you choose as long as they stay. Yes they aren’t ants and they are an ants worst enemy but it would be cool to watch a termite colony grow from initial mating until the end.

Kissi Sweet : Best love story ever! Makes me tear up every time. :)

Indieraseus : the thing that left me shook ... *league of legends ad*

cfroi08 : Termite: It's so safe inside a humans home. No other insects will get me and I can just fly away from humans. Ant Colony: Termite: WHAT HUMANS KEEP ANTS IN THEIR HOUSE!?

Adam Samuel #MAGA : The Black Hand. Also when you realize termites have a better love life than you. :/

Happy Hotdog : Keep the Termites pleeeeease! At first I wanted them to be captured but then when I saw that they were looking for each other I was really moved. I want to see them both make a colony and grow old together :')

TheSimpleSpider 0_0 : my heart was pounding this was so intense for me the music made it even more intense i was going WILD i was jumping all over my bed doing weird attacks on my giant dinosaur it was just wild Edit: but then at the end i felt so soft inside

Some Guy : No one: Jk Rowling: The ants and termites had an intense gay sexual relationship

thelma lorenzano : i would like the name the colony "THE BLACK BULLET"

Meike : Imagine one of the ants going like “sisters! The hunt.... has opened! On a stage talking to the rest.

Aquarium Rick : Next episode : the search on where to drop the dead ant

isaac robles : How much u want a bet that ant is still looking for a good location to place their dead

Emilia Peters : When you're watching antscanada And then an ad with a product that kills ants comes by

VENATOR SIX : The Golden Empire is Prepping to fight the Fire Nation, they will need allies... The new Earth Nation, the Termite Colony survivors.

Minecraft Eating : That speech was amazing I actually cried because it was so beautiful 😸

Cool Kid spotting : Keep em just so you can call them the terminators

David Lucas : Yay! you let the termite couple live! Glad you saved them.

Eldergreen Lobster : SOUND THE ALARMS * Ants Start Charging Out *

Ricky PMF : Bruh I loved how you saved the termite. You’re amazing. I seriously felt my sympathy shift with you. Hahahah im so loved <3

Ellenor Foxy66 : Ants Be like:let's take this ENTIRE ELERFINT it will only be a day Termites are like:let's sun bave (4 minets letter) AHHHHHH MY FACE IS MELTING AHHHHHH

UnKnOwN Official : Keep the termites !!!

Rainbow Katie : 9:50 “that left me in shock” *nestogrow add pops up*

Elias Nieves : I think u should name the ant kingdom: The Bullet Ant Shooter

kingxdragon boomzoka : These ants are OCD

Bullseye Gaming : If u think about it all ants are sorta like hobbits cause they all live in antg hills and hobbits live in hills. Maybe thats why he called bit the shire

HaddockLemon : The year is 2020 and AntsCanada has finished a nest for every type of animal. The human nest is a great success

Aiden Chen : I almost cry 😢 like if the same

Meike : Omg we witnessed a termite wedding... 😭

Gabriel Strom : There’s someone’s wooden home in the future who probably does not thank you for saving those two lol

LumpRee : They only blocked view for the OwO rooms

Ryan Macleod : Keep the termites and let them grow into a termite colony.

xtrim : awwww you rescued them..... duuude your the best <3

Marian Becles : I guess that yoy from manila in Phillipines im from olongapp city #OKkasamgalanggam In English is #youareOKforants

BloodyRoses666 : The ant carrying her dead sister around makes me think of humans carrying a coffin of their loved one XD;; What do you think, @AntsCanada ? :3

Lil Animates : Oh my god A PEST CONTROL AD (with ants included) SHOWED UP ON THIS VIDEO

Debra Bosch : YES! Please keep the termites. Watching another insect species build a nest and colony would be fantastic . Having an abundance of termites to feed the ant kingdom is also a huge bonus. Termites are the nightmares of homeowners the world around and I'm guessing not many of our ant family members know much about termites, myself included. Do you just throw a piece of wood at them or do they need more than just wood and water? How do the offspring feel about their parents? Does the king fawn over his queen? How quickly do termite colonies grow? So many questions !!

Andrea Zuniga : Keep them they were almost eaten only to find their true love.😍

Blue_Assassin Craft : Call them The mighty ant-topia!

LovePlays13 : I watched this channel before and knew Ants were smart, but everything you said made too much sense. At this point, I wonder if any Brian’s are closer to humans than anything else lmao.

sallyeloo : the only kind of gamergate i can get into