Ants vs. Termites

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Marks Shrimp Tanks : KEEP THE TERMITE NATORS - I'll be back !!


sam mcburney : "Hey guys look at this cool thing that I fou-" "No. get rid of that trash" *Two ants fight over a carcass*

suddenlysarah : This dude is an amazing narrator. He really made me sympathize with a termite

Marlon Vargas : Still a better love story then Twilight

Wolftamer 303 : You should keep the termites and make a colony and you should name them the wings of love

Einshine Goku : Legend says that the ant is still looking...

NSA : No Queen!! They are all workers!!!! Sounds like communist propaganda to me, but ok.

Makeo Sandwick : I'm not crying about the termite story you are!!😭😭😭plus keep them

Joao Cunha : the problem i have with this channel is that, no matter what im searching on youtube if i stumble upon one of your vids is game over, i watch one after another till 3 am, GREAT channel great story telling skills

Slurpy DaWonder : Make a see-through termite colony so we can see how the king and queen bond!

Daniel Salazar : Who else came to rewatch this video after he announced the premier of the new termite video

Millie Twist : That was a beautiful love story. When you revealed that one termite dealate was just trying to find the other one, I was heart broken. I thought it was going to be the end.

VickWhy Videos : I bet that dead ant was the gamergate and the ant carrying it was just showing off how she killed the old gamergate and became the new one

Ben Stolen : What is the Gamergate's name? May I suggest Anita Sarkeesian. sorry for old memes

Dragon chicken : You should keep them it would be cool to have termites AND ants

Henry Salinas : THAT COMMENTARY HAD ME ON THE EDGE!!!! awesome commentary, awesome video. I still don't care much about ants, but good stuff!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeetle The Beetle : welcome to the air conditioner family

karunakar vulli : Keep those mites with you because they produce 30,000 egs per day

Cynthrox : the thing that left me shook ... *league of legends ad*

Richard Nightcore : please make a TERMITES colonie :D

CommonLogic : Call the termites *A R T I L L E R Y O N L Y*

RANADEEP ROY : pls do something with mosquito

Ronald Leeper : Name them the terminators or the business bug's

LEGOman 363636363 Bekfast : Continue the termites life/colonie



VENATOR 7 : The Golden Empire is Prepping to fight the Fire Nation, they will need allies... The new Earth Nation, the Termite Colony survivors.

_ HydroHeathen _ : Who else thought the title was ants vs tamales

Aaron Brambor : Can you make a termite farm of awsomeness

Stephan Marais : Let's hope these 2 termites will live long enough in their temporary container

phil moose : When the ant kills the termite(COUNTER TERRORISTS WIN*)

Frederick Nehemiah : These ants are OCD

Zedric Ogalesco : This channel is really interesting i've only watched one of your videos and now i can't stop watching them👍

Silent_Swish Playz : *Who's Filipino?! AKO! (ME)*

Ferretzim 86 : Keep them. Sure, the channel is called AntsCanada, but you also have spiders, cockroaches, fish, etc. I kinda feel this channel is an entomology channel. So yeah, keep them. Could be interesting to hear about a termite colony. But that ending just killed me, and I currently have a sore throat. Dang it AC! Why u do dis?!

The Bink Brigade : If u think about it all ants are sorta like hobbits cause they all live in antg hills and hobbits live in hills. Maybe thats why he called bit the shire

Aidan Rich : "Termite version of Tinder" I have to say I did not see that coming

Jaimas : Consider making a small habitat for them for the ant room. Free sustainable food for some of the colonies that go for Termites, like the Marauder Ants (a few workers won't be missed), and it'd let you make a unique world for the termites as well.

Felhice Mathew D. Dela Cruz : 7:30 😂😂😂😂 Awww how kind of you saving them both 😭😭😭😭

Jangbang Jong : You should name them The Terminators😂😂

Brhians play'z Almira : But did you know that when we saw them I kill them them really quickly I have experience that some of them are in my head house and really in my TV

Anime Gacha24 : That termites are called "xichimera" in our language. Of course they bug me but most of the people are likely to eat it.

Comrade lego : Oh herro welcome to the shire we are the asian burretants

Da Potato : What a sweet love story.❤

sweetirisfarm : *Well, you've got a new enclosure to build. Better get started. Lol!*

Lu Wah : *Name them the black panthers?* Like if you agree

100 subs no vids ! : IS this the crusty crab?

SneakS847TV : Very cool I had that same feeling saving a ant out a dead bees body. Its in my videos if you want to view it thumbs up

Eldergreen Lobster : SOUND THE ALARMS * Ants Start Charging Out *