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Lathland : It would be fascinating to see you keep the termites, never really read up on nor cared much for them in the past so would LOVE to be enlightened about them!

Trixsepticeye : i thought you lived in canada .-.

scribblesmith : So that termite got laid and I'm still single? Alright.

Lilia Clayton : This channel does better than some film producers!❤

aureusyarara : that poor girl #StillLooking for the perfect tomb for her girlfriend ;__;

Marks Shrimp Tanks : KEEP THE TERMITE NATORS - I'll be back !!

Jon : I don't understand the difference between a gamergate and a queen. Aren't they doing the same thing?

Hunter Nelson : You should call them the Durant Empire, because In Pokemon there is a pokemon called Durant. Durant is an ant whose body is made of steel. And the reason I think it should be called the Durant Empire is because (1) Bullets are made of metallic materials and they are called bullet ants (2) Durants body is made of steel, a metallic material (3) Durants are fierce fighters (4) Pokemon is a Japaneese cartoon, and Bullet ants come from Asia, where Japan is located

blurp chirp : 9:21 Sam what is this? Huh? Oh! I found some food just lying around! Haha no honey, those are leftovers. Chloe threw that out a couple days ago. Umm. Food is food. I’m gonna eat it. SAMANTHA NO. BROOKE LET GO.

BERSERKER 123 : Keep termites

mindscapejem : Keep 'em and put them into the old Fire Nation Rubbermaid Bin. It would be pretty awesome to see them build their big dirt/sand/wood towers in your room (unless they aren't that type of termite). It would be a cool addition to the channel.

André Machado : Keep the termites, It would be great to see a new empire, this time a termite empire.

jacob griffiths : Those are some termite gene's worth preserving, surviving all that right on top of an ant nest.

Jojo Love : Geez Louise I am not a fan of bugs that fly and ants freak me out only if I see a ton crawling around fast gives me the goose bumps but I’m fine watching them on your channel but the way you explain their lives to us I actually feel for them and how sad it would be to search for your mate and know you’re so close to the love of your life but can’t reach them and knowing your life is at stake and still risking your life to find your forever love.

Isabel Song : LOL thanks for the comic relief after that emotional segment. I can't believe she spent so long looking for a graveyard site.

Ferretzim 86 : Keep them. Sure, the channel is called AntsCanada, but you also have spiders, cockroaches, fish, etc. I kinda feel this channel is an entomology channel. So yeah, keep them. Could be interesting to hear about a termite colony. But that ending just killed me, and I currently have a sore throat. Dang it AC! Why u do dis?!

Muntchii : 21:46 Best part of the whole episode

Brodzilla : You should name every one of your ants 😂

Clorox Bleach : The ending was awesome😂😂

GD bros : I cried when the king risked its life :)

Kugel blitz : KEEP THEM

Mincrafter 20 : You should call it speeding bullets

Chris Hanson : Keep them it would be cool to watch how two lovers risked it all for one another and raised a colony from the ground up

Emil : TermitesCanada when?

Gracie Gamez : Just imagine if you were a termite stuck in there..

Richard Nightcore : please make a TERMITES colonie :D

Colin Stoop : They loose there wings and find a mate and they have a king and a queen

Sam Smith : Buy a bullet ant Colony

Helvetica AF : Cant wait for the wood warriors as a Termite nest

natty shenouda : I wanted to see the termites die

Jangbang Jong : You should name them The Terminators😂😂

ZenTeT : luv how that ant is still looking. pls keep the termite fam :D hope you did im late to the party

Ida Stuff : Awww so cute,in their next life they will be two humans who belong together

littlezea 21 : Keep them

Tom Meng : ThE ShIrE

Ruby : A beautiful, moving video. In my opinion, you should keep the termites like an ant colony if you can, but don't feed them to the ants (as some commented this would interfere with learning, but I also imagine we'd get attached to them), but definitely keep them. My answer to the question of the week is that termite nuptial flights are different from ant nuptial flights because the termite kings/males don't die right after, they stay with the queen 'till death do them part'.

Poizen Bee : Aaannnnd... STILL LOOKING!

XxSark_Fire Gamer_GamesxX : Keep it

DippedInIndigo : Omg I’m crying again!!! Beautiful! 😭😭😭😊 thanks for ending it on a good note though.

foxy zz1 : Yes that would be amazing and if you don't you can find another

littleaya : I totally think you should keep a colony of termites to feed to your ants that love this insect flesh. It could also serve as an educational bit as I am sure most people hate termites but might like knowing more facts about them. You raise cockroaches to feed to your colonies so I don't think it weird if you use termites as they might be more protein rich.

Machiya Martin : Yes you should keep them

Evan Post : Legend says that he is still looking to this day. XD

death blood : Keep the termites

Trionimations 3699 : you should keep them

The Dark Side of Nature : I came here to laugh, not to feel :(

Wilson McDaniel : keep and use some for food

Blind Truth : AntsCanada you have a way of really engaging people into your videos I have no real interest in ants but I always get caught up in your videos and was really hoping that the termites would be saved, and that poor ant looking for that special place for her sister to rest.


ghost pen : if you keep them then you shod have a vote to name them to