Ants vs. Termites

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Marks Shrimp Tanks : KEEP THE TERMITE NATORS - I'll be back !!

sam mcburney : "Hey guys look at this cool thing that I fou-" "No. get rid of that trash" *Two ants fight over a carcass*

blurp chirp : 9:21 Sam what is this? Huh? Oh! I found some food just lying around! Haha no honey, those are leftovers. Chloe threw that out a couple days ago. Umm. Food is food. I’m gonna eat it. SAMANTHA NO. BROOKE LET GO.

Vincent Dolido : The ending though... It gave a big laugh!. Legend says she is still looking for a place to bury her sister. AHHAHAHA

André Machado : Keep the termites, It would be great to see a new empire, this time a termite empire.

littleaya : I totally think you should keep a colony of termites to feed to your ants that love this insect flesh. It could also serve as an educational bit as I am sure most people hate termites but might like knowing more facts about them. You raise cockroaches to feed to your colonies so I don't think it weird if you use termites as they might be more protein rich.

Fart Warrior : The termine love story is actually quite touching.

Chris Hanson : Keep them it would be cool to watch how two lovers risked it all for one another and raised a colony from the ground up

tmuldoon7 : Do you do your own writing? Its REALLY good! Like this video literally had everything when it comes to story line it was a rollarcoasted i loved it!

SuperiorGaming : Never thought I'd be moved by the tale of some bugs...

Dragon chicken : You should keep them it would be cool to have termites AND ants

Einshine Goku : Legend says that the ant is still looking...

GD bros : I cried when the king risked its life :)

Daniel Salazar : Who else came to rewatch this video after he announced the premier of the new termite video

ZenTeT : luv how that ant is still looking. pls keep the termite fam :D hope you did im late to the party

Wolftamer 303 : You should keep the termites and make a colony and you should name them the wings of love

Jojo Love : Geez Louise I am not a fan of bugs that fly and ants freak me out only if I see a ton crawling around fast gives me the goose bumps but I’m fine watching them on your channel but the way you explain their lives to us I actually feel for them and how sad it would be to search for your mate and know you’re so close to the love of your life but can’t reach them and knowing your life is at stake and still risking your life to find your forever love.

Muntchii : 21:46 Best part of the whole episode

Millie Twist : That was a beautiful love story. When you revealed that one termite dealate was just trying to find the other one, I was heart broken. I thought it was going to be the end.

Makeo Sandwick : I'm not crying about the termite story you are!!😭😭😭plus keep them

Ruby : A beautiful, moving video. In my opinion, you should keep the termites like an ant colony if you can, but don't feed them to the ants (as some commented this would interfere with learning, but I also imagine we'd get attached to them), but definitely keep them. My answer to the question of the week is that termite nuptial flights are different from ant nuptial flights because the termite kings/males don't die right after, they stay with the queen 'till death do them part'.

Ida Stuff : Awww so cute,in their next life they will be two humans who belong together


NSA : No Queen!! They are all workers!!!! Sounds like communist propaganda to me, but ok.

Emil : TermitesCanada when?

Kugel blitz : KEEP THEM

karunakar vulli : Keep those mites with you because they produce 30,000 egs per day

Nano Swarm : May- 26- 2018 The Great Termite Massacre.

Gracie Gamez : Just imagine if you were a termite stuck in there..

Joao Cunha : the problem i have with this channel is that, no matter what im searching on youtube if i stumble upon one of your vids is game over, i watch one after another till 3 am, GREAT channel great story telling skills

Stephan Marais : Let's hope these 2 termites will live long enough in their temporary container

Capable Quitter : #Philippines so who else is a Filipino? SINO BA!?

Postal 2007 : Legend says that he is still looking to this day. XD

Henry Salinas : THAT COMMENTARY HAD ME ON THE EDGE!!!! awesome commentary, awesome video. I still don't care much about ants, but good stuff!!!!!!!!!!!

Jaimas : Consider making a small habitat for them for the ant room. Free sustainable food for some of the colonies that go for Termites, like the Marauder Ants (a few workers won't be missed), and it'd let you make a unique world for the termites as well.

Kerron Edwards : Yes please keep the termites😅

James Camble : Yeskeep the termites

Bubba : What is the Gamergate's name? May I suggest Anita Sarkeesian. sorry for old memes

piismynumber : Never really appreicated ants before but after watching severals videos of yours I fell inlove with them. Your videos are like a serie of documentary/movie and I really enjoy it

Mincrafter 20 : You should call it speeding bullets

Elliott the Animator : I swear you MUST keep the queen! I’ve looked for ages for a termite colony channel but have found none😔 please be the first as it would make me even more attracted to your videos and make it more evolved as a new “channel arch” if you will. So please don’t kill her or get rid of her

• BeefyOreo7 • : Legends say that ant is still looking.

Wilson McDaniel : keep and use some for food

Felhice Mathew D. Dela Cruz : 7:30 😂😂😂😂 Awww how kind of you saving them both 😭😭😭😭

Gold digger : you should have a termite colony

Richard Nightcore : please make a TERMITES colonie :D

VENATOR SIX : The Golden Empire is Prepping to fight the Fire Nation, they will need allies... The new Earth Nation, the Termite Colony survivors.

Aaron Brambor : Can you make a termite farm of awsomeness

TheHumanSpino THS : Just think what will happen if all the ants escape you may be thinking "nope they can't" well life and mother nature always finds a way

SneakS847TV : Very cool I had that same feeling saving a ant out a dead bees body. Its in my videos if you want to view it thumbs up