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Marks Shrimp Tanks : KEEP THE TERMITE NATORS - I'll be back !!

ΜrCookie : I never thought ants could be so picky hahaha.. edit: Loved the narrating & footage!!

Vin Mag : Keep those termites

Abrohm Flores : I wish this was a Netflix show

Earlvin14 : UPDATE!!

Lathland : It would be fascinating to see you keep the termites, never really read up on nor cared much for them in the past so would LOVE to be enlightened about them!

Karen Uhlmeyer : If you keep the termites you learn new things and you can experience new things as well like the power of love is the strongest thing in the world #AntLoveForever and #TermiteLoveForever .

Rojen : Keep the termites!!!

Evan Lok : Black Panther Nation!

Martin Barker : Question: Ant's once mated the males die and the females find somewhere to start creating there nest on there own, wherre as termites mate and stay with there mate for life as a King and Queen. So Termites have the more love fild existance over ants

mindscapejem : Keep 'em and put them into the old Fire Nation Rubbermaid Bin. It would be pretty awesome to see them build their big dirt/sand/wood towers in your room (unless they aren't that type of termite). It would be a cool addition to the channel.

crazy old paw : I couldn't stop laughing, after an emotional experience that ant is STILL LOOKING!!?

samira bachi : Please keep those termites! I mean, they went through that story of a lifetime to find one another for love, and it would be their life long story to remember. We could refer to them as the survivors of the, what I want to call, Black Panthers! I would love to watch these termites bulid their nest and live together happily. I would also benefit myself, I would like to learn more about termites and get over my fear of them, just like you let me come over my fear of ants. (Though I still flinch whem I spot one on my leg.) If you really find it fun keeping and filming your ants, the termites might just be another exciting thing to look forward too! For you and us! (Plz like if you agree) 😊

Abrohm Flores : I've been waiting for this yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!!!!

Daiga Krastina : Keep the Termites in a different container like your cockroaches

Ferretzim 86 : Keep them. Sure, the channel is called AntsCanada, but you also have spiders, cockroaches, fish, etc. I kinda feel this channel is an entomology channel. So yeah, keep them. Could be interesting to hear about a termite colony. But that ending just killed me, and I currently have a sore throat. Dang it AC! Why u do dis?!

Ivor Phillips : Keep them!!!!

Rebecca Siebach : Keep the Termites! Raise them too!

Jyninx : Start a termite colony! And i think you should name the two termites King Arthur and Queen Rose! That is. . . If you keep the termites.

Itaki Monobe : Wow Such a Beautiful Movie😭😭😭 Like if you Agree

Kugel blitz : KEEP THEM

Riccardo Ricobello : The king and queen story moved me beyond words. It'd be an amazing movie.

harriet moore : Keep the termites there living not food

rafael Gaming : Keeeep theeem

Jared Main : Wow, that video was amazing, and really moving. It is so interesting how much those termites will go through just to be together.I believe that was a very kind, and sympathetic choice to let the termites leave! :)

Richard Nightcore : please make a TERMITES colonie :D

Cosmic_Mango33 : Make a colony from the termites!!!! Please!!!!!!

GAMING THUNDER : keep termites

Rainbow Radical : Keeping a termite colony would be facinating Mikey,go for it.

Gun Jesus : Ant infinity war crossover when

littleaya : I totally think you should keep a colony of termites to feed to your ants that love this insect flesh. It could also serve as an educational bit as I am sure most people hate termites but might like knowing more facts about them. You raise cockroaches to feed to your colonies so I don't think it weird if you use termites as they might be more protein rich.

jaypaw52 aj :P : keep those termites!

Jacob the great : Keep the termites @ANTSCANADA !!!

Grayson Jugenheimer : Keep

Thomas Slemp : I want to see the massive abdomen of the termite

Ruby : A beautiful, moving video. In my opinion, you should keep the termites like an ant colony if you can, but don't feed them to the ants (as some commented this would interfere with learning, but I also imagine we'd get attached to them), but definitely keep them. My answer to the question of the week is that termite nuptial flights are different from ant nuptial flights because the termite kings/males don't die right after, they stay with the queen 'till death do them part'.


GoldenDragon5882 : There once was a story where an ant's friend died and was carried around the nest numerous times to find its final resting place. Rumour has it that its still being carried to this day, venturing to find its resting place.

TAHA STUDIO : keep them

SAM_the_ FAM : Close to 2 million!

Jangbang Jong : You should name them The Terminators😂😂

Adam Manalo : You should keep it bro

Drawing Jamaa : keep the termites! it could be your first termite colony!

Tonya Babcock : I think you should keep the termites

Vincebunny's Blogs : keep the termites

The Dark Side of Nature : I came here to laugh, not to feel :(

Shy Gal : Keep them please! Also please name the termite couple Romeo and Juliet

GreenieGuy : Keep Them! #TermitesCanada

Ronke Coker : Termiteloveforever

Jyoti Prakash : Yes keep them