Elon Musk Awkward Moment
Elon Musk awkward moment

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Awkward moment between Elon Musk and his (now)ex-Wife


Jam : why does this seem like a scene from the office lol

The Sexy Skywalker : More like Space Ex haha

God Emperor Pepe : It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand the fact that she doesn’t like him and he’s catching on to it. She probably likes that checkbook though.

Adnan A : This was painful to watch

Dimentive : I actually feel bad for him, no matter how rich he is.

JessieSevenfold : I love bow he considers daily children's squabbles "resource conflicts" ☺

Fabio : Might want to put her on his next test rocket

Casper G : how blind is this guy its clearly a thot

Reflex : Kinda weird to think that the car in the end is floating around the solar system right now...

Deadeyes X : elon ma boi you cant propose after like 2 dates


Rev. Trashkan : Get away from her. Red flags red flags

For3st Spirit : Elon: “...Really?” Actress (whose name I literally instantly forgot): *trying desperately to save the situation*

All Alone : *Dating algorithm gone wrong*

tarek midnite : Actors can never have a normal interview.. Always monkeying around.. Its a diesease actually

Danika Raison : How did she say all those stuff in front of his face like that.... That’s very hurtful and mind you, this is Elon Musk a genius you’re talking to, who’s also your husband. Elon definitely can do better than this thot 🤦🏻‍♀️

Shirley Xia : One of the most brilliant people on earth and married to that? My mind...can't even

Will Speakman : That's what happens when you date someone purely on looks who has a shit personality. Ask yourself if you weren't rich would she still be with you, if the answer is no then it's time to move on.

mclaclan : Blink twice if he's trying to launch you into space

Cyber Color_tex : Well damn Grimes does seem like an upgrade compared to this woman mother of God

7saany : 3 thousand people seeing the obvious, but Elon ain't one.

Truman Sharp : Elon has the intelligence to run a rocket company, but not enough intelligence to see this thot for what she is.

Raghu Seetharaman : Let's be honest about it: *Tallulah was the Sugar* *Elon was the Daddy*

Recreationalnukes42 : Jesus you would have thought a self made billionaire wouldn’t fall for such a blatant gold digger.

Elina : Well, it’s true i guess. Geniuses do struggle in their personal lives.

Christy Cree : Where’s his Pepper Potts, though??? He’s got Hela.

Captain : That's what happens when a genius merry a stripper.

Mario Martin Lozar : That's what happens when you make a thot your wife

Leo Messi : You know Tesla is quality built when the creator rides his creation.

Brooke Edwards : It's okay daddy Elon, I'll keep your heart warm.

Sharctic Gaming : Bad woman. You dont deserve Elon’s rocket 🤷🏻‍♂️

John Burton : Elon I'll be the best house wife you've ever had.. Don't tell my wife though. Call me.. lmao

Hopewell Mbuli : That's why I hate it when people jokingly make snide remarks, leaves me wondering if they're serious and then I just stop trusting them...

Troy Vietnam : "REALLY?" "No. Not really". (Looks at him to see if he bought it..)

matthew zimmers : So sad someone so brilliant and good still struggles with the idea of love

Jedi Bunny : Surely this gem warrants a *Curb Your Enthusiasm* musical outro?

authority traffic club : Mr musk you sir need a Mexican wife!

Ammar Khan : Shes 30 and can't handle few kids? Damn, Indian parents will be laughing

MoochPlays : She went straight to being his Space Ex

TGP 777 : Elons house does not look nearly as nice as I would have expected.

The Josey : I thought actors had the ability to control their behavior!!!!

Mimiyo : Aww elon seemed so sad :'(

Roosa L : A little questionable from him to propose after 10 days and let someone around his kids that quickly.

SomeBodyIUsedToKnow : I feel better about myself after watching this. Things could be much worse. 👍

Jake Bennett : This is good example of how someone who is pretty much universally considered a genius is complete moron in a specific area of life. Hopefully she actually develops feelings for her husband soon lol.

Jules Hamelin Boyer : They divorced, remarried, and divorced again. Elon is a slow learner, but you need some bad rockets before hitting the moon properly

solisium : Tell her there’s Gucci in mars and place in the next mission 👌

Gaz Vlogs : Those fake smiles and giggles just make my skin crawl honestly.

C B : Think this tells you a lot more about her than it does about Elon tbh.