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Daniel Van Dusen : This single sketch is the reason I will forever love Mr.Show. I will overlook practically all of their crap ones because of this one bit. I don't know why but when I saw it on HBO in college this nearly killed me I thought it was so funny. 3 cheers for me! 1....2....3

Ninekun : I'm here because of Blink-182

alvadrink cabral : Isn't it Saul Goodman?

Colin Surname : Fry and Laurie had a similar punchline: The light metal band The Bishop and The Warlord had a song called Set Yourself On Fire. When a fan did so and sued them, their resolution was to improvise a new song commanding them to drop the lawsuit.

that1870sguy : That hooker is now a Disney princess.

KattyLegend : Yo veía esto cuando tenía 7 años c":

Aspern Park : He looks like Hiroshi Ouchi

Brian Seymour : I'm oddly reminded of the bundled up calf from Eraserhead.

Dan Wright : My dad showed this to me when he saw I had Slayer on my iTunes lol

Solomon McQueen : This and the "Drugachusettes" skit where my favorites on Mr. Show.

Thiago Henrique : Eu brasileiro aqui achei o video muito ilario

Mer Feraine : I swear, David Cross is absolutely adorable in this one

Indian Gamer Panda : How funny changes.

Kirsty Autor : LOLLLL ....

Denise Abela : oh my i cried my heart out.... really good

rusty charlie : i love to watch this

chris fattoruso : Head first this time ..Jump Right In

chris fattoruso : @MASAI97 From a sketch comedy show called Mr.Show ... Funniset show ever