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Zoé Lam : I like the part where the ATC lady instantly changed from professional to motherly once she learnt Maggie is alone up there..

majornewb : Maggie was great, ATC was great, but let's give that guy who identified the main gear problem some major props

Dashiell : "State your intentions" A better mechanic

popcultbuzz : Btw this is the most supportive comment section on Youtube I've ever read

CJW Racing : If I'm ever on a plane and hear the words "I'm Maggie, I'll be your captain today" I'll know I'm in safe hands. Superb landing, 17 years old first solo with a gear failure!

Ian Hay : I'm not tearing up. Shut up. You're crying.

stevejh69 : Wow, Maggie, I have over 10,000 hours and 3500 as an instructor, Great job. As for the Lady in the Tower and John the instructor, likewise, great job. John, your instruction speaks for itself Sir! Tower, ma'am, if I am ever in trouble, I really hope you are on the other end of my radio.

Juke : Her tiny little scared voice😭😭 “alright.” Poor thing. Did a great job!!!!

Harry Buttwhisker : Fast forward 20 years on a commercial airliner First officer: Oh shit, our right landing gear is jammed. Captain Maggie: Don't worry, I got this....

Jeremy Bizon : Maggie, amazing work! I'm 35, I'm a Captain at a regional airline and I've flown with every personality type you can imagine. I cried at the end when you pulled this off. I hope you're still flying. You stayed focused and flew the wing, you didn't let the aircraft fly you. You have guts, and without meeting you I know I'd be lucky to have you by my side in a stressful situation. You also have amazing instructors. I could hear your training and confidence come through while listening.... You are built to be an aviator, you have a bright future.

Priya Shah : Tower: Say your intentions. Maggie: Can I circle back to land ? Says that decision the next moment, that shows how clear is her thinking just when she is informed of a grave situation. What a girl. Lots of Love.

Tommy Rodriguez : I'm pretty sure the last two people that said good job where other pilots from other planes

Cassidy Hill : how absolutely fitting for Maggie to be flying a Warrior. That'd be a good nickname for her.

VASAviation - : *I must admit I nearly cried with this...* Aviation is empathy. Aviation is helping others. Congrats (and also thanks) to Maggie, Instructors John and Greg and the Air Traffic Controller for showing how we all should act in these situations. Captain Maggie, you kept calm, you flew your aircraft and you did bring it down safely. Good job!

BlackWolf18C : Any landing you can walk away from is a good landing, any landing where you can use the airplane again is a great landing.

larsmonsen88 : Props to the woman on the coms..she must be a mom.

TheDesertwalker : Maggie don't need no stinking landing gear!

Kara Glynos : The day that this happened there was an air show immediately before she took off. I was sitting in one of the airport’s newest airplanes, the Cirrus 22T with a man who was giving people mini tours of the plane when they came up to it. After we left the plane we went over to talk to some guy that my dad knew at the airport. After a couple minutes of chatting, a man ran over and confirmed a wheel had fallen off on take off for a student pilot on board. Officers demanded everyone get behind the airport gates while the plan was for her to circle ahead for about 45 minutes. I remember standing next to a woman who was also a pilot at Beverly airport and she had the frequency on her phone so we could listen to what was happening. I just remember people listening to it as well in the warring about the unbalance in Maggie’s voice as they were communicating. The man that had given us the tour of the plane had jumped up into the ATC as you can see in the video they brought another person into the tower. When she got to land, I remember seeing the plane come down but I could not see the whole touchdown. I saw ir on the news later on and they showed the before and after of when she landed and the plane was off the side of the runway. This was the very first accident I’ve ever witnessed in my life and I am so so proud to congratulate Maggie on her bravery and her control!!!

Bazinga : She is seventeen solo flying wtf am I doing with my life?

Elle : i cried at the end. such a little voice with the courage of a lion. wow

warmcold pace : This is my first post ever on YouTube. The ATC, and flight instructors all need steak dinners bought by THE mechanic that made a large mistake. I am A mechanic, not THAT mechanic. Kudos to ATC and her instructors. Maggie. YOU did Awesome! I had tears listening to this. It will make me even a better mechanic!

Sonnabend00 : I heard her first transmissions - she was terrified - then her training kicked in. Note after a few minutes she is more calm...a lot of new pilots would have muffed the landing.. Maggie did it like a pro. I seriously hope she goes on to be a commercial pilot, anyone who can be that calm and cool under pressure, especially a new pilot on a solo, has the makings of - yes I will say it =- the kind of pilot Sully would be proud of. Well done Maggie.WELL DONE.

Michael Rochen : To paraphrase John Wayne, "courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway." Maggie was clearly scared, as one would expect. You can hear it in her voice. But when the chips were down, she followed her training and the instructions from the tower, and brought that plane down in one piece (minus the right wheel, of course!). If I ever get the chance to take up flying (a lifelong dream that just hasn't been financially possible), I hope I can keep that calm in an emergency if I'm ever confronted with one. GREAT JOB, CAPTAIN MAGGIE!!!

DuwMinh : .. that 1:30 "okay" made my heart drop, jesus. i'm surprised and in awe that she managed to stay calm to that extend until she finally got her composure again after doing all the rounds. never been flying a plane beside as a passenger but the only thing kinda scary as that was while learning to drive the ship i'm working on (a ferry of 42m length and 11m width). my co-worker (who is an uncle) teaching me how to and after a while seeing me driving all ok, he started leaving the wheelhouse every now and then during the trips, in order for me to become a bit more independant and self aware. so during one trip, as per usual him leaving me alone, he actually went into one of the 4 engine rooms (one at each corner of the ship) and by hand shut down one of the engines, pretending to be in the restroom, while watching the whole thing beeing ready to turn it on just in case ... i was scared shitless since we even had a few passengers onboard managed to land safely with a few difficulties but somewhat precise still. he also told me that he only did that because A: there was no other ship traffic around for a few kilometers and B: he trusted me making it, since every now and then during maintenance we have to drive with 3 out of 4 machinesin order not to kill the entire service for half a day

effyleven : My goodness, what a magnificent young girl. I bet everybody is very proud of her. And I was another of those that teared up when that frightened little squeak came out of the radio. Oh boy! Poor kid! Hmm.. The bravest people are the ones that can keep it together when they *know* just how much trouble they are in. Best wishes to her, and thanks to the guys who talked her down.

Roy Tee : This young student pilot did a great job of landing the damaged airplane. At the very start of the emergency, she did a couple of things right, that helped set up the final success. First, when she got the bad news and the rather severe "say your intentions", she didn't panic or lose her head or try to continue on her cross-country, but properly requested to circle and land. Sounds obvious, but someone else might have floundered. Second, she identified herself as a student pilot, as she was no doubt trained to do. Again, this lets ATC know the parameters of the situation they're dealing with. In both instances, her instincts kicked in before her voice shows real fear. (And her routine voice communication pre-emergency was good, too.) And a huge thanks to the pilot who noticed and reported the landing gear coming off. The pilot would have gotten a really nasty surprise on landing, had she not known. AND, as everyone has said, the ATC and instructors did a great job helping her get back onto the ground.

mike03a3 : As a pilot who has been on the receiving end of some bad news followed by a laconic "say your intentions" from ATC, I can relate somewhat to how she felt. But I wasn't a 17 year old student on a solo! You can clearly hear the fear in her voice, but she overcame the fear to fly the plane and keep it together. My sincere congratulations to all involved. The person who reported the loss of the wheel, the wonderful woman in ATC who calmed her and kept her focused and to the excellent job her instructor did, both before and during the incident. And most of all to Maggie, who clearly has "the Right Stuff". All of them are the kind of people I want on my team!

Nx Doyle : And she was greeted by 20 sweating, panting lawyers.

TheBlondeViking : First, the person instantly reporting observing the lost wheel, you might have saved a life. You rock!!! Darn well done to the young pilot, Maggie.. You did one heck of good job! Great support from the tower, and flight instructor. Your calm attitude pretty soon made this young pilot understand she could do it, And she sure did! Tons of respect to all of you. Now hand me the tissues...;-)

Derek Walter : I did my first solo when I was 40 years old, and to be honest I was a little nervous. I can't imagine the feeling of losing a landing gear and having to deal with that also. What an awesome job by all parties involved.

clyde642006 : That baby girl had me tearing up!!😢 She sounds terrified at first, but she knuckled down and landed that damn plane on one wheel!! Way to go Maggie!! 👍👍👍

HTHC : Wait, STOP. Hold the phone. 175 people gave this thumbs DOWN..... What a sick kind of mind does this. Aviation is a art form expressed buy the soul of a person wishing to challenge gravity. Overcome challenges, And Fly. Cpt. Maggie held it together and did what I expect 175 of you could not. Fly the plane! Capt. Maggie. I hope in 5 years when I go visit my grand kids in FL. You are the pilot in charge.

Holliethedog : Great job, Maggie!

RoadRunnerLaser : Poor lass, she sounded so scared to start with. Keeping her circling for a while probably helped her bleed off that initial fear quite a lot because she really sounded like her emotional state was improving as time went on. That's got to be a worrying event even for an experienced pilot but for a 17-year-old student on a solo, it must have been terrifying. Engine out? Yep, got plenty of practice for that. Stall? Yep, trained for that, too. Wheel falling off? Urm... Nope... Don't remember THAT lesson and I cannot find the relevant procedure in the POH !!!

littleferrhis : Regular Student Pilot: “Man my solo was rough, I had to do a crosswind and figure out how to manage the traffic around me.” Maggie:”...”

Sean McDonald : You know what, i actually didnt have THAT bad a day after all because i didnt have a wheel fall off my aircraft on my first solo: i have no idea how i would react to something like this but "What would Maggie do" is now my new mantra . . . . .

Tommy Wood : Fucking amazing ATC work there. ATC in general deserve more thanks then they get

Alfiere Lusso : Great Job Maggie ! No other words to say

Donald Lord : Maggie, you are steely-eyed Piper Pilot, an aviatrix who has shown the right stuff. You didn’t have Goose in backseat to keep you pumped. Better than that, you had the proud backbone of aviation, your Flight Instructor, John on the radio. The basics and a few deep breaths. We all salute you, Maggie. We’ll here about you next when you’re Thunderbird lead.

Adapa : Controller: "Say your intentions" Girl: (Terrified) "Can I circle back to land?" Literally just teared up hearing this..

Collin Begg : As a pilot and sentimental Dad, what I found impressive was that after the initial shock, Maggie gathered herself up and remembered her training. So great her instructor was there to assure her she could do it. And she did !

avflyguy : Spectacular Maggie. Job well done.... You got yourself calmed down and executed perfectly. Great job by Control Tower and the CFI's. Very calm and nicely done.... My 2nd solo in the mid 70's the front windshield developed a crack very quickly, then it broke out completely. Was 10 miles from the airport. After nearly freaking out completely, I realized the plane was still flying normally and surprisingly, not that windy inside. Within just a few minutes I calmed down, and took control back to the airport at maneuvering speed +10. Called tower about 5 out and told them what was going on. I didn't declare emergency as I knew I still had full control of the aircraft. Normal landing and taxi back to the FBO. Was doing fine till I got out of the plane and knees felt like Jello..... Went back out the next day and did 3rd solo and after thousands of hours, not anything as harrowing as that since.

Capt Tommy Schmitt : As a FAA Inspector, Mil pilot, Airline CAPT, UN Safty Expert for 46 years....I'll be your co-pilot anytime Ma'am. Tommy Schmitt Houston Tx

Fuhe Yu : When I was 17 I was sitting on my ass playing Halo and this girl is landing a plane missing half the gear. What a legend.

NimbusKhan NK : I am a pilot with over 16000 flight hours in my log book, some of those as a fighter pilot, many as an airline captain. During those almost 2-continuous-years inside cockpits and flight decks I have had my share of in inflight malfunctions and emergencies, up to and including due recourse use of an ejection seat. I wish I could personally tell Maggie this: I don't think I would have behaved as bravely and competently as she did, had I lost a main landing gear on my first solo, over 35 years ago.

T.Jentzsch : Every time I hear this I get tears in my eyes. What an amazing job she did!

Jim Vandemoter : Wow! To everybody, well done!!! To Maggie, you're awesome. Well done girl!

Mark B. : Very Well Done by All... Especially Maggie!!!!

Toolman : Incredible ignorance and sheer stupidity in a lot of posts here. Everything went as perfectly as could have. She was scared sh#tless . any competent pilot of any age or experience would be even if they had emergency experience. A competent pilot would know that in that situation anything can happen. She walked away.......perfect landing!!!!!!! Young , old , male , female , highly experienced or no experience , doesn't matter ........perfect landing!!!!!! Period!!!!!!