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Walter Taraska : To the fine folks at VASAviation and everyone who has expressed support and admiration for Maggie over the last week, we greatly appreciate your thoughts and words. To answer the question below - yes Maggie has seen this video. ..and to M. Katze - don’t be terrified. You - just like Maggie - will find the confidence you need if tested like this. You’ve already shown you have it in you or you wouldn’t have become a student pilot in the first place. BTW - weather permitting Maggie will go back up today! Walt Taraska “Maggie’s Dad”

VASAviation - : *I must admit I nearly cried with this...* Aviation is empathy. Aviation is helping others. Congrats (and also thanks) to Maggie, Instructors John and Greg and the Air Traffic Controller for showing how we all should act in these situations. Captain Maggie, you kept calm, you flew your aircraft and you did bring it down safely. Good job!

NimbusKhan NK : I am a pilot with over 16000 flight hours in my log book, some of those as a fighter pilot, many as an airline captain. During those almost 2-continuous-years inside cockpits and flight decks I have had my share of in inflight malfunctions and emergencies, up to and including due recourse use of an ejection seat. I wish I could personally tell Maggie this: I don't think I would have behaved as bravely and competently as she did, had I lost a main landing gear on my first solo, over 35 years ago.

ChrisWallBoxing : If I'm ever on a plane and hear the words "I'm Maggie, I'll be your captain today" I'll know I'm in safe hands. Superb landing, 17 years old first solo with a gear failure!

Justin Bechtel : I think that the tower and instructors being calm helped her land, but i think we need to also give some recognition to the guy that noticed the wheel breaking in the first place.

Harry Buttwhisker : Fast forward 20 years on a commercial airliner First officer: Oh shit, our right landing gear is jammed. Captain Maggie: Don't worry, I got this....

littleferrhis : Regular Student Pilot: “Man my solo was rough, I had to do a crosswind and figure out how to manage the traffic around me.” Maggie:”...”

cac2244 : at 1:35 min when she says "okay" it just breaks your heart... so happy she made it ok...Kudos for keeping calm Maggie!

AMB1534 : This happened at my home field, she landed not more than 75 yards away from my tie down, where i was watching the whole thing. Her landing was as smooth as can be, she did a superb job

tyu3456 : I'm not crying, you're crying

Jonathan Stewart : OMG this one had me in tears. I was so rooting for Maggie. Great job!

scott lawless : ATC did an amazing job of recognizing how scary the situation was for Maggie, putting her in pattern to have time to compose herself and her thoughts, and use her training to fly the plane. I think it needs to be said, though, that instructor John was simply amazing. You could literally hear the relief in her voice when he began kindly giving her step by step instructions for normal landing procedure just like he had likely done a hundred times before in their training together. In the end, she beat back the fear, focused on flying, and flew the plane all the way to the ground just like a long experienced pilot does. Great job Maggie!!!

Randy Porter : She took off as a 17 year old girl student and landed as a mature young woman pilot ! Congrats Maggie. You just got the type of training and experience, money can’t buy. This experience will stay with you forever, in a good way and give you something most other pilots don’t have. Real-world, actual emergency situation experience. That’s huge. I’ve been a pilot since the 80s and I don’t have it. Pilots everywhere are proud of you, well done !👍

majornewb : Maggie was great, ATC was great, but let's give that guy who identified the main gear problem some major props

BornToFly : She was SO freaked out it had me freaked out too, but I love that no matter how freaked out she stuck to the basic rule of the plane which is no matter what problem you encounter while flying a plane, FLY THE PLANE, then you can check other problems as long as the plane is in the best control available... Congrats to her on her first successful emergency landing considering the circumstances... Hopefully she won't be encountering anymore emergencies and if she does let's hope she'll have gained the nerves of steel and that she'll be successful... Good job to everyone who helped her, from the aircraft that reported the landing gear falling off, to the Air Traffic Controller who guided her and tried to keep her calm, to the traffic that showed some patience and care around her, to the instructors that worked with her on the landing, and mostly to her for not giving up... I loved listening to this successful story...

Ikitty 7 : Poor lady, she sounds so scared! She was amazing at flying though!

Lewis Taishoff : Ten years from now, USS John McCain, Northwest Pacific, hurricane force 10, USMC strike fighter landing. Major Maggie hits the wire first time.

Owen Merrick : I worked in maintenance at a flight school for 15 years. I always had, in the back of my mind, the knowledge that someone would be first-soloing in whatever aircraft I was working on; the job had to be done right. I really hope this incident wasn't caused by something as simple as a forgotten cotter pin...Good job Maggie, for keeping it together so you could walk away from the landing!

BlackWolf18C : Any landing you can walk away from is a good landing, any landing where you can use the airplane again is a great landing.

Carol Morris : Maggie, if you get to watch your video, you can feel as proud of yourself as every aviation enthusiast was of you. The ATC and instructors Greg and John also need a massive round of applause. I will, admit, this young lady brought tears to my old eyes. No, not tears of sadness, but tears of hope and joy that the new, young generation of pilots, can not only know the basics at 17, but can cope with emergencies.

James De Lambert : There's been some excellent audio captured on this channel over the years but damn, this has to be the best! Amazing flying Capt. Maggie! And awesome work by ATC and instructors. THIS is EXACTLY why we all love aviation so much!

Yellow Valley : Go Maggie!!!! That was amazing. My favorite quote about bravery I've ever heard is that being brave isn't a lack of fear, it's being so scared your knees shake and you can't breathe, but doing what needs to be done anyway. This is a perfect example. Everyone was so supportive to her as well. Amazing job all around.

Kenneth James : Her voice at first, so nervous...the female controller who showed ultimate in empathy at a time when a kind gentle voice was needed and her quick thinking to get instructors into the tower to talk to Maggie and get her down in one piece...hats off folks. This could of gone far worse but the team aspect to get her to land with as little drama as possible...commendable, this is why the aviation world is as respected as it is. Maggie, if you see this, I wish you the best of luck in continuing your goal of getting your pilots license. You've got this girl!

Clothahump1 : I missed something. Was this her actual solo flight that this happened on? If so, I sure hope she got her shirt tail cut after this!! That's one heck of a final exam.

Adapa : Controller: "Say your intentions" Girl: (Terrified) "Can I circle back to land?" Literally just teared up hearing this..

Dean Correa : From a former Navy Pilot and father of a 17 year old daughter... Bravo Zulu Maggie! You were very brave and calm!

Ruz : It was nice of Howard Stern to take over and help talk her through the process.

Eric Gulseth : Loved how instinct kicked in and the voice became calm when the instructor came on and talked her through the mental checklist. Great job by the young pilot. I've spent a few hours in the left seat of a Warrior myself as my dad used to fly one. Glad to see it hold up for her. Also, love these ATC videos. Animations are great and describe the calls well. You've found a new subscriber here.

stevejh69 : Wow, Maggie, I have over 10,000 hours and 3500 as an instructor, Great job. As for the Lady in the Tower and John the instructor, likewise, great job. John, your instruction speaks for itself Sir! Tower, ma'am, if I am ever in trouble, I really hope you are on the other end of my radio.

JimsEquipmentShed : Student pilot solo, yea, there's a trial by fire for ya! The tower guidance was awesome, she remained exceptionally calm, and transferred that feeling back to the pilot.

Raven Openheart : Thanks for all the comments...yes...found my engine, it had stopped working under the cowling. Just like most of you I had a tough flight instructor. He was an active duty Air Force Colonel who had never trained a Civilian pilot. He just said I will treat you and train you as a Military Pilot....and he did. At 16 I was flying Cessna 150’s, Cessna 172’s, the Air Force T34, and the Twin Engine Banaza Beach Dutches. In this landing I talked about, I was way to high to land. So I kicked in a full slip and opened the door to use it as an air brake. I dropped like a rock. Then I shut the door, lined with the runway, and sat down. So teaching me to open the door and use it as a break saved my life. I was an Air Force Brat who learned to fly on an Air Force Base then went on to be Air Crew in the United States Navy. I always had to be around planes...I am sure you know what I mean...thanks again for all the stories.

Russell Gill : Maggie, John, ATC, emergency personnel, and airport operations deserve a huge Bravo Zulu!!! Maggie, you did an amazing job, staying calm and flying the airplane. I know there are hundreds of thousands of pilots that are cheering, along with the tower, for your safe landing. Your instructor must be immensely proud - and he is a credit to the CFI ranks.

Liam Dilley : She did an awesome job and I am actually even happier to see all the nice messages for her in comments on a youtube video and pretty much 99% of the comments being nice. Very rare - everyone deserves hugs and pats on shoulders all round.

Anurag Singh Chauhan : From that heart-wrenching trembling voice in the first 'Okay' (1:30) to the cheerful 'Alright, that's a good thing' at the end !!! You are truly a champ, Maggie. Kudos.

KCFlyer2 : Wow. Such a young person and such a scary situation, but while a little shaken, she did the one thing she was supposed to do - fly the plane. If she makes aviation a career, I want her to be the captain on one of my flights. Great job Maggie - and great work John.

Doug Spencer : I wonder who the A & P mechanic was that checked out that aircraft last ?? Somebody's butt is going to be in a sling!!

Bill Woo : Why did that failure happen? This is very upsetting. "Spontaneous" - well, let's just call it, non trauma-induced - wheel loss should be a 0% event, shouldn't it?

Donald Lord : Maggie, you are steely-eyed Piper Pilot, an aviatrix who has shown the right stuff. You didn’t have Goose in backseat to keep you pumped. Better than that, you had the proud backbone of aviation, your Flight Instructor, John on the radio. The basics and a few deep breaths. We all salute you, Maggie. We’ll here about you next when you’re Thunderbird lead.

NorPilot Iqbali : I have no words! Such a brave girl! As a ATPL student, nothing here could’ve been done better! Great job by the tower, Maggie and instructors! Great team work! This is what aviation is all about. TEAM! (Together We Achieve More) And thank you for your work and uploading this! Always great content! Kind regards from on of your earliest subscribers!

Kenwood22021 : Great job everyone!

drummaguyhixy : Huge congratulations to Maggie on keeping it together and successfully landing in what i could imagine would be such an daunting task. To the instructors John and Greg who helped her remain calm, well done to you both in using your experience to give the best possible outcome. ATC, your attitude and assistance toward Maggie my hat goes off. listening to this video was such an emotional journey from hearing a poor student pilot with tears in her eyes through to holding it together and pulling off a feat that many will remember for years to come, i'm in awe. I've for some time now wanted to look into getting training and becoming a pilot. something about the skies its the freedom. at the present moment the cost is whats impeding me but hopefully i'll get there one day. congratulations again Maggie you showed us all how to face fear head on and not let it win.

Rajendra Dave : First and fore most the pilot stayed calm and kept flying took charge that’s really good to see controllers and instructors did a very good job helping pilot stay calm and focus every body knows to fly but staying calm and flying is the key that Maggie was able to and that’s what made the out come positive she didn’t give up

gmcjetpilot : Typical girl pilot, always losing fixed gear wheels, geeez, figures. Another empty seat in Home economics class. Ha ha, kidding she did a great job; all my female flight students were good. Anyone offended by jokes too bad.

fishboyswim32 : John's a great guy! Nice job to Beverly tower, flight center, and north Atlantic air.

Autopilot Airborne : Awesome Landing Maggie ! You've got very good and supportive instructors. Keep Learning.. Keep Flying.. May you reach new heights of flying .. :) . Good coverage @VASAviation

jrbdtx : Oh my, her voice when she first heard the situation, got me a bit choked up. I’m so impressed with how solid she got though. Amazing job pilot. Just amazing.

Michael Murphy : Local news reports indicated she hopes to join the US Air Force. Hopefully she enjoys an long and successful career.

Cassidy Hill : how absolutely fitting for Maggie to be flying a Warrior. That'd be a good nickname for her.

effyleven : My goodness, what a magnificent young girl. I bet everybody is very proud of her. And I was another of those that teared up when that frightened little squeak came out of the radio. Oh boy! Poor kid! Hmm.. The bravest people are the ones that can keep it together when they *know* just how much trouble they are in. Best wishes to her, and thanks to the guys who talked her down.

Matt Twinkletoes : That´s one junior pilot with more experience than a lot of seasoned pilots. Godo for her, she was obviously shitting herself but as soon as she had to perform the landing she came good. Excellent stuff and well done the ATC for being so supportive and to the instructors for talking her in. Love it.