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Walter Taraska : To the fine folks at VASAviation and everyone who has expressed support and admiration for Maggie over the last week, we greatly appreciate your thoughts and words. To answer the question below - yes Maggie has seen this video. ..and to M. Katze - don’t be terrified. You - just like Maggie - will find the confidence you need if tested like this. You’ve already shown you have it in you or you wouldn’t have become a student pilot in the first place. BTW - weather permitting Maggie will go back up today! Walt Taraska “Maggie’s Dad”

VASAviation - : *I must admit I nearly cried with this...* Aviation is empathy. Aviation is helping others. Congrats (and also thanks) to Maggie, Instructors John and Greg and the Air Traffic Controller for showing how we all should act in these situations. Captain Maggie, you kept calm, you flew your aircraft and you did bring it down safely. Good job!

Zoé Lam : I like the part where the ATC lady instantly changed from professional to motherly once she learnt Maggie is alone up there..

ChrisWallBoxing : If I'm ever on a plane and hear the words "I'm Maggie, I'll be your captain today" I'll know I'm in safe hands. Superb landing, 17 years old first solo with a gear failure!

majornewb : Maggie was great, ATC was great, but let's give that guy who identified the main gear problem some major props

Dashiell : "State your intentions" A better mechanic

Jonathan Stewart : OMG this one had me in tears. I was so rooting for Maggie. Great job!

popcultbuzz : Btw this is the most supportive comment section on Youtube I've ever read

cac2244 : at 1:35 min when she says "okay" it just breaks your heart... so happy she made it ok...Kudos for keeping calm Maggie!

Justin Bechtel : I think that the tower and instructors being calm helped her land, but i think we need to also give some recognition to the guy that noticed the wheel breaking in the first place.

Ian Hay : I'm not tearing up. Shut up. You're crying.

Ikitty 7 : Poor lady, she sounds so scared! She was amazing at flying though!

stevejh69 : Wow, Maggie, I have over 10,000 hours and 3500 as an instructor, Great job. As for the Lady in the Tower and John the instructor, likewise, great job. John, your instruction speaks for itself Sir! Tower, ma'am, if I am ever in trouble, I really hope you are on the other end of my radio.

HTHC : Wait, STOP. Hold the phone. 175 people gave this thumbs DOWN..... What a sick kind of mind does this. Aviation is a art form expressed buy the soul of a person wishing to challenge gravity. Overcome challenges, And Fly. Cpt. Maggie held it together and did what I expect 175 of you could not. Fly the plane! Capt. Maggie. I hope in 5 years when I go visit my grand kids in FL. You are the pilot in charge.

Dean Correa : From a former Navy Pilot and father of a 17 year old daughter... Bravo Zulu Maggie! You were very brave and calm!

Shelli Meyers : To anyone who hasn't seen it yet, here is a little news clip featuring Maggie herself in what seems to be a press conference: https://youtu.be/22K4WTNkeOY. One tidbit of special note that I didn't realize watching this VASAviation transcript is that not only was this just a solo flight for Maggie, it was her *very first* solo flight! Maggie, you are absolutely awesome!

Shut Up & Take My Money : To listen to her voice go from oh crap then becoming more and more confident through the process was great, then after she landed you could hear the happiness in her voice. Good for them and good for her, handled like a champ!

Kenneth James : Her voice at first, so nervous...the female controller who showed ultimate in empathy at a time when a kind gentle voice was needed and her quick thinking to get instructors into the tower to talk to Maggie and get her down in one piece...hats off folks. This could of gone far worse but the team aspect to get her to land with as little drama as possible...commendable, this is why the aviation world is as respected as it is. Maggie, if you see this, I wish you the best of luck in continuing your goal of getting your pilots license. You've got this girl!

Clothahump1 : I missed something. Was this her actual solo flight that this happened on? If so, I sure hope she got her shirt tail cut after this!! That's one heck of a final exam.

BlackWolf18C : Any landing you can walk away from is a good landing, any landing where you can use the airplane again is a great landing.

Lewis Taishoff : Ten years from now, USS John McCain, Northwest Pacific, hurricane force 10, USMC strike fighter landing. Major Maggie hits the wire first time.

Harry Buttwhisker : Fast forward 20 years on a commercial airliner First officer: Oh shit, our right landing gear is jammed. Captain Maggie: Don't worry, I got this....

Ruz : It was nice of Howard Stern to take over and help talk her through the process.

BornToFly : She was SO freaked out it had me freaked out too, but I love that no matter how freaked out she stuck to the basic rule of the plane which is no matter what problem you encounter while flying a plane, FLY THE PLANE, then you can check other problems as long as the plane is in the best control available... Congrats to her on her first successful emergency landing considering the circumstances... Hopefully she won't be encountering anymore emergencies and if she does let's hope she'll have gained the nerves of steel and that she'll be successful... Good job to everyone who helped her, from the aircraft that reported the landing gear falling off, to the Air Traffic Controller who guided her and tried to keep her calm, to the traffic that showed some patience and care around her, to the instructors that worked with her on the landing, and mostly to her for not giving up... I loved listening to this successful story...

larsmonsen88 : Props to the woman on the coms..she must be a mom.

Michael Rochen : To paraphrase John Wayne, "courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway." Maggie was clearly scared, as one would expect. You can hear it in her voice. But when the chips were down, she followed her training and the instructions from the tower, and brought that plane down in one piece (minus the right wheel, of course!). If I ever get the chance to take up flying (a lifelong dream that just hasn't been financially possible), I hope I can keep that calm in an emergency if I'm ever confronted with one. GREAT JOB, CAPTAIN MAGGIE!!!

effyleven : My goodness, what a magnificent young girl. I bet everybody is very proud of her. And I was another of those that teared up when that frightened little squeak came out of the radio. Oh boy! Poor kid! Hmm.. The bravest people are the ones that can keep it together when they *know* just how much trouble they are in. Best wishes to her, and thanks to the guys who talked her down.

DuwMinh : .. that 1:30 "okay" made my heart drop, jesus. i'm surprised and in awe that she managed to stay calm to that extend until she finally got her composure again after doing all the rounds. never been flying a plane beside as a passenger but the only thing kinda scary as that was while learning to drive the ship i'm working on (a ferry of 42m length and 11m width). my co-worker (who is an uncle) teaching me how to and after a while seeing me driving all ok, he started leaving the wheelhouse every now and then during the trips, in order for me to become a bit more independant and self aware. so during one trip, as per usual him leaving me alone, he actually went into one of the 4 engine rooms (one at each corner of the ship) and by hand shut down one of the engines, pretending to be in the restroom, while watching the whole thing beeing ready to turn it on just in case ... i was scared shitless since we even had a few passengers onboard managed to land safely with a few difficulties but somewhat precise still. he also told me that he only did that because A: there was no other ship traffic around for a few kilometers and B: he trusted me making it, since every now and then during maintenance we have to drive with 3 out of 4 machinesin order not to kill the entire service for half a day

danemania001 : The real hero is the person who noticed a wheel fell off

Elle : i cried at the end. such a little voice with the courage of a lion. wow

Toolman : Incredible ignorance and sheer stupidity in a lot of posts here. Everything went as perfectly as could have. She was scared sh#tless . any competent pilot of any age or experience would be even if they had emergency experience. A competent pilot would know that in that situation anything can happen. She walked away.......perfect landing!!!!!!! Young , old , male , female , highly experienced or no experience , doesn't matter ........perfect landing!!!!!! Period!!!!!!

Donald Lord : Maggie, you are steely-eyed Piper Pilot, an aviatrix who has shown the right stuff. You didn’t have Goose in backseat to keep you pumped. Better than that, you had the proud backbone of aviation, your Flight Instructor, John on the radio. The basics and a few deep breaths. We all salute you, Maggie. We’ll here about you next when you’re Thunderbird lead.

October Afternoon : Better then any motivational video out there! Keep calm and focused! Well done captain Meggie!

Cassidy Hill : how absolutely fitting for Maggie to be flying a Warrior. That'd be a good nickname for her.

Matt Twinkletoes : That´s one junior pilot with more experience than a lot of seasoned pilots. Godo for her, she was obviously shitting herself but as soon as she had to perform the landing she came good. Excellent stuff and well done the ATC for being so supportive and to the instructors for talking her in. Love it.

Sean McDonald : You know what, i actually didnt have THAT bad a day after all because i didnt have a wheel fall off my aircraft on my first solo: i have no idea how i would react to something like this but "What would Maggie do" is now my new mantra . . . . .

zeke jethro : THIS on the first solo flight - and walked away from it. With minimal damage to the aircraft on top of that :) How many pilots can add that to their resume? I'm guessing not too many.

Juke : Her tiny little scared voice😭😭 “alright.” Poor thing. Did a great job!!!!

Jeff Luo : Still better than a ryanair landing even without the right wheel.

Crazy Crazy Railfan : Maggie risked it for the biscuits. She had no choice. She survived it all. This was a feat accomplished by her. To the captain herself, I’m impressed with that wheelless landing. Even though no wheels were on the aircraft, you still successfully landed it. Great job! To all who watched this, I’m glad y’all supported this skillful pilot. All these comments, and everything, it’s just making her extra proud, watchers. Great job! To John, you told her what to do, and that’s very helpful. I’m glad you helped her land. Great job! To those at the air traffic control towers, you guys have done the right thing for her, and what you did was also good, especially with telling about the lost wheel. Great job! To the pilot that spotted the wheel, you started all this. Good eyes! Great job! And finally, to the channel, VASAviation, who documented this historic moment. You knew where Maggie was going. You also understood what they said, and all these viewers, staff, and Maggie were proud. Great job! KUDOS TO EVERYONE!!!

CARLOS SANCHEZ : Capt. Maggie, you earned your wings sooner than you expected, kudos !!!!!!

Ben Spalding : I heard the initial "Wacco" contact as "That Warrior that just departed - the right main gear strut and wheel just fell off the airplane"

NimbusKhan NK : I am a pilot with over 16000 flight hours in my log book, some of those as a fighter pilot, many as an airline captain. During those almost 2-continuous-years inside cockpits and flight decks I have had my share of in inflight malfunctions and emergencies, up to and including due recourse use of an ejection seat. I wish I could personally tell Maggie this: I don't think I would have behaved as bravely and competently as she did, had I lost a main landing gear on my first solo, over 35 years ago.

don meurett : I could feel the tension Girl I want you as my pilot.

TheDesertwalker : Maggie don't need no stinking landing gear!

Roy Tee : This young student pilot did a great job of landing the damaged airplane. At the very start of the emergency, she did a couple of things right, that helped set up the final success. First, when she got the bad news and the rather severe "say your intentions", she didn't panic or lose her head or try to continue on her cross-country, but properly requested to circle and land. Sounds obvious, but someone else might have floundered. Second, she identified herself as a student pilot, as she was no doubt trained to do. Again, this lets ATC know the parameters of the situation they're dealing with. In both instances, her instincts kicked in before her voice shows real fear. (And her routine voice communication pre-emergency was good, too.) And a huge thanks to the pilot who noticed and reported the landing gear coming off. The pilot would have gotten a really nasty surprise on landing, had she not known. AND, as everyone has said, the ATC and instructors did a great job helping her get back onto the ground.

VapeTime : People often classify me as a woman hater because im an mra, but man, 1:29 got to me....legit in tears.

Adapa : Controller: "Say your intentions" Girl: (Terrified) "Can I circle back to land?" Literally just teared up hearing this..

Simon Steffen : "i feel high" – same girl, same

Joel Palmer : That is one brave kid