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Walter Taraska : To the fine folks at VASAviation and everyone who has expressed support and admiration for Maggie over the last week, we greatly appreciate your thoughts and words. To answer the question below - yes Maggie has seen this video. ..and to M. Katze - don’t be terrified. You - just like Maggie - will find the confidence you need if tested like this. You’ve already shown you have it in you or you wouldn’t have become a student pilot in the first place. BTW - weather permitting Maggie will go back up today! Walt Taraska “Maggie’s Dad”

VASAviation - : *I must admit I nearly cried with this...* Aviation is empathy. Aviation is helping others. Congrats (and also thanks) to Maggie, Instructors John and Greg and the Air Traffic Controller for showing how we all should act in these situations. Captain Maggie, you kept calm, you flew your aircraft and you did bring it down safely. Good job!

Ikitty 7 : Poor lady, she sounds so scared! She was amazing at flying though!

Jonathan Stewart : OMG this one had me in tears. I was so rooting for Maggie. Great job!

Harry Buttwhisker : Fast forward 20 years on a commercial airliner First officer: Oh shit, our right landing gear is jammed. Captain Maggie: Don't worry, I got this....

M. Katze : As a 17 year old student Pilot, this terrifies me.

NimbusKhan NK : I am a pilot with over 16000 flight hours in my log book, some of those as a fighter pilot, many as an airline captain. During those almost 2-continuous-years inside cockpits and flight decks I have had my share of in inflight malfunctions and emergencies, up to and including due recourse use of an ejection seat. I wish I could personally tell Maggie this: I don't think I would have behaved as bravely and competently as she did, had I lost a main landing gear on my first solo, over 35 years ago.

JimsEquipmentShed : Student pilot solo, yea, there's a trial by fire for ya! The tower guidance was awesome, she remained exceptionally calm, and transferred that feeling back to the pilot.

Adapa : Controller: "Say your intentions" Girl: (Terrified) "Can I circle back to land?" Literally just teared up hearing this..

Michael Murphy : Local news reports indicated she hopes to join the US Air Force. Hopefully she enjoys an long and successful career.

RCSonicjet : You know what, I know people will complain about the tears but wow. Imagine, you are a student pilot, you've been doing great, and you care a hell of a lot about this. You are just 17 years old and in a normal solo training flight and suddenly you are handing the kind of thing that terrifies an amazing pilot. Suddenly you are in hold to destroy a plane that you are doing your best to take care of knowing this is gonna be on your record. You know you are not trained enough for this, you know this could be your death, you wonder about your friends and family. This is goddamn bravery in a way that few will ever have the chance to show. watch her clear up and become confident as it continues. This is tear jerking to me watching it.

heatshield : I really hope Maggie sees your video, Vas, and all the support for her from your viewers. Excellent work, Maggie. I would fly with you any day.

littleferrhis : Regular Student Pilot: “Man my solo was rough, I had to do a crosswind and figure out how to manage the traffic around me.” Maggie:”...”

Edward Hall : As a flight instructor, GREAT JOB MAGGIE! You have some good instructors!

tie oneon : Its like she went from white belt to black belt in one day great job!

Justin Bechtel : I think that the tower and instructors being calm helped her land, but i think we need to also give some recognition to the guy that noticed the wheel breaking in the first place.

Kevin Callaghan : woman atc person was amazing .kept this young girl calm more power to her...

cac2244 : at 1:35 min when she says "okay" it just breaks your heart... so happy she made it ok...Kudos for keeping calm Maggie!

Jorge Parra : did anyone else feel like to hug Maggie?

Warren Newman : I think that shows the benefits of good training and the instructor´s ability to give clear and useful advice

shorehambeach : Outstanding job. Great teamwork. Someone is cutting onions in my office 😊

KD0LRG : This should be required listening for pilots and ATC during CE. If anyone talks bad about any part of this young lady's most stressful moment of her life I will make sure your time on here isn't pleasant. Just thinking about it if it was my daughter and what her instructor had going on in his mind. This is someone's young daughter doing a solo and he has to get her on the ground safely mo matter what. I have been under severe stress before but I think what she did at her age is amazing. Too many have freaked out and planted there plane because they didn't fly the plane and do as they were trained. She was configured for flight and was able to safely fly around until they were sure it was a good time to bring her in. Well done!! I hope in 8 years she will be flying me around in a 738.

Ray Dominguez : That “ok” @1:29 is what broke me.

Diogo Martins : "Hey Maggie, his is Greg. How are you doing?" Just great, Greg!! Eheh

Jake Colli : This is a perfect example of how things are supposed to work. Great job by all.

Viktor Sijpkens - Aviation : Holy crap. I am 17 year old student pilot too, and luckily this has not happened with me (yet)...Respect to her

Owen Merrick : I worked in maintenance at a flight school for 15 years. I always had, in the back of my mind, the knowledge that someone would be first-soloing in whatever aircraft I was working on; the job had to be done right. I really hope this incident wasn't caused by something as simple as a forgotten cotter pin...Good job Maggie, for keeping it together so you could walk away from the landing!

Raven Openheart : At 16 flying as a solo student I lost my engine. I only had enough time to call a May Day to Atlanta Center, and managed to glide to an airport...best lading I ever made. Engine loss to landing probably no more than 90 seconds...no time to be afraid, glad I did not have this much time to worry. Just like me, she will have a great story to tell for the rest of her life!

Trek001 : Even though the title was a foregone conclusion, I was still in tears for most of this one especially the one worded reply at 1:30 - Dear god, I had to stop watching and have a drink to steady my nerves I'll fly with Captain Maggie anytime

Charlie Foxtrot : Not gonna lie, I teared up a bit on that one. Props to the young pilot and ATC crew!

Brian Verner : Unreal. She bossed it. Imagine being a student solo pilot at 17 and dealing with this. Good for her.. she did her instructors proud.

Fin .Reilly : best video yet!! (even better than one that im in on the radio!) This was pure class from everybody involved. Such a feel good outcome.

JonJonsLifeLessons : She has a big pair of brass ones. 17 and lost landing gear. Id be crapping my pants.

Carol Morris : Maggie, if you get to watch your video, you can feel as proud of yourself as every aviation enthusiast was of you. The ATC and instructors Greg and John also need a massive round of applause. I will, admit, this young lady brought tears to my old eyes. No, not tears of sadness, but tears of hope and joy that the new, young generation of pilots, can not only know the basics at 17, but can cope with emergencies.

Golvic : She did a fantastic job. When I was a baby pilot I would have been a mess up there. She kept her head and flew the aircraft and walked away in the end. Nothing more could have been asked of her. Every pilot finds that one day they will have to earn their wings when you get thrown a curve. She earned the heck out of it that day. Mine was a total power failure in a Cirrus SR20 in IMC. Keeping you head when things don’t go as planned is one of the hardest things to do in aviation and every pilot will need to prove it at least once. She did. She has earned a hell of a lot of respect for doing it so early in her flying career.

Gianluca Gomara : Maybe she was so scared but she did an exelent job. Claps for her!

James De Lambert : There's been some excellent audio captured on this channel over the years but damn, this has to be the best! Amazing flying Capt. Maggie! And awesome work by ATC and instructors. THIS is EXACTLY why we all love aviation so much!

Frost The Fox : She did a fine job. Yeah, so what she cried a little on freq, but she flew the aircraft, stayed in communication and landed the aircraft safely. Love the instructor and the other pilots at the end giving praise. Nice job, Maggie!

ThatAussieGirl : Oh the poor girl, she sounded terrified =(

Huntracony : Apparently this was her first solo flight too. Edit: is wasn't, but it was her first cross country solo

DJ : How the heck did this happen? Previous student landed hard? Or is a mechanic somewhere at the airport fishing some loose bolts out of his pocket wondering where he forgot to screw those in

Smitty Smithsonite : Took me a while to realize this happened in my neck of the woods! I didn't know about it until now. She did a great job! Probably for the best that she was able to circle awhile there, and let the adrenaline and fear subside a bit. I couldn't even imagine going through that at 17. I just went up in a 172 the weekend before last for the first time in 34+ years, and I was a little nerved when we left the ground - took a while to get comfortable! Still was a ton of fun, though - can't wait for the day I go up on my own. She's a million steps ahead of me, and I'm nearly 3x her age. BRAVO!! 👍👍

V Rizzi : 58 year old student pilot here. Military disabled combat vet. Hate to admit it but I cried listening to that. The part when she touched down. Congratulations

Will Wilson : Amazing job to a great pilot, super calm and collected under pressure - during a very tense situation - and well done to ATC, and Instructor for helping her get down safely. That's a good one to have in the old log book! *Safely land Aircraft with missing wheel - Tick ;)

Bill Woo : https://www.aviation24.be/manufacturers/piper/maggie-taraska-17-safely-lands-piper-pa-28-161-lost-wheel-take-off/

Russell Gill : Maggie, John, ATC, emergency personnel, and airport operations deserve a huge Bravo Zulu!!! Maggie, you did an amazing job, staying calm and flying the airplane. I know there are hundreds of thousands of pilots that are cheering, along with the tower, for your safe landing. Your instructor must be immensely proud - and he is a credit to the CFI ranks.

Paul Furey : What the...there's something in my eye....blasted onion cutting! Very well done Maggie and all involved. Absolutely amazing! And a great spot from the guy who saw the wheel fall off! The world is great :)

Northerngulf : It's good to know she'll be protecting our country as a USAF pilot! Way to go Maggie!

911Tger : Hats off to You Maggie. Performing under pressure is a difficult thing to do! You did amazing. as the saying goes, Any landing you can walk away from is a good one, it continues with any landing you can walk away from and use the aircraft again is an excellent one... well this was an Uber Landing... The one rare enough to not be part of the saying. You walked away from an aircraft that most wouldnt have been able to walk away from for a failure thats no fault of your own, and with some repairs, looks like they can use the aircraft again. Depending on how much of it the FAA tears apart of course. Excellent Airmanship. I would fly with you any day.

Matt Williams : I would like to have heard the initial conversation when her parents spoke to the maintenance guys. I’m sure some will disagree, but I would have liked to have heard the controller (who did a great job) or the instructors very gently remind her to get back to more normal radio discipline by ending with her identifier. Small things like that can help a person who is letting emotion start to negatively effect them start to transition back into the normal routines they’ve been trained for. Like the instructor mentions it’s back to basics. As both an emt and soldier I’ve seen times where a young or inexperienced person needed a quick reminder that there is a procedure to follow and you know it to move them from “I’m scared and starting to feel overwhelmed” into the “I’m still kinda scared but I’m trained to overcome this” mode. I hope this ends up giving Maggie confidence in her abilities and is just an interesting footnote for the beginning of her flying life.