Detroit Soul Skate 2016

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Nakia Lindsey : Native Detroiter loved this video as a child love Skateland wish I was part of the video I am a good skater. The music is on point and the skaters are talented this is what it is all about good times and partying. Detroit and Atlanta best skaters hands down ♡♡♡ cool video thank you again.

The Vintage Freshman : I love my people! What a scene!!! no arguing, no fighting, shooting...just ol'skool fun!

philaman1972 : These guys make it look so easy - and it isn't!

IAMTiffany Monique : The editing of this video was great. I was there all four nights! It was amazing. Wish soul skate was every year instead of every other year 😔

rockster0192 : I'm so glad i'm black.

Malisa Wilson : Our natural swag and movements CAN'T be reckoned with on sk8s it's ridiculous. ✊🏽 love my skin and my people.

BB Musashi : Dope film sequence and I love the music. Love the positive atmosphere. Really amazing work!

Urban Bush Sista : I can so see this footage as part of a larger documentary project on Detroit's Art Scene. Well done. #DetroitLove

Tora Torres : Beautiful! and that track is fiyah!

Connie Rhymes : It isn't much that makes tears but, I love skating in Detroit back in the day! This made me want to pack my skates up and come home. This was a great video that was created too!

PeppermintGreen : Best damn dance vid Ive ever seen. These people have got serious skills, especially that dude at 2:33!

C. Aaron Kreader : I miss skating rinks. Love this!

Robert Coleman : These people can skate. So far Detroit Rock the skates. This is the best video and Music mix, I've seen. It reminds me when I skated. I learned how to skate in 1975, at Empire Roller Rink, in B'klyn, NY. Since then I, lived in skates One time during the transit strike I, skated from the George Washington Bridge to Canal and Broadway ( 8 1/2 miles). I held a job at River Bank State Park, as a Roller Skate Monitor. I skated 7 hours a day, 6 days a week.Then ride my bike from 145 St. to 178 St. to and from work (3 miles round trip). Then I was most fit. Some of the Rinks I stated; Empire, Spin Easy, Roxy, Park Circle, The Garage, Dominican Republic, California, Virginia and elsewhere.

dan coates : That is the coolest skate video I've ever seen

Stephen Chumley : That's a really sweet video.

Brawlers Up Tv : Amazing video! This just got me hype for the Skate-A-Thon in Atlanta this weekend! Snap City will be there woooooo!

David Burks : these folks aint playin' around at this rink. Love to watch em!

Marco Salazar : off the wall

Jason C : Notice they don't show this on TV, but they sure as hell will show Chicago hood....

Roze Tru : This is so beautifully heart. Wow. <3 <3

Vette J : Lawd knows I can watch this over and over! Music on point too

quinn wallace : amazing video! thanks for sharing. 2018 here we come

Dhul Yaqub : Where and what is the name of the skating rink? I live in Milwaukee and I'd like to come there to skate.

Jean-Michel Durand : merci Bianca, j'ai découvert votre superbe vidéo sur l'émission L'oeil du links de la télévision française. vos images sont magnifiques et la bande son incroyable. merci de l'île Maurice (Mauritius, East Africa)

Tara G : The lady at 1:10 mark is doing it! :)

Jez Lucas : happy days, wish we had this in UK

D M McVittie : this is so awesome and beautiful, love it! thanks for sharing :)

Lauraine Francom : Really excellent in all ways! The world needs this love and joy now more than ever. Blessings to you.

Darryl Slaughter : Some nice footage  for  sure

Monique Moss : I have watched this video everyday since I discovered it 2 weeks ago. The visuals and music are WONDERFUL


Juan Jimenez : it is so surprising that still have roller skating arenas I hope that all gangs tray there guns for skates and good music

mothersoul1 : thanks its soul sweet

Mulefa : magical video. makes me wish I could have been there!

Glenn Reed : Talking about "ROLLING WITH THE CREW"!

Lakeview Audio & Video : Bianca Chase.....This is great fricken work. I'm a grown ass man and this thing touched me greatly. Like one of the posts said...It make me so proud to be BLACK!!!!

Connie Rhymes-Johnson : I love this video! It's the real skaters and it's the best fun ever! I am charging up my iphone and going to the park to puts some skating moves out there today.

BB Musashi : What kind of camera did you use?

Kalese Webber : I love to see my city painted in such a positive carefree light. Beautiful video 👍🏽

Delores Daniel : This is the reason why other nationalities try to copy our cultural, so smooth and cool.

lebouc amar : j'adoreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Tara G : I was giving this link to check out this skate jam. Cool. Thanks for posting. :)

Earthling Crusader : Thank you so for making this.

Orangesocksburst : That Melanin was in tune.

Eileen Hawes : So beautiful and inspiring, thanks for sharing all the fabulous music and the skater's skill!

Big AL : Here's a pure sample of the real Skate Community capturing them in their element letting it go on the floor with no regrets! I t's something that we all do as skaters, no matter where you roll. The Skate Community has founnd a way to pull our people together in a positive way, no matter if you're an Old School, Middle- Generation or New-Age Skater. I really enjoy the fact that you see our people having a good time in a peaceful and positive way! I think y'all got some that we need to spread across the Country! Do your thing my people in the Skate Community! Big AL

StanFredo : This is great! There's undoubtedly a "Soul Training" side to it :)

Dawn Beverly : yaaaas D represent!

Daria Roithmayr : This was so fabulous!