Detroit Soul Skate 2016

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Imani Lucas : Where do I find the soundtrack for this video?

philaman1972 : These guys make it look so easy - and it isn't!

Kid I know : detroit, chicago, and atl got that skating shit on lock.

J Allen : I always love watching people skate-dance!

Jasnael : DETROIT CULTURE... ♥♥♥♥

uNiTy : I'm a white dude, but I think this is so beautiful. I would love to attend one of these.

Doogie H : In a time of racism and hatred this vid is created all all is forgotten. This is true love and happiness.

Jason Hill : I Love the f*ck out of my city theirs not another like it Salute to all of my comrades Eastsides finest signing off ☝💚

Mechanik_J : The music is awesome!

I-Dream Ofjeannie : beautiful !!!

Taylor Wilkins : Great video, but weird music choice...

jcapril1 : This makes me happy. Yes to black joy and fellowship!

Doogie H : Beautiful!

steven mcrae : Oh my God who is the artist that sings both of those songs in the first half of this video and the second half. I'm in love with them songs. 😁🎶🎧 Somebody please tell me.

Mohammad Al Turk : hello every body i was looking for a video clip of a song that i used to have on VHS long time a go. i'm trying to find it on YouTube but i don't seem to get any luck with that . i don't know if any body can help me. the clip takes place in a hall where the band wears a black suits and (all star converse) shoes, and they are singing and dancing on a stage that is a persons high and lit from within , and there where skaters rounding around the stage. i don't remember the song name or the band, but i remember that i used to really like this song, it have a nice beat thanks

lemonade budget : respect. can't even do those moves with my feet on the ground lol... in my youth.. ahh

Khaleesi Delmar : I love to see my city painted in such a positive carefree light. Beautiful video 👍🏽

lebouc amar : j'adoreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Juan Jimenez : it is so surprising that still have roller skating arenas I hope that all gangs tray there guns for skates and good music

RenitaFitness : I would to go and just watch.

Rafael Quinonez : skating .... why is it disappearing !!!!!! this is something the kids need ! kept me outta trouble !

Bennabs Nab : Sa tue trop nice

rockster0192 : I'm so glad i'm black.

Eric Kovitch : Super !!!! Mais quel est le premier titre please (what's first title) ?? ;)

Stuart Turnbull : This is brilliant on all levels. Thanks, from the UK

nejolo matrilo : Absolutely beautiful video. This takes me back to the old school days. No skating rink let alone soul skate by my way. Great music picks too.

Petra Richter : forget to work while watching this video too often....

UnderpantGnome : Do someone kno what is the track plsss ? I love it !!

PeppermintGreen : Best damn dance vid Ive ever seen. These people have got serious skills, especially that dude at 2:33!

SquillyMon : Jeezus I used to think I was pretty good, but these people can SKATE...

William Jackson : Dope film sequence and I love the music. Love the positive atmosphere. Really amazing work!

Jez Lucas : happy days, wish we had this in UK

Aaron Redd : The soundtrack is amazing

YSG Hitemup : Please help me

Benjamin Rojouan : tthey wanna stop the ride through paris ,we are meeting for a strike!!!

Manola Sene : I want to go there, and danse !!!!

Dawn Beverly : yaaaas D represent!


Big AL : Here's a pure sample of the real Skate Community capturing them in their element letting it go on the floor with no regrets! I t's something that we all do as skaters, no matter where you roll. The Skate Community has founnd a way to pull our people together in a positive way, no matter if you're an Old School, Middle- Generation or New-Age Skater. I really enjoy the fact that you see our people having a good time in a peaceful and positive way! I think y'all got some that we need to spread across the Country! Do your thing my people in the Skate Community! Big AL

Roze Tru : This is so beautifully heart. Wow. <3 <3

Shannon Mobley : Wow, awesome skating. I'm glad to see it's still going. I used to skate a lot as a kid (late 70's/early 80's) and wish I had kept it up.


Nikki Blaylock : Great song selection!

Jerry Pena : Skillz for days up in those rinks!!

frederic traore : amazing !!!Thanks

jony vu : yeah70,80's disco music fits perfectly

Abdoulaye Diaby : superbe ambiance ça donne envie d'y etre

Marielle M : It just got advertised on French TV.....Thump up.....Bravo !

SCAN40 : what track is that/?

Benjamin Rojouan : HELP roller is a wide communauty!!