Detroit Soul Skate 2016

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Imani Lucas : Where do I find the soundtrack for this video?

MrRainbowDC : This its very Great, i am thinking to my return time here in Germany from the Bouncetime here I LIKE IT thank you for this Video

Kid I know : detroit, chicago, and atl got that skating shit on lock.

CJ Edmonson : Where are the white people

Candy U : What camera and lens do you use?

Delores Daniel : This is the reason why other nationalities try to copy our cultural, so smooth and cool.

OuWaKaWoOh : Would be better with the original sound/music.

FuriousMB : Whenever I need to feel better or decompress, I watch this video. It just makes me feel calm and happy.

Marcus L : i need these songs bad lol

Meizenmarie : Why the dislikes???? People are upset haters!!!

Alisa Lingua : you are all amazing! smooth and so much style...

Kalindra Long : incredible!

J Allen : I always love watching people skate-dance!

philaman1972 : These guys make it look so easy - and it isn't!

Jasnael : DETROIT CULTURE... ♥♥♥♥

uNiTy : I'm a white dude, but I think this is so beautiful. I would love to attend one of these.

Connie Rhymes-Johnson : I love this video! It's the real skaters and it's the best fun ever! I am charging up my iphone and going to the park to puts some skating moves out there today.

Karla Ruter : luvs

Doogie H : In a time of racism and hatred this vid is created all all is forgotten. This is true love and happiness.

Jason Hill : I Love the f*ck out of my city theirs not another like it Salute to all of my comrades Eastsides finest signing off ☝💚

Mechanik_J : The music is awesome!

Chely Ühag : 😍😍😍 wooow! Me encanto!

jcapril1 : This makes me happy. Yes to black joy and fellowship!

Doogie H : Beautiful!

I-Dream Ofjeannie : beautiful !!!

SCAN40 : what track is that/?

lemonade budget : respect. can't even do those moves with my feet on the ground lol... in my youth.. ahh

Kallie Marie : I love to see my city painted in such a positive carefree light. Beautiful video 👍🏽

RenitaFitness : I would to go and just watch.

Keenan Dashiell : Love the video and song.......can somebody tell me the name of the first song playing please? Makes me reminisce of roller skating back in the day

Sheila Nesbit : great video at 56 I want to learn how to skate. Does anyone know who the female singer is in the beginning.

Rafael Quinonez : skating .... why is it disappearing !!!!!! this is something the kids need ! kept me outta trouble !

lebouc amar : j'adoreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

PeppermintGreen : Best damn dance vid Ive ever seen. These people have got serious skills, especially that dude at 2:33!

Bennabs Nab : Sa tue trop nice

Stuart Turnbull : This is brilliant on all levels. Thanks, from the UK

rockster0192 : I'm so glad i'm black.

Mohammad Al Turk : hello every body i was looking for a video clip of a song that i used to have on VHS long time a go. i'm trying to find it on YouTube but i don't seem to get any luck with that . i don't know if any body can help me. the clip takes place in a hall where the band wears a black suits and (all star converse) shoes, and they are singing and dancing on a stage that is a persons high and lit from within , and there where skaters rounding around the stage. i don't remember the song name or the band, but i remember that i used to really like this song, it have a nice beat thanks

Petra Richter : forget to work while watching this video too often....

nejolo matrilo : Absolutely beautiful video. This takes me back to the old school days. No skating rink let alone soul skate by my way. Great music picks too.

SquillyMon : Jeezus I used to think I was pretty good, but these people can SKATE...

UnderpantGnome : Do someone kno what is the track plsss ? I love it !!

Jez Lucas : happy days, wish we had this in UK

Taylor Wilkins : Great video, but weird music choice...

Jean-Michel Durand : merci Bianca, j'ai découvert votre superbe vidéo sur l'émission L'oeil du links de la télévision française. vos images sont magnifiques et la bande son incroyable. merci de l'île Maurice (Mauritius, East Africa)

Trill Vlogs : Please help me

Benjamin Rojouan : tthey wanna stop the ride through paris ,we are meeting for a strike!!!

Aaron Redd : The soundtrack is amazing

Big AL : Here's a pure sample of the real Skate Community capturing them in their element letting it go on the floor with no regrets! I t's something that we all do as skaters, no matter where you roll. The Skate Community has founnd a way to pull our people together in a positive way, no matter if you're an Old School, Middle- Generation or New-Age Skater. I really enjoy the fact that you see our people having a good time in a peaceful and positive way! I think y'all got some that we need to spread across the Country! Do your thing my people in the Skate Community! Big AL