How to Say "Asshole" in Italian | Italian Lessons

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Like these Italian Lessons !!! Check out the official app Watch more How to Speak Italian videos: How to say, "Asshole" in Italian. Stronzo. Asshole. Stronzo. Now you try. To say, "You're as asshole." Sei uno stronzo! You're an asshole. Sei uno stronzo! Now you try. To say, "Don't be an asshole." Non essere stronzo! Don't be an asshole. Non essere stronzo! Now you try. And that's how you say, "Asshole." in Italian

Comments from Youtube

EssCee96 : ... Ezio's battle taunts are starting to make sense :P

Evie_ Blondell : Yeah I'm going to say it to my sister when she annoyes me lol

Asianiscool1 : Hell yeah me likely

Amanda :D : Ah finally a cute nickname for my boyfriend 💕🤣

TheHornet79 : Gives another reason to like tourists. 

roke perez : LOL! OMG!

Keziaay : Bhahahaha lol!!

gil avalos : How do you say please don't whack me in Italian

Jack Bonner : I learnt it first from when Ezio said it in revelations

Daddy Chris : How cast is a stronzo

Giacomo Leandrini : hahahah im italian sono italiano e mi fai ridere tantissimo

halls : IM DYING!!!!! XD

Brandon Nguyen : Howcast is the new comedy joint on YouTube.


David Kline : The best language lesson on YouTube yet!

-Xtazzee- : out of video idea's?

NeonGiirl16 : As I said earlier...running out of ideas

Error inscript : Conan didnt say this.

Chris Lindgren : Lol

theawsomeyoutuber275 : you goddamn stronzo

linkuei83 : Another YT gold! I can't even begin to understand the logistics behind this. Why would Howcast would want to make such a video? I mean it's cool and all, but, why?  Still it goes into my favorites, the YT oddities folder :P

skrt skrt : PORCO DIOOO

Vacuumlover : now i can call the people i hate the most an asshole without them knowing what i mean! haha thanks!