How to Say "Asshole" in Italian | Italian Lessons

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EssCee96 : ... Ezio's battle taunts are starting to make sense :P

Aloysius Claudio : One does not simply, knowing foreign language without knowing the bad words first..

Evie_ Blondell : Yeah I'm going to say it to my sister when she annoyes me lol

Asianiscool1 : Hell yeah me likely

Daddy Chris : How cast is a stronzo

roke perez : LOL! OMG!

gil avalos : How do you say please don't whack me in Italian

theawsomeyoutuber275 : you goddamn stronzo

Ilovekittycats Ilovekittycats : Thanks now a call yell that to my bff's ex in public! He cheated

Jack Bonner : I learnt it first from when Ezio said it in revelations

Chris Lindgren : Lol


Giacomo Leandrini : hahahah im italian sono italiano e mi fai ridere tantissimo

David Kline : The best language lesson on YouTube yet!

Brandon Nguyen : Howcast is the new comedy joint on YouTube.

NeonGiirl16 : As I said earlier...running out of ideas

TheHornet79 : Gives another reason to like tourists. 

-Xtazzee- : out of video idea's?

halls : IM DYING!!!!! XD

Keziaay : Bhahahaha lol!!

linkuei83 : Another YT gold! I can't even begin to understand the logistics behind this. Why would Howcast would want to make such a video? I mean it's cool and all, but, why?  Still it goes into my favorites, the YT oddities folder :P

skrt skrt : PORCO DIOOO