If You Can't Drink Fast Enough This Cup Tazes You

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MapleLikesMusic : Everyone: Make a Roomba that screams whenever it bumps into something. Me: Make a Roomba that hammers and absolutely destroys whatever it bumps into.

Jonathan Flores : I’m not gay but my ding ding is taller then it says on the website

SaintOfAether : @2:24 Uh....Michael...I know you were needing energy to work on this, but...my dude, wtf were you watching on your laptop in the lower left corner?

Bio : Yo, so uhh, I already bought 3 ding dings off amazon before you started selling them

Homosexuality My Dear Watson : _Day 42 of convincing Michael to make the screaming roomba_

Jake Golle : Make a tazer that tazes you every time you get tazed. Nah, just keep doing whatever you like.

brettbat : Now that your not on a deadline...Tazer Cup 2.0? #GetbackatDave

TheDurk : That was quite possibly the strongest ad I've seen in my life, and have never wanted to buy a product so much after it. B R E A K H I M

Lil penisbig : Make an alarm clock that wakes you up to the relaxing sound of your comment section telling you to make stuff When you press snooze or when you turn the alarm off it automatically uploads a video of you telling all of us how stupid our ideas are

OriginalCanadian : What's your fascination with making machines that shock people involuntarily

FO18L : now THAT is how you market a product!! DINGDINGS!

Isaac Kay : *_HAPPY 3 YEARS ON YOUTUBE, MY MAN!!_* Inspired me to start recording my own videos of my own to eventually put them on my own channel here in the future and on DLive!

Viktor the Creator : "That'll pass electricity through your heart" oh! thats neat c:

Salomon Rogel : *FBI requests your location.*

ZoTrope : Micheal just make the screaming roomba, easy programming, easy revenue

Rocky Reyes : You are arguably better than William but you are more meme-y, cringey, and young.

perryandcomunity : Its Porn In The Computer Genius.....

tom cox : how aren't you dead yet?

Dr. Lanky : Make a metal baton in the style of a Lightsaber (hilt, etc.) which will tase somebody if they come into contact with the electrified end of the baton. Bonus points for flashy lights, sounds and design.

Yung Fake : He attac He protec but more importantly 𝑯𝑬 𝑺𝑨𝑰𝑫 𝑭𝑼𝑪𝑲 𝒀𝑬𝑺

Ethan Bourdette : Make a Roomba that shoots you with Ding Dings

TheRealNamonid : Hey! Micheal's back! Where'd he go? ... Probably got Demonetized.

tasteum 123 : U should make a robot that throws ding-dings

Toddi 4 Life : I just found your channel and ive watched 15 of you videos, WHERE HAVE YOU BIN ALL MY LIFE THIS IS AMAZING WORK

o0Avalon0o : Electric company: Pay your bill Me: .... *but ding ding needs me*

Boston Myers : Why does he remind me of Clark Green from The Office?

Xeno Dude : I just realized, you're franks nerdy cousin. YOU MUST TAKE THE TORCH

Donald Trump : Make the roomba that cusses when it hits something

Awesome Dude : Make a robot that slaps Big Macs out of your hand

Travis Williams : Micheal is actually a super villian. Like straight up megamind levels of just pure sadistic evil. And we love him for it. And also pray that being subscribed to his channel with make him spare us when he rules the world.

Matt H : This is the best channel ever can't believe I just found it. Keep it up with the nerd explainations that's the best part

Riley Howse : Next time: toppling the us government and forcing everyone to wear improvised shock cockrings

Yahya Abdelhamid : yo, imagine the levels of hazing that could be accomplished by this.

MightyMitta : I was going to buy a DingDing... until I saw shipping it to my house was doubling the price 😓

A Dez : Marvel: “the avengers is the greatest crossover in history” Michael: “Hold my tazer cup”

GRINGO BANDITO : I never want this Gus Johnson knock off on my recommendations ever again. ❤️

Baby Ice Bear : I procrastinated by watching you procrastinate

nob ody : bring 👏 back 👏 code 👏 tutorials👏 (for real, we actually want to see and learn how it works, software engineering student here)

Natural Modder : What if u built a machine that changes personality on different races

Ben Fiedler : Do that roomba that swears every time it bumps into something! 👇Number of people who agree with me

Howard Brent : I haven’t laughed this hard since Vannos’ Dragon Ball Z video. ... Is that okay...?

ChuchiMaster : build a robot that eats materials at random and uses them to replicate itself.

Mrwoofy 446 : 1.6M SUBSCRIBEEEEERRRRRRS and 1.6M view so, if my calculation is correct than...... I thinkkk...... all ur subscribers

DarkWolfyKid - DarkKing : Make a machine showing every time I lose and gain brain cells while watching one of your videos lmao

lordcranbeary : I love how many times Michael breaks down in the middle of his videos

Airylist045999 : Thanks for Ding Ding hope he gets delivered soon thanks.

Doe : Ah. Advertisement out of spite. Classic.

Alfred Røn Strand : You cant be on that podcast! You’re 12 and shouldn’t drink?

Jay Lip : Make A Cluster Charge From Rainbow Six Siege.