MOTIVATION: TIGER WOODS Watching People Who Said He Would Never Win Again

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BiggieToad : This only hardens Tiger's wood.

Kevin Reda : Lmao Mia talking about dignity???

Jake Feinerman : FYI this video is fake. He’s actually reacting to people saying nice things about him; Skratch artificially overlaid the videos you see here, and they got a lot of flak for it.

halnms62 : Tiger “MFing “ Woods Y’all !!!!! Masters Champion 2019

Bruce Wayne : Gotta love folks trying to predict the future, and then eating crow afterwards...

alex johnstone : Mia Khalifa talking about dignity is rich

Timmy P : The brilliant Stephen A Smith everyone!

Nucka Nick : The joke here is that people genuinely turn to Mia Khalifa for sports rhetoric

M H : Makes you realise how very little pundets know.

Marie Taylor : This is absolutely awesome. Obviously, none of those people knew what the hell they were talking about.

Venomborn : 0:40 was...was that Mia Khalifa? Tiger must’ve been like “Damn girl, I thought we were cool...shit.”

Stop : Cannot Believe Shannon doubted him 😭😭😭

Phil S : haven't that many people have to eat crow since Trump won 2016..... Go Tiger!

Dave Voigt : He will win a MAJOR! Right it down and mark the date this is a fact!

iamnotfernando : Most of these are merely saying he is not the same player he was 20 years ago. True statements. The rest, Colin Cowherd, Jamele Hill, Stephen A and Woody whatshisname are screaming idiots nobody listens to anyway.

Honesty First : Notice how none of the people making judgements about this man have accomplished anything close to him. Sad, but this is human behavior. A great video would be to go and show all the nay Sayers the Masters 2019 leader board. Correction, Champion!

Pavel Bure : 🐅 = 🐐

Mellow : Good for him. Great job, Tiger.

Ryen Chen : I don't watch gold but I watched this tournament with my dad yesterday. I knew tiger woods was gonna win.

Russell Jacoby : Wish I could be a bug on the wall when Tiger goes on Sports Center and sees Sharp or Steven A Smith face to face!

SilkySlim : Hahahaha,...crow for dinner,..huh haters ,...try some hollandaise sauce on it,..I heard it's yummy !!!

Maspunch Nath : Never give up. Y'all better keep going

Sword of Tauberg : If I was Tiger, I would never give any of them an interview until they ate a cooked Crow On live TV!

Cats Lie : Every one of these talking heads bet on Tiger Woods to win.

Cianisboss : A lot of these folks said the same thing about Tom Brady a couple of years ago

Ghostwriter : Oh snap! Tiger just made them eat their own shorts and yoga pants.

diver dave : this would have been much better if Tiger could show each of the clips to the reported that said it after he won and get their reaction ! That was one SWEET come back WIN !

kay poly : His life is a testimony. There is nothing more that can motivate a human than critics. I've faced it first hand,I even get a kick out of it, I am in the process of proving my critics even more wrong.

Connor Pearson : Tiger tiger tiger tiger woods yall!

Alex Canham : Who is here after he has just won the masters

Don Oldwell : I hear this video is fake news

J B : 5th Masters! Eat crow..the man been swinging a club since he was 2! Let’s see what they all going to say on the sports shows tomorrow!

Leevan Sands : Heard all of that before too! #zeroexcusesonlyresults

Zoe TheCat : I've noticed that the LOSERS in life like to drag greatness down. I think it makes people feel better about their own lack of success.

Juan Gutierrez : haters exposed

Chaoss Inc : The ending is perfect.

Cotton Hill : I cannot stand Stephen A Smith he's going to have a late night up thinking about what he's going to say in the morning.

0 P : Seriouslly they were all such good friends. Yeah well not anymore. Good for Tiger.

xghostrider90 : Beat and cheat on your wife all goes away when you win a sports competition and have money.

2000zuhayr : I don't watch or know much about golf, but I can tell you that the people who are kissing up to Woods now are the same dudes who thought he fell off SMH!

1020Shane : The GOAT is back.

SUPER NERD : I cannot believe anyone listens to these people. They voice opinions no different than internet trolls, not facts. Congrats to Tiger Woods for proving them all wrong and making all of them look like fools.

Simsim22 : this is sooooooooooooooooo satisfying

jamo2006 : FOR SHIZZLE.

duy : Well? Did it win?

WhoPonders : "Experts"

Kevin Rhodes : It takes a hell of a lot of mental toughness to use that kind of criticism as motivation.

HORSES' MUSIC-DOGS : People think they know you so well

Jeffrey Tallman : Everyone of those buffoons should retire themselves. They are embarrassments to sports. "Know it ALL KNOW NOTHINGS. But they won't. They will slink away, hoping no one noticed their ignorance, and then slink back and keep drawing their paychecks for all their sports knowledge....yeah, right. Buffoons!! Reminds me of all those people who claimed that Donald Trump had no chance to win in 2016, that are still out there showing off their mouths like they know something.