iPhone XD - Apple Meme

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UltimateXtreme : Fantastic. Fair warning, if you've managed to see this comment before playing most of the video, turn down the volume unless deafness is somehow beneficial to you.

Taxman for your Shekels : You can even watch films in XD! You need special emo glasses though.

WHErwin : Better than dolan darks version tbh

lindholmaren : xtreme 'tism

Free Press of Kekistan : Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Bravo.

LordGC GasChamberComedy/GhostChamberComedy : Fucking amazing Ima share the fuck outta this

christianjvi : YOOOOOOUU

WastedWizard : what a glorious shitpost. Top fucking kek

Matt Frederick : Omg you are right, how do you screenshot 😭

Chase Hukill : when IT popped up, it should have been the Georgie death scene

PixelatedMess : Rip, internet historian

Rikku5150 : First

B40MM34 ST41K34 : IPhone Xpensive

Chase Hukill : OOF!!

LeMarTV1 : what an awesome fucking shitpost 10/10

Aviv Rubinstein : Dolan dark aint shit

Bronwyn : Rec your face 😂😂😂 So sad you didn't just put the dancing hotdog instead of the dinosaur lol

Nuker 9000 : This so fucking amazing ima buy Iphone X

Jurr : Fucking thonk emojis made me laugh so hard

JackyNoTouchy : Very Dank Indeed subbed ;)

vibememes : God left

j 0 : Iphone xterminate people who think asuka is best girl🤗

Cameron Johnson : did you make this?

Muzzy100 : Genuinely the best parody I've seen this year.

Thamid Zam : I thought the exact 3ds statement

SkyBlade : TOP KEK

shrekt : A fucking masterpiece

SpyroTheSavage : Nice video, made an iPhone XD video myself Gr8 meme

Mariana Parra : The IT part killed me😂😂

Verreck Im Gulag : It's Never Seen Anything Like YOOOOOOOOOOOUUU

Henrique Policarpo : Omg im dying

Daniel : iPhone XDank

Carlita Skunk : this is wonderful

Not Christine : Why isn't this the real ad for iPhone X

Naliat : a true piece of art

aidfish : how do i screenshot?

Reza Ali : pay with your face

Mookler : Jesus Christ this is just horribly made

Jeff The Windows And Anime Fanboy : Apple is the worst

Ultra giga niga : Lol good one

gen_OW : Would've thumbed up if it wasn't for the 400 ear-rapes

Merryweather Security Secret Files : The Samsung is over...

Yazan Almustafa : Mr. Krabs!!

Messiah Tahuri : What was the point in this video I give up on humanity right now hahahaha 😂

Realraven2000 : Glued together over priced shit

fr0g : Law and Order: SVU

Stencil : I think iPhone X-pensive is the best name for it so far

Algeria Ball : comes from 999$

Hugo Banzer : Now I can finally watch Jake Paul on Bizaardvark with Disney and Apple's new iPhone XD!

qwertyuiop : I was here before it blew up