Fossil Ridge High School LIP DUB 2018 - "Our Time Is Now"
To unify our high school we created a school wide lip dub featuring 2000 students 150 staff members and almost 100 clubs

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Fossil Ridge High School is proud to present our 3rd ever school wide lip dub, featuring every student, faculty member, club, and organization. Our high school of 2,005 students put thousands of hours into this incredible production.


garylibra : This is by far the best high school lip dub i have seen this season of all those posted on youtube (and, I've watched them all :/) The key to a great, successful lip dub is, first, walking forward not awkwardly backwards, practice, practice, practice, competent camera work, full participation, tons of spirit, super-creativity and innovation and of course, perfect music selections. You guys checked all these boxes and then some. Congrats! The final result is awesome and entertaining.

Taylor Winter : lmao the swim team

Mary Bea : Major props to the entire band that got into uniform in May. Y'all got dedication.

chickfrommontreal : I suddenly like swimming a lot more

Shalewa fawehinmi : 5:23i like that u guys hand asl there I dont see that in alot of lip dubs it was cool

Austrie Law : This was by far the best Lip Dub Fossil has done yet. There was a tremendous amount of time and work put into this production. Everything from the camera work, lighting, dancers, and editing, it’s incredible! Good job Fossil.

Keetchie : Thank you for the greatest 4 years I could've asked for, Fossil. Without a doubt one of the best high schools in the world.

Cole Shortridge : So happy to have gotten the opportunity to work on this. Thank you!

CorinnaxSophia : American schools are so weird. In Germany we go to school to learn and like not have ANY kind of fun. Most HighSchools don't have clubs or something like that.

Kiwi Andy : My man in the roller skates is killing it

frank meyers : WELTKLASSE!!!! bishe der beste LIP DUB den ich in 5 JAhren gesehen habe....hier hat alles gestimmt und jeder hat 200% gegeben....GLÜCKWUNSCH!!!!

jer exii : Ok I wanted to cry when I saw the LGBTQ+ group it made my heart so happy that the school is open to everyone. This school is really diverse and I love it it’s amazing.

alto q : i’m so incredibly happy i got to be a part of this– and even happier that since we do this every three years, this one had me in it as a freshman, and the next one will have me in it as a senior. it’ll be so nice to reminisce on how much i’ve grown. freshman year has been awful tough on me, and i’m happy it’s coming to an end, but it’s been fun. ♥︎

Caitlin Schilbe : 5:03 Is so well thought out (background)

Madeline Owens : The marching band is my favorite part. Rock on band nerds

kaitlyn grace : anyone else low-key got a crush on the dude @ 6:55 ?

ella rosenberg : THANK U FOR NOT WALKING BAVKWARDS. also the cameraman is great bruh

Grace Phillips : Cool vid, but I feel bad for the Janitor who has to clean the school after this. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Sock Master Magi : 6:40 - 6:50 was 100% the best part. #4810

Caitlynn Byrd : 3:12 the guy with the juul lmao.

PixxieLine _04 : Why are the boys actually hot, god damn.

Liamsxsmile : But why tf is their swim team so big lmao

Marcus : See yall at a mil views. This will viral!

Joy Lemor : you sre so good but the songs are sucks

Sydney David : the girl at 5:20 is signing asl

Adrian Puffer : 7:31

ava w : omg the baseball boys should hmu

R G : You just made me want to go back to high school. GREAT JOB !!!

Cringe Alert 101 : This is the best one I’ve seen

Kaycee A : This was so much fun to watch, I love it.

Luis Perez : Wow! The best! These are all entertaining but this school really sold it! Kudos!

Jay Schwartz : Damn this makes me miss high school and being so carefree. Times a flying...

pa Cs : I think this is the best one I watched...and i've watched them all! Great job :)

Jesse Epstein : Awesome. Best one yet!

Mya Martin : I love the songs!❤️

laney rain : I just wasted 12 minutes of my life and I’m glad I did

Agents League : So this is what a school with funding is like

Steph : Working on this was amazing and definitely a highlight of high school.

Chloe Tyler : This school looks so good. This was amazing and everyone looks so accepting and awesome. There is so many kids who go there and There’s so many clubs wow.

Queen of Hufflepuff : Best video 😍😍😍😍💙💙💙💙

Marjorie Nardini : To the 39 thumbs down I respectfully say, You Suck! Truly a labor of love, nicely done...

Lee Katherine : Y'all this is so amazing!! You guys have such high energy it's so amazing! I couldn't stop smiling through the whole video! Also, your school is so freakin huuuuuge

Who Cares : This is my fav.

Rokko Hdz : 1:08 to 1:23 the best part ever jajajaja

Greta Riccardi : damn i’m shook

Kaylee Lenz : omg the swim team lol #2019

Granddab : Oh god I’m existed to go to this school next year

Laila ford : this was amazing i wish my high school was like this lol !!

Anna Ash : That was mint!