Fossil Ridge High School LIP DUB 2018 - "Our Time Is Now"

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garylibra : This is by far the best high school lip dub i have seen this season of all those posted on youtube (and, I've watched them all :/) The key to a great, successful lip dub is, first, walking forward not awkwardly backwards, practice, practice, practice, competent camera work, full participation, tons of spirit, super-creativity and innovation and of course, perfect music selections. You guys checked all these boxes and then some. Congrats! The final result is awesome and entertaining.

Keetchie : Thank you for the greatest 4 years I could've asked for, Fossil. Without a doubt one of the best high schools in the world.

Austrie Law : This was by far the best Lip Dub Fossil has done yet. There was a tremendous amount of time and work put into this production. Everything from the camera work, lighting, dancers, and editing, it’s incredible! Good job Fossil.

Cole Shortridge : So happy to have gotten the opportunity to work on this. Thank you!

Marcus : See yall at a mil views. This will viral!

Jesse Epstein : Awesome. Best one yet!

Conner Uhrich : Congrats to all of the senior's.

Granddab : Oh god I’m existed to go to this school next year

Dineen Sehn : FANTASTIC!!!

Conner Uhrich : Best RidgeDub yet like if you agree

Adrian Puffer : 7:31

Shalewa fawehinmi : 5:23i like that u guys hand asl there I dont see that in alot of lip dubs it was cool

Ali Goddess : I love it!!!

Mattias Mihelich : Pause at 3:23 and look at the person with the grey shirt in the top left area.

q !! : i’m so incredibly happy i got to be a part of this– and even happier that since we do this every three years, this one had me in it as a freshman, and the next one will have me in it as a senior. it’ll be so nice to reminisce on how much i’ve grown. freshman year has been awful tough on me, and i’m happy it’s coming to an end, but it’s been fun. ♥︎

frank meyers : WELTKLASSE!!!! bishe der beste LIP DUB den ich in 5 JAhren gesehen habe....hier hat alles gestimmt und jeder hat 200% gegeben....GLÜCKWUNSCH!!!!

Eve Winkler : This is the best one I’ve ever seen

Dallas Wainman : This was fun to watch. Cool school makes me wish for a moment i wish i was still in high school lol

Steph : Working on this was amazing and definitely a highlight of high school.

Luis Perez : Wow! The best! These are all entertaining but this school really sold it! Kudos!

Laila ford : this was amazing i wish my high school was like this lol !!

ava w : omg the baseball boys should hmu

Kaycee A : This was so much fun to watch, I love it.

Lila Blomgren DoVan : Great Job! :)

Grace Phillips : Cool vid, but I feel bad for the Janitor who has to clean the school after this. ❤️❤️❤️❤️