Electric Kazoo into guitar pedals

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The Clifton Worley Show : the pitchfork seriously gives it a nice bagpipe effect

basic mario tu-toriales : Kazoo djent

Johnny Quasar : these new fancy vapes are getting crazy, man

Robert Benedict : Sounds like a convention of stoned bag pippers.

dsfadsfgafgf : This video could win *the guitar player procrastinator award* , if it existed.

The Mediocre : this sounds like every 70s/80s sci-fi/horror film. like, ever. lmao

Average Joe Hot Rod Show : Need a Miku pedal for this. Lol

Robby Frick : Expect a call from Thom Yorke

King Watzo : “Let’s not waste any more time” Bruh

DEATHWATCH2033 : I guess than my synthesizer guy is getting kicked from the band, such a drag setting that guy up when you can get all those space sounds from a kazoo

SYNTHS!! : I own a $15k modular synthesizer. I NEED AN ELECTRIC KAZOO

Sid F. : Kazoo into a Boss HM-2 for oldschool death kazoo sounds!

La Sandia : Show this to a friend who wants to get into prog rock

Ben Morris : Brb, gonna go make an entire vaporwave album with only an electric kazoo and a bunch of pedals

Reegan Gouriluk : 8:30 an army of Owen Wilsons

The Hound : Does Fender make a Kazoo? I may have to get the Squier version though. Good stuff!

Devon Couch : 2:13 you just invented Air Metal my friend. the power of air metal comes with great responsibility so be grateful you have this genre to pioneer

superjet113 : 2:24 Big ship pulling into harbor with seagulls...lol

Blue in the Muse : Not gonna lie, I really want to try this and make some really unique 80's synth music. The metal zone actually helps with making a nice radio filter over the entire track.

i'm british : Kazoo kid as a adult


Steve Welling : And it's not even made out of tonewood

Wroxxite : What kinda vape is that

Pantellco : At times ot sounds like bagpipes and at other tines it sounds like 2 alien ducks argueing

Bence Baranyai : Four words: Kazoo with Korg Miku

Jack Flank : Doctor Who background music.

Winston Mackay : i double dare you to make a track using only kazoo and effects. dd U...

Carlo V. : KAZOO *METAL* new slipknot member who plays kazoo

P E A C H : Is this a Radiohead audition?

Brian Poole : Opportunity missed by not going through a korg miku. Love the sci-fi sounds!

lawyer morty : I am proud of humanity

Jordan Mayer : Lol man you gotta do a bagpipe cover on the kazoo of ac'dc's its a long way to the top. That actually reminded me of bagpipes in a hellish sorta way, i think it'd work though with enough fine tuning, great vid man, funny shit.

Steven Tramontozzi : I'm seriously stressed out I'm not the one playing that thing

MurphyNH : Play it with a talkbox!

Eric Filsinger : Too bad the pitch fork doesnt have a varying frequency oscillator, how light headed did you get?

DeadKoby : Sound track from a 60's Educational film on space travel..... I havn't wanted to get any new gear in forever... now I'm interested.

slap_my_hand : 2:09 i don't know why, but this reminds me of Felix Colgrave's animations.

noobspoons123 idk : Kazoo+metalzone Found dead three days later

The great Barbossa Premium Edition : Could you actually make serious song covers with this tho?

Danny Aghdam : I think I spent too much money on synth pedals, this was the answer

Iggytommy : who needs a Moog when you can put a kazoo thru some guitar pedals?!

G4LCTC : I didn't know Connor McGreggor was a musician! 🤣🤣

Wild Cuts : Man I really shouldn't have popped that acid before this video

skyblaze23 : Some of these sound like old sci fi sound effects

Atomic Peacenik : This is what my day needed.

ObfuscateMoon : Dark turtleneck dystopian movies from the 80's are calling. They want their music back

Buzzin Boi : The perfect instrument doesn't exi-

Lobo Tommy : ''Sounds Like Boards of Canada - BY Busting The Bank !''

Rahadimas Samiaji : Tom Morello would be proud