By the way, What If You Were The LAST PERSON ON EARTH? (ft. Laddi)

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Laddi : Aaaaa this was so fun and turned out really great! Thanks for inviting me to do this ❤️

Nergling : I think it would be pretty fun for a while, but then you'd get progressively more bored and probably crazy...

B To The T To The S To The BTS : I would go on the streets blasting music and screaming like a drunken saying "ANYBODEH HOME???"

B To The T To The S To The BTS : This is where I discovered DanPlan xD So glad I did

Praise the Beef : Considering we people are very social creatures, you'd go crazy quite fast. Unless there's animals around so you can start talking to them as a little substitute for people. But I think the most important thing you should do in the process of that is to find somewhere that has a camera system and try to find out what happened to the other people through footage of the day they disappeared. Maybe you'll uncover something.

fight me cunt : I would steal all the Subway cookies ofcourse

Murasaki Kid : Everyone saying they would be naked, but I'm here thinking I'd steal the clothes from the best brands and dress like a king...

CrawlingChaos : This is...actually one of my dreams. Suddenly waking up to a world where I am the last human standing would feel great. Like, I outlived everyone. Human history ends with me! Though I would also be okay with having a cute girl with me for obvious reasons <3

Scuzzz : Id probably steal mcdonald nuggets and fries and then jerk off in the middle of the road while eating my fries.

Murasaki Kid : It would be pretty cool if you and a person of the other sex were the only people on earth, but the mission would be finding them, since they could be in any place in the world.

Azriel animations : This channel is awesome Really unique style

Ebony Rose : You will never read this because I am the last person but this is so helpful on what to do thanks

king potato : the first day you would feel so happy but after a long while, the problem will be the lack of food and water, even if you can cook your own food and water you would be lonely and start talking to yourself edit: i agree danplan saying the food will run out

windows 95 has ExPiRed !?!? : stock up on chicken tendi's from a kfc

Scott Rabbit : Laddie is female right? If she is than she can easily go to a sperm bank and make herself pregnant.....

A Brain : Seeing all the comments and the video, this is actually a pretty serious question.

Derpy sunlight Jamie : If I was the last person on earth I will start a farm and make an memory grave of my family and friends and mess around


AutumnHunter : I would make a bomb and explode McDonalds. You could probably live in there tho because all they’re food lasts forever there is so much preservatives. I hate McDonald’s

Sir.Quack ; - ; : I would go to the nearest IKEA next to some other stores mostly because the beds are so cozy and some have like TV 's so I could just go to the nearby stores look for cable (if connection still works) and find all the food in the food courts of IKEA :3

〖JƗzz〗Ne0n : I would go to Area 51

gareth brittain : I'd set up stuff for growing, take as many car batteries and solar panels as as possible. Set up an incubation system for embryos to create life and farming animals. Also find a rifle and ammo

HinataHyuga 10101 : I live in Canada and there are many guns around my area

mclovin. get on my level scrubs : i'd deal with the depression and become emo or goth.

That true Weeaboo : i would go to the nearest candy store, then binge watch youtube, and milk my goats :)

Christiane Kleppestø : last person on earth...hmmm that minds me of the anime "girls last tour" i't about two girls that is two of the only ones on earth( they meet two other people and thats all the people) and it's cold, they don't have much food, and they don't know what chocolate is...(yeah i know really important) and one of them (her name is Yuu) is an completely idiot with an shotgun and sleeps all the time...luckily Chii (the other girl) is smarter

MinDeongBangAh : I would just go to the GUCCI store, grab all the stuff & be happy

ghostCopycat 413 : This made my day!!!!

Alvar Edvardsson : my first thought was: how am i going to build a cloning machine to repopulate the earth in my life wich is probably going to be shorter than averege if there are no other people?

Crimson Rose : After doing the shit I wanna do... I'd prooobably die. Either by natural cause, or suicide. Probably suicide..

Badly Drawn Slimer : does this remind anyone else of the first episode of twilight zone?

Molly Marshmallow : I'd nuke the earth lmao

Lumnious Gt : It would be a paradise for Introverts.

mclovin. get on my level scrubs : if i was the last person on earth i'd do literally anything! i want.

Shellac : You guys should make more interactive videos like the zombie apocalypse one.

PiggyMC : how would laddi get lonely? she has tons of pets

InfiniteChikens : Stephen's name is pronounced Steven? Thats basically saying that you spell your name John, but is pronounced as Raphael 😂😂😂😂

NATSCAMP : What if everyone came back when you died ?

Mail Man : The thing we fear the most in Michigan is the whitetail deer many die to them

Fanex0 : This channel is a hidden gem.

Rokinco : After confirming I am the last human alive I would move to an embryo bank as fast as possible and continue to preserve the human embryos. Then I would administer power to keep the freezers working to ensure the eggs do not thaw. Next I would research more into the branch of biochemistry and IVF babies, using both my own sperm and sperm from sperm banks to replicate human babies. After incubating my first set of embryos, I would begin to cultivate plants and consolidate a strong foundation for agriculture, while also writing rules for a new civilization, free of any flaws from our current society.

Giorgio Turano : But what about food

deividas deividas : i there is internet then you dont need anybody #NointernetNolife

I ship sope and if you disagree fight me : Glad I'm a girl because I would just go to a sperm bank...

Holly Dinh : It's been so long since I've been able to laugh this hard at any youtuber's videos This channel deserves more attention

Sansdude369 0 : Id steal stuff...mostly a Nintendo Switch consoles and game😑😑

Drag Gamer : What if 20 years later someone knocked on you’re door I’d be too scared to live

mclovin. get on my level scrubs : theres plants! become a farmer and you still can farm animals like cows.

blaine Osmon : Id honestly go and start stocking up on ammo for when your average day foods and survival foods go then after I go through all the MREs as well then I'd start preparing fire wood and building a water purifier system Along with building up a farm and getting livestock stacked up along with a few other things and then I'd build some sort of electricity system. And depression i have it i deal with it daily so I know how to get through it. And I'd also figuring out why the human race disappeared and how to possible bring the human race back because I'm a male and I'd recon them to see what they are doing and if they are hostile or no then make contact after gathering all the intell I need.

GiniMonster Z : I'd roam around for a bit then I'd kill myself. It would get so boring after a while.