By the way, What If You Were The LAST PERSON ON EARTH? (ft. Laddi)

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Laddi : Aaaaa this was so fun and turned out really great! Thanks for inviting me to do this ❤️

burritoshake : this is the best thing i ever seen, first looking i was like oh what 11 minutes lol fuk that, but ended up watching the whole thing and i dont regret it

Mclovin P : i'd do litteraly anything i want! steal.

kenrich salve : Found a new channel! Subs!

Larry Crumbs : I'd find a house where I would designate to jerking off in and right when I'm about to die, I'd just got back and look at all the times I jizzed all over that house.

Lightspeed52 60 : Wait, last person ON EARTH....What about the people in space rn?

gamerager x : no matter how good you are at surviving you would die from radiation cuz the nuclear plants would shut down and wind would spread it everywhere

Drago Ninjay : You're the last person on earth and you hear a knock on the door, also learn to hunt live in forests of North America for the abundance of edible animals furs and fresh water also the weather isnt too harsh etc

Gaming Primarina : If I found out I was the only person left, I would be more sad than happy.

Dead On the Inside : I would freak tf out

Julian S. : Most likely there would never be a last person on Earth. If everyone wants to leave Earth it would be because of a giant catastrophic event like a solar flare nuclear war or everyone just leaving the planet. The most likely way that the last group of humans would be on Earth was leaving from a space shuttle being killed in some horrible fashion by play or something otherworldly or hiding actually you can be the last one in hiding in the entire world if there was an alien invasion Maybe

pepsi max : The internet cant turn off but conncection likely would

brad potts : preserve as much fuel as possible and set up at an electrical plant to keep it running. blow up all the damns and levys so as to avoid eco collapse [ cant efficiently run all of them if im the only person left ] plant all vegetables and fruits i find [ if its just me i dont have to make a farm, just going to be a gatherer ] go through houses and stores releasing animals, try to turn the sewer into a free flowing river way into which i could place all the fish [ ejecting the shit using the treatment plant beforehand ] then try to us all the information on bio chemistry i could find so as to finish my goals in life [ find what gene editing process are required for immortality ]

happy cheeseburger : if i were the last person on earth this is my list 1 find a safe house 2 get some guns 3 get $$$ 4 fill the vault with the cash 5 learn how to make robots and make the world filled with robots 6 get a lambo 7 blow crap up 8 send robots into space 9 be the king of the world 10 get interviews with robots and talk about hows its like being human 11 get all the games 12 bling bling 13 car surf 14 go on a crime spree 15 create better robots 16 make nuke power better 17 make even better robots able to make humans 18 create big areas in space land air underwater 19 create the greatest robots ever 20 lay down in my vault of cash and die

bluewater12345678 : I would run to a shop and eat ALL the sweets I can find then go to McDonalds and eat a ton of shit.

Qaudd : You said ON the planet, doesn't that mean astronauts could still be alive up there? and they'd come down and you guys could meet or something?

Kennan JK : Well time to beat the shit out of my meet

the furry gamer : I would go to every ice cream and chocolate and sweets store in the area and just eat all of it. Then start farming stuff, with a bunch of animals.


Untittled : Just steal everything u fucking want and play single player games

Alpha Q : What about the nuclear powerplants and dams

Owl Eyes : I would probably just explore the world, nuff interesting stuff to see in the world to last a lifetime

Elizabeth Doucette : I would be really sad because i would miss my boyfriend of 9 years.

Bo0g1eMaN : what about power electricity would run out in mere hours if no one else was on earth except for you unless you have solar panels

บริษัท สตาร์ป๊อป จํากัด ติดตั้งรั้วสําเร็จรูป : *paint the entire city* See? That's a healthy answer! PAINT ISNT HEALTHY STUPID

Zombieking1213 : Did you just assume my species

Ned Holmquist : How about this; You AND A HOT GIRL (of your type) are the last people on earth, what do you do?

David Ramirez : I'd go to a hospital to see if the vetri humans will survive or something? I dont really know how that stuff works but I'd have like at least a 100 vetri babies

Hi : If I was the last person on earth I would raid a military base and drive a tank around because I'm paranoid

Love Cats : I would start a farm on my front lawn and dedicat a house for farming animals

Yeesus I need you becky : Dude I would go to my crushes house and go in and look what’s inside and guess which room is his

Olipop ! : I'd go to a sperm bank and start repopulating the world /:

BOSS : After whatever reaction I have, which is probably cry for ten minutes, I would: 1. Learn to drive. I could possibly die at that point. 2. Pack my bags with my favorite things and stuff to keep me company. Taking necessities. 3. Drive to Raleigh as far as I can without running into other cars so I can live in a decent city. 4. Do everything I've been wanting do, other than travel to other countries, obviously. 5. Enjoy the rest of my life until my death day approaches, though I wouldn't have a reason to wait that long.

TZtoxicXd : Do whatever the fuck you want for a few days, weeks, years then when you get bored kill yourself

[ Hush. ] : For everyone saying they would go to some big store or amusement park, consider for a second how terrifying that would be. Those places without any people would scare the shit out of me, especially when all the power goes out.

Mikaroon : I would go take all my friends cats and dogs since I don't have a pet XD *one of them literally likes me more then them*

Totzalee Bonnie : Don’t make bad choices because you are the last of your species.

Alexander Curdov : Let's go beyond the speedlimit

Kyle Smith : Might as well trip your whole lonely life

Nao Chow : I’d probably walk into my local superstore and eat ALL THE CHOCOLATE. then go to the carts and see how fast I can go through the aisle.

Hadi Ismail : This is easy to do. I would fly to Arizona to the cryogenic lab and unfreeze the humans in there to repopulate earth because they didn't count as humans because all of them was frozen so nothing of them was human because it makes them seem dead so then when I unfreeze them boom I repopulated earth by thawing out people in a cryogenic lab

Whisker Bin : Id go into a nasa building and contact the space station. Their not on earth so they should be alive.

rpgmaddol x : Well, at first I would have a lot of fun! Just steal a bunch of things and hang out for a bit. Then I would go to a sperm bank and give myself an injection. Go to a hospital and crap and hang there until I gave birth. Keep doing that for a while, pass the idea onto my female children. Install NO INCEST POLICY IN MY CHILDREN, GO TO SPERM BANK AT 18. Install independence but familiar love. Then I would continue. Teach them how to live.

The Gamer King : Pin zoo animals in a death battle by throwing food around

AnneMarie McPartlin : I would: Rob an ice cream shop Rob target and steal all the electronics Break into the Jelly Belly Factory and jump in a pool of jelly beans Not wear any clothes Set all the cute animals at the zoo free Grow square watermelons Run up a down escalator Create butterscotch flavored soda Overcome my trypanophobia (look it up) Find a horse and slap it with a loaf of bread Fill water balloons with ketchup and vandalize Chicago with them Find a parrot, and teach it to say, "Help! I've been turned into a parrot!" Change my name to Simon and speak in third person Ride my bike all the way to Arizona and steal theodd1sout's tablet Figure out what's in hot dogs Dress up like a wolf and join their pack Jump on trampolines all day Hit a kangaroo with a selfie stick Live in the white house Actually watch game of thrones Attach a pop tart to a stray cat and follow it screaming the nyan cat song and Question why you read this list...

Jaelen Phillips : 1. Everything is free now. You never have to pay for groceries, video games, clothes, shoes, electricity ever again. 2. You are also the richest person on earth. Go to every bank, get into the main vault, and take ALL THE MONEY. Then transfer it to your account. 3. You have so much time to do everything now. No more 'ah, I got work in the morning,' or, 'crap, I start class tomorrow.' You are free and clear to do whatever the heck you want.

UNICORNNN POWERRR : I changed my mind lets break all the rules

Ragnheiður Torkilsdóttir Tyril : Since I’m female I’d go straight to a sperm bank and impregnate myself, so that I could hopefully birth a couple girls, who could then also go to a sperm bank when they’re of age and so on, in an attempt to restore humanity.

stubycluby gaming channel : Whiteout anyone preventing meltdowns in nuclear power plants of keeping bombs or nukes maintained they would probobly denonate.

Some random person : I'd destroy everything then once bored and lonely, find a nuke a detonate whilst sitting on it