By the way, What If You Were The LAST PERSON ON EARTH? (ft. Laddi)

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Laddi : Aaaaa this was so fun and turned out really great! Thanks for inviting me to do this ❤️

〖JƗzz〗Ne0n : I would go to Area 51

I ship sope and if you disagree fight me : Glad I'm a girl because I would just go to a sperm bank...

borderline : I would go on a youtube video and comment 'LAST'

cornjena dududududu : DRUGS

mclovin. get on my level scrubs : i'd deal with the depression and become emo or goth.

B To The T To The S To The BTS : I would go on the streets blasting music and screaming like a drunken saying "ANYBODEH HOME???"

MinDeongBangAh : I would just go to the GUCCI store, grab all the stuff & be happy

Bar Yair : if the internet doesn't work anymore there is no reason to live :)))

Molly Marshmallow : I'd nuke the earth lmao

I havs no game : If you were the last person on earth you must survive the fallout from the nuclear power plants that exploded from under maintenance and cooling of the uranium

Nergling : I think it would be pretty fun for a while, but then you'd get progressively more bored and probably crazy...

Jack Stuchbery : I would go insane within 3 months at most.

Heat Wave : i would jack off aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall day

mclovin. get on my level scrubs : theres plants! become a farmer and you still can farm animals like cows.

Stavros Manolas : This is tabbes omg

B To The T To The S To The BTS : This is where I discovered DanPlan xD So glad I did

Stereo Jack Ripper : As long as pornhub works I could care less

Badly Drawn Slimer : does this remind anyone else of the first episode of twilight zone?

mclovin. get on my level scrubs : if i was the last person on earth i'd do literally anything! i want.

Mint- mangos : im an introvert so this would be heaven on earth

Nite Lights : I would get excited and curl up in a corner. Introvert speaking here.

just a dot : personally, i would steal all the ramen from my convenience store and eat it while watching youtube.


Owl Plays : I would just enter Area 51

Beastmode 99 : I'd steal my neighbors dog

Azriel animations : This channel is awesome Really unique style

Marisa De La Cruz : More vid with laddyyyy

Ice_Eyed_ Sphinx : I would stumble black out drunk screaming in a deep Scottish accent. “WHAR THA HEEL AS EVERYBODY!”

Michel Rosskamp : DOGGOS

Owen Partin : the photo for "there going to start eating each other" is to me the best part of the video

GiniMonster Z : I'd roam around for a bit then I'd kill myself. It would get so boring after a while.

Star Dusk : The thought of being the last person on earth is more scary than boring to me.

bella : I would steal clothes and shoes and neccesary things that i need and i would also be like why did i have to be the only one here

TryHard God : id take a crap every where

silver : Since there is nobody creating electricity ,it's gonna run out after ~3 days.........after that every active nuclear reactors would explode and kill off and poison a lot of plant live, animals and food......well you yourself would get radiated and die......this is sad.....

Yazmin Mupingidza : If your the last person of earth THEY WOULD BE NO YOUTUBERS UPLOADING VIDS

Gooby_ Gaming : they sell guns in walmart in the usa?

Soul {Satan's butler/The ghoul of Hell} : My options 1.: F*CKING KILL MYSELF (cuz there is so wi-fi) 2.: eat all the pocky in the world -^-

lilmike123mm : I would look for someone of the opposite gender and make babies and raise them and they make more and more until yea

Brayan King : What if you hear footsteps when your in a creepy place. Example: Chucky cheese

Praise the Beef : Considering we people are very social creatures, you'd go crazy quite fast. Unless there's animals around so you can start talking to them as a little substitute for people. But I think the most important thing you should do in the process of that is to find somewhere that has a camera system and try to find out what happened to the other people through footage of the day they disappeared. Maybe you'll uncover something.

renz milla : being the last people on earth is an introverts super dream like if you agree

kpop trashie : LADDI IS SO CUTE

Johny Peperwinkle : Only stop being destructive when theres no more bullets

AnimeLuchia : I know what I’d do… I’d break into the house of my crush and just roll around in their sheets and just… smelling them and being happy… I’d be a total yandere…

A Brain : Seeing all the comments and the video, this is actually a pretty serious question.

Dawid Józefowicz : My first thought: go to the area 51 and contact to the aliens to invite them to my party called "humans are gone ~yaaay!~" ❤️

MrHarlequinlover : They sell guns in Walmart in Canada I know cause I live in Alberta they sell them in Whitecourt Alberta

MariominemanGaming //MMMgaming : Wait a second, if everybody is the last person on earth, then doesn't that mean everyone would still be there. (This is a stupid comment on purpose)