By the way, What If You Were The LAST PERSON ON EARTH? (ft. Laddi)

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Laddi : Aaaaa this was so fun and turned out really great! Thanks for inviting me to do this ❤️

Holly Dinh : It's been so long since I've been able to laugh this hard at any youtuber's videos This channel deserves more attention

Fanex0 : This channel is a hidden gem.

Lunar Delta : Depression sinks in? Please, being the last person alive would cure my depression almost instantly. Other people are the cause, not the cure.

KappaPride : I like how hosuh just tries to paint everything and make the world colourful while stephen and laddi kill themselves or take drugs. Hosuh is so innocently adorable. :3

Dicky Oktavianus : You guys should make a podcast Im gonna watch it for sure

Shellac : You guys should make more interactive videos like the zombie apocalypse one.

Jee H : I thought Hosuh was the cutest one until Laddi showed up aaaaahhhhh

Riftie Gaming : If I was the last person on earth ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Dan's Radio : i love your channel i also like how that dude who wants to do drugs and kill to be last person on earth thinks also animation is awsome

burritoshake : this is the best thing i ever seen, first looking i was like oh what 11 minutes lol fuk that, but ended up watching the whole thing and i dont regret it

Anonymous : You guys are great 😂💖

Luna Lovegood : What about the nuclear bombs that have to be kept by workers from exploding everyday, eventually after a week or two at the most, nukes would fuck everything up

TruthBeToldZW C! : Ok so what if you have been thinkng you are the last dude on earth for about 5 years then finally you meet another human, and she is a girl , who is 12 years old. you're both happy, you really like each other ,she's really attractive but she's 12, would you touch her, would you sleep in separate rooms? would you wait until she was 18, Suppose your control yourself and wait till she was 18 and then you have a discussion about repopulating the earth but she disagrees, she thinks that mankind must become extinct, so she wont sleep with you sleep with you , would you rape her to preserve humanity, ???

Robin Gillback : pff smh how dont you have more subs?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Youre Hilarious

Infinitely Yours : Hosuh's voice is really gentle, even his personality~

Toasted-Jelly : last person on earth theres no way to repopulate or multiply so suicide

iFunnyMonkey : He's a good animator

Felipe Castro : Please make a 10 hours episode! You're great.

Dead Mother : I would go to the stores and eat all the food there

BorealisSkye : Dude, I'd live at Ikea

Daniela L. : These guys are amazing💕 I'm so happy I'm part of their subscribers💁🏽

Marcos Monteiro : i really hope this channel has that explosion of viewers, so great !

Pa Bomb : i found your channel a few days ago and i just wanted to say that i freaking love you guys!

MC : how about doing a Q&A ,that would be amazing 😱

Valdez Saihttam : Laddi's voice is so adorable

kacper : Do more that . This was on some weird point cute :D

Starlight : i'll go to the mall and eat "all u can eat" ALL BY MYSELF :D

Cartooon THAT : came from animationix animated shorts. ^^

Artime : Great video! keep it up :D

SwiftHyena2005 : me on first day of being alone on earth: steal rv set up shelter inside a mall

Arjan Kasapi : yep, i subscribed, this channel has a very genuine innocent feeling. That is rare nowadays on youtube.

Elena Alex : If I was the last woman on earth I would go to a sperm bank and get myself pregnant. Boom!!! Humanity restored

Wev Lübbi : Your 'By the way' series is absolutely stunning! Thrilling and funny to watch. And I love your drawings <3 Keep it up ;D

jakub nadrchal : i love this :) i think you deserve more subscribers :)

Ukuleleon : Wow, I'm really surprised by how good this video was :^) Keep rockin!

Razvan Pavel : How about going to Area51 and Oval Office and read all the secrets?

Cicero Monteiro : I don't know who you guys are, but I enjoyed this podcast. Good work.

joe symptons : find a volleyball paint a face on it call it WILSON

bluesight19 : You guys are so good at drawing. It's amazing!

POKEMONA : I see cute animals :D

vanitas ventus : Steven is a psycho. Hahaha.

RedBucket Productions : Here because of Animationix

Rocky Sethi : You sir deserves my subscription.

Myaow Chi : If i was the last person on earth i would be a little scared cause some times my mind makes me think the scariest things on earth and that things will be watching me in the dark. Im talking about ghosts.

Tera ツ : nice video

Redundancy II : How can anyone dislike your vids @Dan, your voice is calming with stephens atittude, and ulsa(?) being that good person its just soothing and entertaining!

Lucho Raggio : You guys are awesome!

Nolan Young : i like dis channel

RedAmphy : I love the art :3