By the way, What If You Were The LAST PERSON ON EARTH? (ft. Laddi)

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Laddi : Aaaaa this was so fun and turned out really great! Thanks for inviting me to do this ❤️

burritoshake : this is the best thing i ever seen, first looking i was like oh what 11 minutes lol fuk that, but ended up watching the whole thing and i dont regret it

Davinator Terraking : Not scared about uncooled nuclear plants?

Filipenko : I mean I love being by myself but people are useful because they do everything for me

Nils Bohnenblust : You have to move far away from any atomic power plant because they gonna blow up without any maintenance

PAPA SENJU : you can just live off of honey that shit expires in 300 years

〖JƗzz〗Ne0n : I would go to Area 51

Bundi Mc Unk : What if you thought you were the last person on Earth, but there was neverending power, non-decomposing food, liquids and supplies, and endless untapped amounts of items in the world, where the gas never ran out? And while it would be like that every part of the Internet would be functional, and there would somehow be other living people, but claim to be in other worlds just like yours and act real? What if it was a simulation that each of the 7 billion people were going through, just not able to see others?

Apfers : "Can't be the last person on Earth if there's another person, boom boom!" I DIED

Ronald Knox : I love how I could relate to Stephen so much during this

Patriotic Pig : I'd off myself in under a month.

B To The T To The S To The BTS : I would go on the streets blasting music and screaming like a drunken saying "ANYBODEH HOME???"

Eunice Iyiola : I would get with a animal and get half animal children

Amber Msp : 3:42 at this point id be an actual crazy cat lady i, would go hang about with TONS of cats and id walk them xD im weird... and obsessed with cats.

Thefunpep : I would go to the white house and draw penises all over the place. You know. Normal things...

• Liliah Trean • : What if there was just one person in one country so they can’t find each other unless they have a plane license or they decide to go on a trip to another country in their car ._. (Idk which countries are next to each other lol but I’m Australian so Imma be alone and stay in those houses I’ve been staring at :D)

Nergling : I think it would be pretty fun for a while, but then you'd get progressively more bored and probably crazy...

Armand Silva : Dedicate the rest of your life to find out wtf happened

The W0lf : “All the wild animals will come down into the city-“ Me: “that already happens here in Australia, no biggie mate”.

Owen Apple : If I become the last person on Earth before Smash Bros Ultimate comes out I'd probably go to Nintendo HQ steal tons of projects and then play with them. Because fun.


B To The T To The S To The BTS : This is where I discovered DanPlan xD So glad I did

lemonlimebitter :3 : Stock up on Gun ammunition food water transport a few pets preservatives. Go to Area 51 find the hidden go to the government grow a farm ez keep going on earth and stock on entertainment Learn how to build a rocket Fly somewhere with lots of resources rinse and repeat

Daslimecake : Mr stark i don't feel so good.

Psylo6Bin : Boy these american people who apparently have never heard of riding a horse as a mean of conveyance or growing their own food throught seeds and farming... I dont think any of them would actually survive on their own lol

mqgs : drugs is always....the best option

Ava In Currant Red : I would get excited and curl up in a corner. Introvert speaking here.

gamer cow : #1 Victory Royale

Dexter Morgan : Dude laddie is so awkward I love her 😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️

sylla999 : I would always freebase cocaine. Always.

Animated Sins : Wait if u free the animals then they will evolve Into furrys OMG just noticed that then furrys would existe and u could be their Kings since u let them evolve

Darklightning Angel : This channel is awesome Really unique style

Peep : you wouldn't have a chance cause all the nuclear reactors would go off

Bundi Mc Unk : I think I'd go into canadian tire, smash open a gun box and steal myself a shotgun and airsoft guns and a bb pistol and a fricking hunting rifle and then steal all the ammo

Wickedsagnit : Imagine in night i would freak out

Doggo Luz : Oh I’d raid all food marts and camp out there.

GiniMonster Z : I'd roam around for a bit then I'd kill myself. It would get so boring after a while.

Galatick_ Kow : solar panels, dawg.

Rockswamp28 : I think after getting essentials I would start looking towards cloning because that's really all the hope humanity has left even if it isn't that well researched yet. Then you just raise your clones of you, and you teach them what you know, and then they clone themselves when they are old enough. Eventually things would get better as long your clones don't have severe physical or mental disorders.

Ben Sostaric : OMG I was the 400,000th subscriber!! Congrats!!

Super Sol : Interact with alien life forms......also,I GET TO SEE ANIME WITHOUT THE FBI COMING OUT OF NOWHERE

Kylie Gacha : If your the last person of earth THEY WOULD BE NO YOUTUBERS UPLOADING VIDS

party master : What about porn?

Starpower : For food remember McDonald's basically last forever

Yssa._.Drawz : I probably wouldn't feel lonely if i already do while people are around me lmao

Marshishu Ishu : 1st Q- I’d run around with alcohol, naked, singing. Then I’d find the best house with a pool, a movie room, ect.😂😂 2nd Q- oh me? I’d be so very f*cking happy. I’d get a cat, and because I have a massive house I’d have so much space for more animals, OMG I’D GET A BABY TIGER!! 3rd Q-..but I’m already lonely.. I’d go to a mall, and somehow make an artificial human that functions the same as us. 4th Q-..but I’m naked, oh and if they were pricks, I’d hunt them down for my own entertainment 😂😂😂 Me- yes, yes I am very f’d up. 😂

Praise the Beef : Considering we people are very social creatures, you'd go crazy quite fast. Unless there's animals around so you can start talking to them as a little substitute for people. But I think the most important thing you should do in the process of that is to find somewhere that has a camera system and try to find out what happened to the other people through footage of the day they disappeared. Maybe you'll uncover something.

Полина Клок : Чуваки, они в прямом смысле слова повесили колобка.

Supreme King B : Laddie is such a cinnamon roll

_lex_ lucifer_ : Have you guys ever heard of bickes ahhahaha. You don't have to stay in one plase