The Secret to Glowing Up

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Gacha Chloe : 0:00 **uHHUuHhhUu** I’m from Tik tok

Aleigha Andres : Ethan pulling up to Junior Formal : 5:33

Chicken Dog : My school mascot is a potato. No joke

Boyan Varbanov : Idk what to comment for the first comment so this is a very creative comment

PumpkinFam 1203 : Hiii it’s apple_blossom24 from TikTok:D

Sarah P : Hellooo I’m from Tik Tok! Love ur you tube! And Tik tok

Bob Ross : yOu dOnT nEeD tO bE prEttY tO bE a mUfFiN paPa!

Andrea Watson : Love you videos from Tic Tok ❤️❤️

Erica Roblox : It’s Erica_a_j for Tik Tok

Aleigha Andres : #1 fan

Summer : Hi

DatWeird Youtuber : You make me laugh and make my day! You're awesome

Jorge Varguez : Hi it's phillygirl_v from tick tock!!!!!!!

John Nguyen : U are so funny

Haley G : From tik Tok and earth...maybe idk rlly

Manny Marquise : Yo I follow your tikl tok

Read more : The only glow up tutorial you NEEEEED

Jordan Paige : U said ud dance weird in public for ur next vid i havr proof

mikaylee rose : When will you post the vid

Jaclyn boo : Reaper is sister shook

Read more : Hi welcome to chillis

Happy - Me : Dude I absolutely love watching your videos 😂😂❤️

Izzy Life : I am from tik tok and lol

Olivia Paulucci : Hi I’m from TikTok

Julio Miranda : 0:00 is a mood

Charlotte Anderson : I love this

Galaxy Uni : Hello i lysm 😊

Pastel Donut : :D *hi*

Meiling Gacha : 0:00 *Monday*

Lillian Meade : I've looked like a potato forever

Meiling Gacha : You don’t even need photos and your already famous 😂😂

BubbaDean09 : thought it was a typo

Jade. C : Hello fellow Canadian that seems like they would be a Carter

MKAY dayz : I have a mannequin head on my dessert too! XD

Some Random person : Hey I’m from TiK Tok *cough* memeitgirl *cough*

Meiling Gacha : Btw I used to be really lonely, and now I draw a lot I have 3 best friends that liked my drawing 😂 I got friends by my creativity

BabyAlexis. com : Sara p

mikaylee rose : Sarrap

mikaylee rose : I'm mikaylee

Ecko Jackson : I’m from Tik tok

Meiling Gacha : GROWING UP?! HELL YE IM SHORT (Do you remember me from your live? 😂)

Isabella coetzee : Welcome to jurassic Park 0:00

Olivia Bartram : Just found your channel and it’s the best thing ever!!

Sasuke Uchiha also minato : Sarah p and 👻

Natasaurus * : The one dislike on this is Ethan.😂😂

Mello Girlz : Don’t forget to subscribe

Mom I’m Busy : ...

Mary Reale : “I want to glow up” SAMEEEEE BOOO SAMEEE

Aurora G : HELLOOOO! 💗💗💗. @blusoulaurora

GABRIEL WELTY : Well that ended instantly