Overcoming Addiction, Grief, Touring with Marilyn Manson, & Getting Expelled From School: Meet Jason

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Philly D : Hope you enjoy!

sadjst : best 38 minutes i've spent in a long time

Thomas Bartlett : Thank you, Jason. I'm so appreciative of you and your story my dude. Keep kicking ass and staying strong.

Griffin Gurley : Wayyyyyyyyyy too long.

Rose Halberg : and still not emotionally available. Yawn.

Austin Kitch : I held off on this for weeks because I knew how powerful it was going to be. Holy shit.

Jan : Damn this was a hard ride. I sat in awe, I cried, I laughed. I wouldve never imagined Jason to have gone through so much shit, but it fills me with hope, that he is taking live in his own hands and making the best of it. I appreciate you and all the work you are doing, Jason. Amazin interview!

Del Stewart : what is his bands name?

Teolee : Dude, I liked jason before this vid. After this I love this dude. Great addition to the team.

TheDarkGuardian : Okay wow, now I'm in tears..

sauanakid : Damn this is so good.

mkohlhorst : Dude's got more strength of character than I do. To go through so much and not end up curled in the fetal position is a testament to the fortitude of character I wish I had. My hat is off to you Jason.

badjump jumpy : Hit like if this got you to ping some old friends.

Noah Schuh : i cried my balls out... or how does that expression go

Blane Pillai : This type of content is really really great. Need more!

Katie Lane : God I want to give Jason the biggest damn hug.

Andrew Pani : I ran out of tissues and just ran to give my kids a hug and then called my dad. Jason you made me a little less jaded. Thank you.

OTWBH : Today crying to my favorite employee (also Amanda)...great to say the HE DID IT talking about being resilient

Adam Rasmussen : The help thing with addiction is so true. All the good intentions in the world can't make someone change. It has to do be from within. You really can't blame yourself when someone just don't change. So much tragedy for one person to deal with. You're a walking, talking motivation, dude.

SpartanLuffy : much love to you jason.

Jeffreg : This needs to be more popular

Mike Poulsen : My dad passed away almost 2 months ago. And I can not agree more strongly with what Jason said in this video. I could see that his health was deteriorating over the last 2-3 years and 2 months before he died he was diagnosed with a terminal heart condtion. So I made sure to visit him every day and I helped him with everything I could, get him into his wheel chair, carry him into bed ect. It was not easy, but I'm so glad I was able to be there and spend so much time with him. He meant the world to me and I will forever be greatful that I spent the time with him. Thank you Jason for opening my eyes to how truely lucky I have been to be there for my dad and say goodbye to him on the last day he lived.

Scott Lavender : Seriously? Cage??? I’m waiting on the book of Sam. vinyl pre-orders.... still. Where it at though.

Jeffery Jacobs : Please do more of this.

sealym : I loved this video. Thanks to Jason for sharing so much with us. ❤️

Katrena : Truely powerful, moving brilliant and real. Thank you Jason and Joe. I get what you mean too Jason I got to say goodbye with my Dad but not my Mum one does settle quicker than the other.

Moonster Girl : The contrast between the cold reality and the warm background

Zombie Bytes : im not crying you're crying!!

rangergun : Wow

alicealive93 : This is one of my favorite videos. What an emotional rollercoaster.

Kelly Katz : Best blog ever!

Warm-Core Cyclones : You never know what people's stories are until you hear them speak. Thank you for making this video, always thought Jason was an awesome dude but I had no idea the shit he had to go through. Incredibly story

Ricky Zastrow : Loved this interview. Thank you Jason for sharing all that. Pulled some heart strings that haven’t been pulled in a long time.

Ashtian Henderson : We lost my mother-in-law to cancer Sept 2. We were with her in her final days and I will say it is so hard to hold someone’s hand and tell them you love them and give them permission to stop fighting. Hearing her apologize and ask if she was a good mother continuously has been the most heartbreaking and painful things to ever experience. Sometimes someone passing unexpectedly hurts less. I loved my grandmother and she was a huge part of my childhood, but her passing a few years ago was a lot less painful. Just my experience, though.

Elizabeth Lauren : Jfc I wanna give this guy a hug. Tbh I had to skip some parts bc I didn't want anyone to walk in on me crying over a fish sandwich. Thank you for sharing your story. Also, Jersey represent! Lol (sorry couldn't help it)

Alex Sullivan : thank you for sharing.

Vibrating Taco : Dude, Jason is amazing man. I'm going to watch his movie now.

Deranged D : This hit me so hard..I appreciate you so much for this interview and for being so candid

Ben Grieve : It sounded like Jason was playing "Hurt" at the end. Maybe he was subconsciously playing Hurt.

Kenji Tyler : wow… hearing Jason’s story dealing with death of all of his friends and dad makes me so exuberant that my last words to my brother was “I love you too”

EliseDoesThings : Damn! Parts of this hit home so hard, I'm gonna have to rebuild it. Thank you for sharing this with us.

draakonikihv : Is there a hug delivery service?

Carl Johnson : This is as good as Shane Dawson’s documentaries!

Just Another Sara Elizabeth : One of my favorite videos ever ❤️❤️

Loveisinportant : "How dare you have problems, not confide in other people because of these problems and then have these problems kill you! You are so selfish for hurting my feelings!" Yeah this mentality is ridiculous to put it mildly. I quite enjoyed the video but I can't help but vent whenever I hear this bullshit. Get over yourself if you think someone else has to do ANYTHING for you or anyone else. Especially when stuff like self harm is concerned.

Logan Kerlee : This interview had me near tears. Definitely a tough topic to cover, but so much respect to ya Jason. <3

Kalas82 : this shit should be educational material. honestly.

DJ Neel : i wonder why jason joined phil after that life, it's insane

Maddie : This was great. Thank you for sharing Jason 💗

Toby Estman : This is the best video of all the podcast! i loved Jason for sharing his story, and I am touched from his story.